Just realized: the alleged "TOP10 Papers of Chinese Historiography, 2022" excludes Gao Xiang's research article revising the conclusion of isolation in early modern China (Ming and Qing dynasty).


NYT Crossword Answers 30 July 2023

Daily NYT Crossword Answer
NYT Crossword Answers 30 July 2023
Across Clues
Org. that sells “Speaking up for those who can’t” T-shirts
Bread or pasta, informally
Rae of “Vengeance”
Gives off
Social movement that Teddy Roosevelt proclaimed “the most American thing in America”
Christopher ___, director of “Oppenheimer” (2023)
“Hugh Hefner was quite the media mogul. They called him …”
Leaf-wrapped Turkish dish
Chargeable cars, for short
“Hands off!”
Key item
Lauder in the cosmetics aisle
Grabs a snack, say
“I know they’ve had them on all day, but let the kids eat their candy. After all, a Ring Pop is a …”
“Mwa-ha-ha-ha” is one
“General” with a spicy recipe
De Armas who name-checked the New York Times crossword on “S.N.L.”
Slithering swimmer
Raison d’___
One of a record 2,297 for Hank Aaron
Bit of Old Norse
Columbus sch.
“Do you really trust these Bitcoiners? Beware …”
Suppressed, as a story
Dreaded collectors
Academic with funding, say
Formation involving fibrin
Jumbled mess
Family nickname
Publicly makes fun of, slangily, with “on”
“That poor lion has a mighty toothache. Boy, …”
Counterpart of 76-Down
Big Apple fashion inits.
Sport-___ (vehicle)
Home to Masada National Park: Abbr.
Lead-in to Pen
Sliced into thin strips, as carrots
“Enjoy your stay on our horse farm. Hope it’s not too noisy. You can expect …”
One of five every seven
Roman theater
Half a giggle
“Y” on a form
“What ___” (“Bummer!”)
Rain checks?
Kvass grain
Story that goes over one’s head?
“Can you believe I sneaked into Buckingham Palace in a trunk and saw the king? I was a …”
What was exited during Brexit
King who said “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!”
Annual New Year’s celebration in Pasadena
___ Haute, Ind.
Titular Austen heroine
Small tips, maybe
Forest nymph
Down Clues
Fictional supplier of Jet-Propelled Pogo Sticks and Dehydrated Boulders
Makeshift knife
Grading option
Director’s shout
Loved, loved, loved, with “up”
Die, e.g.
Shade of blue
Verb for a biblical cup
Cast out
“Nobody ever got fired for buying ___” (old business saying)
With these, one can surely walk on water
___-Hungarian Empire
What might prompt nostalgia
Pasture sound
“Uh-huh, sure”
Leaf-wrapped Mexican dish
Set, as a security system
Himalayan sight … or maybe not
Start to see red
The Magic, on scoreboards
Kind of whale with two blowholes
Country with no official language
Night before
Restrain, as breath
Wait in the shadows
Of two minds
Kind of cat with short, curly fur
Comic book sound effect
Fleece-lined boots
Rare treat, maybe
Was accepted
Faith that preaches religious unity
Nunavut people
Himalayan river
Curmudgeon’s countenance
___ Centauri
Enjoy, as an article, even though it makes your blood boil
Mont Blanc, par exemple
Big name in chicken
Didn’t pick up what someone was putting down
Loose, as laces
U.S. intelligence org.
Counterpart of 84-Across
Least sweet, maybe
Square’s length squared
Choctaw word for “people,” as seen in a U.S. state name
Kapoor of “Slumdog Millionaire”
Oolong or Darjeeling
Ice cream entrepreneur Joseph
Play thing?
Eagerly accepts
Dundee denial
Reach a dental milestone
Prynne of “The Scarlet Letter”
Periwinkle, by another name
“I want,” in Oaxaca
Comedian Cenac
[Excuse me]
Latin 101 infinitive
GPS suggestions: Abbr.
Soak (up)
When tripled, “Blah, blah, blah”
Word with eagle or green
Occupational suffix
Italian unit of time
Big roll
Pirate’s exclamation

will mill friendica
It looks like someone carved the pillars
It sure does.
Nature does do things in patterns, so there's that. 😀

the everything app for those
who celebrate
trust & autonomy

Gestion de stock : les bases et la méthode

Je souhaiterai expliquer en quelques mots les bases du #suivi et de la #gestion des #stocks et des #approvisionnements. En tant qu'expert sur les solutions de gestion, je me plonge presque quotidiennement dans l'univers complexe de la gestion des stocks. Le but ultime est la recherche de l'équilibre parfait entre #disponibilité et #coût.

Peng, Peng. 'Pen and Sword: Meritocracy, Conflicts, and Bureaucratic Appointments in Imperial China'. Ph.D. dissertation, Duke University, 2022.

#Bureaucracy is a pillar of #state-building. I examine how new states achieve the transition from tenuous rule to consolidated rule. Rulers can diversify the selection system to recruit agents who have different skill sets to solve the dual challenges of territorial pacification and routine administration in pursuit of state-building. While rulers appoint officials who have cultural training resources to maintain routine governance, they turn to officials with practical skills to pacify contentious areas. This dissertation brings bureaucracy to the debate on state-building and contributes to the literature about #meritocracy and bureaucratic politics. I draw on archives to build an original dataset on the prefects of #Qing Dynasty of Imperial #China prefectural and conflict incidents to test this theory. First, I explain the temporal variation in recruitment channels by describing how appointment strategies responded to perceived regime threats, conditioned by the supply side constraint. Second, I find that during peaceful times the Qing imperial court was more likely to appoint officials who passed entered the Imperial Civil Service Exams during peaceful times, but they the court turned to #Manchu officials and office purchasers after conflicts broke out. Third, I examine the impact of bureaucratic structure on state performance. I test whether or not the exam officials performed better in terms of delivering famine relief and establishing charities. I find the Qing imperial court shifted to appointing officials with military skills and fiscal resources after conflicts broke out from appointing officials who entered the administration via the exam route. I also find that the exam officials did not perform better than non-exam officials in governance, measured by famine relief measures and charitable activities. I conclude the dissertation by summarizing the theoretical framework and empirical findings, discussing limitations, and reviewing the research agenda.


Inwald, Minerva. 'The Aesthetic Needs of the Masses: Cultural Work in the Aftermath of the Great Leap Forward'. #ModernChina 49, no. 3 (1 May 2023): 290–319.

In the early #1960s, as part of a suite of policies intended to rectify the failures of the #GreatLeapForward, the Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Culture launched new cultural policies that inaugurated a relatively liberal period for the arts in the #PRC. This article explores how these new policies reconceptualized the relationship between art and politics to emphasize the importance of providing audiences with experiences of enjoyment, relaxation, and #aesthetic pleasure, as well as how state-run media reporting on the newly opened Museum of Chinese Art and its inaugural exhibition embodied the aspirations of these new policies by describing and imagining visitors indulging in the beauty of the museum and the artworks on display. By examining the brief expansion of what it meant for art to serve #socialism in the early 1960s, this article reveals that cultural officials experimented with multiple configurations of the relationship between art and politics during the #MaoZedong era.


Fong, Sau-yi. 'Militarization as Personal Cultivation: Student Military Training in Guomindang China, 1928–1937'. #ModernChina 49, no. 4 (1 July 2023): 480–514.

#Abstract :
By examining the #Guomindang 's (GMD's) on-the-ground implementation of its student #military training program, this article addresses the ideological tensions and diplomatic predicaments underlying the #party-state 's youth mobilization strategies. While fetishizing a regimented society, the program incorporated a heterogeneous set of tactics to both inspire and control youth martial activism. The peculiar mix of military discipline, Confucian modes of education, and liberal ideals of voluntarism and competition gave rise to multifarious experiences and sentiments that muddied the main objective of the state—to convert military training into a form of personal cultivation. This study sheds light on the gap between #ChiangKai-shek 's conception of #militarization as the practice of #everyday discipline and Chinese students’ embrace of military training as patriotic resistance against Japanese invasion. Ultimately, the program’s mobilizational potential was undercut by its obsession with managing the trivialities of everyday life and Nanjing’s appeasement policy toward Japan.


Han, Ji Hyun. ‘History Workers and Local History in Communist China’. Ph.D. dissertation, Cornell University, 2023.

Abstract: This dissertation shows how #Chinese #historians carved out a niche for their academic and professional lives by writing #localhistory in the People's Republic of China. In the 1950s, historians experienced changes in the academic language they were expected to use, in the institutionally collectivized workplace, and in the relatively marginalized social status of their field in the all-out drive for industrialization. This dissertation argues that ordinary historians, re-identifying themselves as history workers in the seemingly inescapable Marxist academic regime, initiated research on local history in response to the changes that were overtaking them. History workers reactivated local gazetteer projects, organized field investigations in local villages, mines, factories, and communes, and wrote the local colonial past in congruence with the language of Marxist historiography. Local history provided historians with a legitimate and safe field for their intellectual pursuits using untapped materials. The lack of a political imperative of the writing of local history rather allowed considerable latitude that local historians could use. They explored the space left open by this leeway within the otherwise restrictive structure to make their professional lives meaningful, adapting to the regime’s exclusive academic language and collectivized academia. This dissertation advances scholarship on intellectuals and the persistence of authoritarianism in China by revealing that, as much as authoritarian power shaped intellectual life, local historians’ intellectual pursuits in turn unintentionally contributed to forging the authoritarian structure in China.


La gestion à l'affaire et ses particularités

Ayant une #spécialisation dans le mode de #gestion à l' #affaire, on me demande régulièrement d'en expliquer les particularités. Egalement connue sous le nom de gestion par #projet, la gestion à l'affaire se distingue globalement de la gestion par #processus telle qu'on la rencontre couramment dans l' #industrie. En passant je vais vous donner quelques exemples concrets pour mieux illustrer le #concept.

Lucca, un logiciel RH d'entreprise pour automatiser vos processus

J'ai discuté cet été avec un responsable #paie, pour lui demander de m'expliquer en détail comment #Lucca RH peut automatiser les processus RH de manière efficace et simplifiée. En effet dans mes missions je rencontre plutôt #SILAE et #Quadratus, j'ai peu pratiqué Lucca #RH, d'où mon interrogation à laquelle il a bien voulu répondre. Lucca RH offre une plateforme centralisée pour gérer l'ensemble des #processus administratifs liés aux #ressources humaines.

Pourquoi l'ERP cloud continue de gagner du terrain?

L'ERP cloud ou #ERP basé sur le #cloud, continue de gagner du terrain en #France. Je ne suis pas sûr qu'il existe encore des éditeurs d'outils de #gestion qui n'ont pas au moins une version de leur outil basé sur le cloud. Le succès de l' #hébergement cloud a pour plusieurs raisons, comme je vais vous l'expliquer dans cet article après plusieurs échanges avec des #dirigeants de #sociétés de #consulting et des éditeurs.

Un logiciel de clôture financière pour les DAF

Un logiciel de clôture financière est un outil essentiel utilisé par les #professionnels de la #comptabilité et de la #finance pour faciliter le #processus de clôture de l'état #financier d'une #entreprise. Il offre une #solution automatisée pour rassembler, analyser et consolider les données financières, permettant ainsi de gagner en efficacité et en précision dans le processus de clôture.

Quels niveaux de personnalisation et de configuration avec un ERP ?

En tant que #consultant expert aguerri en matière d'outils de #gestion, permettez-moi de vous expliquer les niveaux de personnalisation et de #configuration possibles avec ce type d'outil. Il est important de comprendre que chaque #système peut différer légèrement dans les possibilités de personnalisation, vous n'aurez des différences entre #IFS, #Oracle, #SAGE, #SAP etc. Voici les principaux niveaux que vous pouvez généralement rencontrer.

Comment former efficacement les utilisateurs sur l'utilisation de l'ERP ?

La #formation efficace des utilisateurs est essentielle pour maximiser l'adoption et l'utilisation réussie d'un nouvel #outil de gestion. En tant que consultant #expert en #solutions d'entreprise, voici quelques conseils pour qu'à l'issue de la #migration ERP, vous puissiez former efficacement les utilisateurs.

Des diagrammes BPMN pour cartographier vos processus

Cartographier des #processus avec un #outil BPM s'avère nécessaire en préalable des ateliers de #spécification. Laissez-moi vous emmener dans le monde captivant de la cartographie des processus avec un outil #BPM ( #Business Process Management).

La comptabilisation des travaux en cours

Dans cet article, je souhaiterais expliquer comment procéder à la #comptabilisation des #travaux en cours dans une #entreprise du #secteur du #BTP. J'ai souvent été sollicité sur cette question, de la part d'entreprises en phase de #changement d' #ERP et souhaitant savoir comment procéder en #comptabilité. Quelques étapes simples sont à suivre.

La comptabilisation de l'autoliquidation de TVA dans le bâtiment

Le but de cet article est de vous expliquer la #comptabilisation de l' #autoliquidation de TVA dans le secteur du bâtiment. Il s'agit d'un processus spécifique qui nécessite une attention particulière, j'ai souvent eu l'occasion d'accompagner des utilisateurs du #progiciel de #gestion #BTP sur la question de la comptabilisation de l'autoliquidation de #TVA.

Comment utiliser un ERP?

En tant qu' #expert ERP, je suis sollicité par mes interlocuteurs pour donner quelques #conseils pratiques pour tirer le meilleur parti d'un #progiciel. Voici quelques recommandations basées sur mon expérience professionnelle en #entreprise dans les solutions de #gestion. Si vous envisagez une #migration ERP, elles vous seront utiles.

Pourquoi les projets ERP échouent?

Les projets #ERP échouent, pourquoi? En tant qu'#expert chevronné dans le domaine tumultueux des #projets ERP, j'ai déjà été témoin de naufrages sur certains de ces projets qui, malgré leurs ambitions nobles, se sont perdus dans les méandres d'ambitions trop extrêmes.

Quelle stratégie de migration ERP peut-on recommander ?

Selon mon expertise en migration #ERP, et pour en avoir mené plusieurs, je considère difficile de définir a priori et sans connaître votre contexte quelle est la stratégie de #migration qui pourrait convenir à votre situation. Au minimum j'aurais besoin de connaître la roadmap de votre #projet #informatique pour identifier ce contexte et pouvoir vous conseiller utilement. Toutefois dans l'article, je donne quelques orientations.

The moment we define ourselves and values by the size of our bank accounts is when we start to describe ourselves by the shadows that walk behind us. All too often we work all our lives in hopes to one day live our dreams, only to realize that we spent most of our lives not knowing what our dreams are.


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Rebecca friendica
What is a pointelocke?
I'm calling it a pointelocke since I made up some rules! I do a shiny playthrough where I use shinies from other games to play. I start with one shiny and earn another one for the pokepool every time I beat a gym. You can help/hinder/troll me with channel pointes and bits! Most bit incentives can also be redeemed via channel pointe. It was inspired by a playthrough I watched a while ago by The4thGenGamer.

Pointelocke Interactions (Channel Pointe versions available with other channel pointe rewards)
Most of these also have channel pointe redemptions. Amounts subject to change =]
650 bits New shiny! - you choose a shiny pokemon from my pokemon Home (up to the level cap) and add it to the pokepool. We'll level it up to the level of my party with candy
700 bits Bench a pokemon! - take a pokemon in my pokepool and move it to the bench, cannot bench starter
500 bits Unbench a pokemon! - choose a benched pokemon to move into back into the pokepool
250 bits Name a pokemon! - choose an unnamed pokemon in the pokepool (that isn't part of my living dex) to name. Feel free to ask if you'd like to know if a pokemon is available for naming
1500 bits Perma-bench a pokemon! This pokemon will be out of the pokepool for the rest of the game! My starter can't be benched.
400 bits I can't use pokemon center for 20 minutes
300 bits I play in set mode for 20 minutes
300 bits I play standing on one foot (the foot may switch) for 5 minutes
100/400/750/1000 bits I can't use items during next trainer/gym leader/e4/champion battle

Tendances globales du marché du conseil en ERP

Le marché de l'intégration et du conseil en systèmes ERP connaît plusieurs tendances globales qui ont un impact sur le secteur. L'une d'elles est la migration des différents ERP vers le #cloud. Les entreprises cherchent de plus en plus à bénéficier des avantages du cloud, tels que l'évolutivité, l'accessibilité à distance et la réduction des coûts liés à l'infrastructure informatique. Les intégrateurs et les consultants en #ERP doivent donc s'adapter à cette transition en proposant des solutions cloud et en aidant les entreprises à migrer leurs #systèmes existants.

Tendances globales du marché du conseil en ERP

Un PGI, avantages et inconvénients ?

Un progiciel de gestion intégré (#PGI), également connu sous le nom d'Enterprise Resource Planning (#ERP), présente à la fois des avantages et des inconvénients pour une #entreprise. Cependant, il est évident que la personne totalement ignorante en #informatique aura des difficultés à comprendre et à expliquer ces aspects de manière précise.

La « grève » des modérateurs de #Reddit continue, c'est peut-être l'opportunité de passer à autre chose. J'ai ouvert un compte #Lemmy sur l'instance Lemmy World, et j'ai recréé ma communauté dédiée au monde de l'#ERP. 😋

@Liliana Hearts So what's your game here? Your account looks like a honey-pot bot account.
@OutsourcedMath Friendica Server Admin
Hello admin, sorry to bother you. But it seems that our site can't be found on Pleroma site.
I tried to search my account on but just found some other user. I tried search on another Pleroma site, also failed.
Then I try to search my another friendica account on another site, and it can be found.
I wonder if this problem can be fixed? Thank you!
Not Safe For Work Friendica Admin friendica (via ActivityPub)
Hard to really know the exact reasoning, but in Friendica an admin can modify the default visibility of posts containing the NSFW character string. Because the subdomain here is that string, they may have a blocking feature preventing discovery.
No dummy admin, Pen²'s account is on my server; socialnsfw!
It was recently discovered that during upgrades I was using
php ~/bin/composer install --no-dev
instead of
php bin/composer.phar install --no-dev
and that mistake may have made many things work improperly. The former runs the standard Composer software of the executing user, and the latter runs the Composer software that the Friendica creators know works perfectly.

White House and GOP reach a deal in principle to stop the nation from defaulting


The leaders' breakthrough comes after weeks **** of negotiations and a series of on-and-off talks. The U.S. is set to run out of money to pay its loans on June 5 if the deal is not approved by Congress.

#news #npr #publicradio #usa
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RIP Ed Ames. What a voice!

I had this album back in the day.

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