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Öppen Lodis: Autumnal Hackerspace Pop-up
Starts:  Friday October 01, 2021 @ 4:00 AM
Finishes:  Friday October 01, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

Autumnal Hackerspace Pop-up Fri Oct 1

Friday Oct 1, starting at 10:00 and going on until 17:00 (likely a bit later, too—no guarantees!) the hackerspace Lodis will open its doors to any & all people interested in the space! Feel free to drop by at any time and stay for 5 minutes or 5 hours.


At 12:00 we will be in the building's restaurant Mygel ordering extremely well-made vegetarian (w/ vegan options!) dishes for lunch. After ordering, we will likely bring our plates to eat together at the long dining table on the floor above the hackerspace. For the person on a budget (or with that lunch box you really just have to eat because—is that mold no wait maybe it's just thyme—) there are also freely available microwave ovens.

People staying longer are welcome to work on their projects (as long as it aligns with at least 4/5th of the space's principles, see the principles section at the bottom of the email), sample our tea collection—or just ask questions, chat and hang out. Responsible for this edition of Öppen Lodis (unsanctioned name) will be Jacob and Louise!

...Workshop rumors??

There are also rumors of a lockpicking workshop that will be held during the day—verifying those rumors are, however, left to the reader as an exercise (2x true if biking).


If you need to get in, reach out to either Jacob or Louise! If you lack contact details and want to pop by, just reply to this event and we'll hook you up!


We'd appreciate it if you tried to click attend on this event and let us know how things worked out! (You are also welcome to drop-by the space completely unannounced!)


See map above!


lodis is a space for people who want to

create projects independently...
...and hang out with others while doing so.
work towards a world with greater equality
work on non-commercial projects
explore ideas and see where they end up
See you on the first day of October!
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den nya äkta GALLERINATTEN
Starts:  Friday September 24, 2021 @ 10:00 AM
Finishes:  Friday September 24, 2021 @ 5:59 PM
Inför natten den 24 september öppnar vi porten på Lodgatan 3b för den nya äkta gallerinatten med en välkurerad samling av konstnärliga och kulinariska genier. Se konst i ena änden av byggnaden och ät och drick på Mygel i andra änden.
Kom från 16 till midnatt (dvs natten)

The gate of Lodgatan 3b opens the night of September 24 for a well curated collection of culinary and artistic geniuses. Observe art in one end of the building and have a bite and a drink at Mygel in the other end.
Come from 16 to midnight (aka the night)

Hosted by Lukas Annermarken / the rest of the house 3b[link to event on facebook]
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Концерт НТР
Starts:  Wednesday September 01, 2021 @ 1:00 PM
Finishes:  Wednesday September 01, 2021 @ 2:00 PM
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[AG NoCams Bremen] Gemeinsam Mappen von Kameras im öffentlichen Raum
Starts:  Thursday August 12, 2021 @ 12:00 PM
Finishes:  Thursday August 12, 2021 @ 1:30 PM
Die AG NoCams Bremen lädt am Donnerstag, 12.08.2021 ab 18 Uhr zu einen Stadtrundgang zum gemeinsamen Kamerasmappen.

Dabei möchten wir gemeinsam Kameras, die den öffentlichen Raum filmen, in OpenStreetMaps (OSM) eintragen bzw. die Eintragungen aktualisieren.
Die Aktion soll die Möglichkeit bieten, sowohl Interessierte und Aktive mal persönlich kennenzulernen als auch StreetComplete und Vespucci auszuprobieren.

Wir planen dabei ggf. Fotos für die #ReclaimYourFace Kampange zu produzieren.
Also bringt gerne auch eine Papiertüte für die #paperbagsociaty Aktion mit.

Wer nicht die ganze Zeit dabei sein kann, kann gerne zwischendurch dazukommen.

Die folgende Rounte wollen wir ablaufen:

Wer sich vorbereiten mag, kann gerne vorab die App [StreetComplete]( ) und/oder [Vespucci]( installieren.

Für alle anderen treffen wir uns schon um 17:30 Uhr am Postamt 5, vor dem Eingang zum Fitnessstudio - dort gibt es Freifunk, sodass wir entspannt gemeinsam die App installieren und den Teammodus testen können!

Um 18 Uhr gehen wir dann los.

Mehr infos zu den apps gibt es hier:

Falls es Menschen gibt, die mit dem Teammodus schon Erfahrungen gesammelt haben, freuen wir uns über einen Austausch und ggf. Tipps.

Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiche Teilnahme! Also schnappt euch euer Smartphone und mappet mit
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I haven't done admin work in a while. Should I be looking into this? I see two events on the local/community calendar.
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Nö, the issues are fixed in the develop branch.


In this context, it needs to be pointed out that nowadays online businesses have better access to market than enterprises with no online presence. Hence, having an online presence is of utmost importance for your business to appear as and when consumers query about a particular specialized goods or services. Customers, in fact, retain in their memories businesses that they can relate to their wants.

I don't know if you are aware of this but the Attachment feature for posts only allows one primary URL to be attached. A workaround I found was to make a threaded post. Make the initial post have the attachment you want people to see first. Then to get the code for a second attached website, start a new initial-post, build the second attachment as you did the first, then copy the code you see in the body, then paste that into a top-level comment of the previous initial post. You can also organize topics by adding Categories or Hashtags to your content; viewers on your profile can filter all your posts by those organizing principles. See the left panel of the profile of @Michael Rupp
Adding the Categories and Hashtags by editing an old post works too.

Also, I'm not sure if you are aware of the "markup language" for making better posts & comments.
Friendica BBCode tags reference

Not sure if you are aware of the "markup language" for making better posts & comments.

Friendica BBCode tags reference

The Anatomy Of Autocracy

So more on American's slipping into #Autocracy and if we're really lucky a #WhiteSupremicist #Dictatorship. Image/Photo

Many people whom I listen to, and read from, have eschewed the idea that the #USA can slip into autocracy, but also many I get news content from were warning early on that it definitely can—and is—happening here.

The "jury" is out and the facts are in. We had a near miss, and it is not over. The woefully, dangerously, well-armed, misguided people who were effectively footsoldiers in this attempt did not see the errors of their ways and recant their thinking. They saw it as a tactic to growing their movement and are planning the next stages.

When comparing #Now to #Then, many experts rely on #Historians for guidance.
#Trump has no cohesive #Ideology like the #Dictators of the past
That is a convincing argument, but it's one that has hindsight as its aid. Suppose the historian had to decide what the cohesive ideology was as they were evaluating the aggregated news of the time as they first saw it instead of evaluating it many years after it happened.

Well, #MashaGessen has done something similar to that. I felt his words deeply when he said it and talked about what was seen in diaries and journals of the day as #Germany was becoming its worst. Those diaries match our perception of current events.

Compare the following two episodes of the #Throughline #Podcast. The first is an interview with a Historian specializing in inter-war Germany named Timothy Snyder. The second is with a Russian-American journalist, author, translator, and activist named Masha Gessen.
note Timothy's words at the 26:00 time mark

note Masha's words at the 15:00 time mark

Perhaps it's not obvious that I'm not denigrating Timothy's work based on his interview, so I'll specify that I liked what he said. I'm only picking at a little bit of it because Masha's thinking is superior about that point.

It's comparable to a lead section in Jordan Ellenberg’s wonderful book, “How Not To Be Wrong,” when he wrote about where to armor warplanes based on the bullet holes.
Military officers had gathered and studied bullet holes in the aircraft that returned from missions. One early thought was that the planes should have more armor where they had been hit the most— fuselage, fuel system, the rest of the plane— but not on the engines, which had the smallest number of bullet holes per square foot.

Abraham Wald, a leading mathematician, disagreed. Working with the SRG (Statistics Research Group) in Manhattan, he asked an odd question: Where were the missing bullet holes— the ones that would be all over the engine if bullets were equally distributed?

They were on the missing planes, the ones that had been shot down. So the vulnerable place wasn’t where all the bullet holes were on the returning planes. It was where the bullet holes were on the planes that didn’t return.

Restricting your measurements to a final sample, excluding part of the sample that didn’t survive, creates what statisticians call “survivor bias.” It can cause you to come to conclusions that are entirely wrong.
The commonality is using incomplete evidence and hindsight to determine truth/reality. Masha added more evidence.

The last failed attempt to remove all Democracy from America was in ...

... It was in the 30s!

Because of that recent #PlowedBoiz & #QerNon attack on #Democracy in the #USA, a prolific amount of retrospect was undertaken by content creators of all kinds. Many seem to reflect on the claim, "This isn't us," and have discovered, "Actually it is us, and it's us often."

Here's an example from a #Podcast that goes by "Behind the Bastards".
Behind the Insurrections - The Business Plot (USA 1930s)

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Meduza (English Version)


Classification: Partisan - #Mainstream | Journalisic Quality - #Analytical

Scope: #Latvia #Russia #International #World

!News & Media Source List
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During the last third of a #Podcast in my cue (#PodSaveTheWorld),
they interviewed Alexey Kovalev (Head of Investigative Reporting at MeduZa), about some fairly current events.

I was pretty impressed by the things I heard him say on the show so I took a look at their #News companies website. I like it a lot!

@Farseen I looked at your pinned toot. You have any answers to yourself there?
Farseen mastodon (AP)
No I haven't got any solid answers yet. Though it feels intuitive to separate work and personal life.
I'm not sure if Mastodon users see long replies from Friendica correctly, but...

I spun-up a mastodon server for potential business purposes after making a couple of accounts on other mastodon servers because somebody told me it was normal to make an account on each server you want to be on. Their reason for that was you don't get to see the local community feed of an instance if you aren't on it. I didn't know it at the time, but that is a bit against the grain of the Fediverse, despite it being true in practice.

I wasn't that into having multiple accounts. I let a few of them go fallow, and at least one server isn't on anymore.

My instance hit a wall during an upgrade and stopped working. They made it more for Nginx systems than Apache systems, and I have a lot going on Apache. I looked all over the Fediverse for what to do instead of Mastodon and settled on Friendica.

The reason I took you on this diversion is the main reason to have multiple identities on the Fediverse should be based on how you want to express yourself. Friendica has a Facebook level of posting, where you are writing microblogs to interactive long blogs including embedded content. Pixelfed is the new cool kid and is a replacement for Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and other photo-heavy social media options. There are so many nuanced choices, but Mastodon, Friendica, and Pixelfed get you pretty far.

Since you can follow anybody on any Federated system and get their updates, the reading aspect of content is independent of the platform. How you produce content is very platform dependent. That's where multiple accounts matter, but you won't have the same followers on the various accounts, so that makes your outgoing content distribution iffy.

Like you said though, business and personal life seem to be a natural separation. Wherever a person does "code-switching" is a place they would want a different identity. I spin two Friendica instances now; this is the business, and the other is personal.
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5 Reasons Muslims Convert to Christianity
The lifestyle of Christians. Former Muslims cited the love that Christians exhibited in their relationships with non-Christians and their treatment of women as equals
I probably shouldn't comment here, but...

Your statement sounds like a claim of something that is universally true. It is not. I believe strongly from my experiences that it's just as easy to find somebody of a Christian collective that wants to harm Muslims, and just as easy to find Muslims who will protect and harbor Christians as it is to find the reverse, or the same for any pairs of religions.

Your experience and that of your collective may bear out the truth of your statement, but I know it's wrong with some of the people I know.

Fuck COVID. I caught it.
I was too busy to get back here after getting better. I'm one of the many lucky ones that doesn't seem to have long term side effects from it.
Good to hear @Michael Rupp! Take care. -Randy

Corruption is the Cancer that destroys Society through Governments

I do a lot of content consumption on the #Twitter, and only rarely reshare it in the #Fediverse, but this one I am. Seth Abramson, the well-known author, dropped a hell of a thread on Twitter yesterday. I read it this morning. He puts together the longer story of International #Corruption but centered on one of the #USA's biggest mistakes in history, Donald #Trump. November he knew about the pandemic and for "thirty pieces of silver" he sold out the world's people to get dirt on the #Biden kid to help his reelection.

Here's the thread via the ThreadReaderApp's unroll feature (but if you are intolerant of mid-roll advertisements, the first tweet of 50 is at
Trump's America threatens the whole world.
#Afghanistan #Albania #Algeria #Andorra #Angola #Antigua #Barbuda #Argentina #Armenia #Australia #Austria #Azerbaijan #Bahamas #Bahrain #Bangladesh #Barbados #Belarus #Belgium #Belize #Benin #Bhutan #Bolivia #Bosnia #Herzegovina #Botswana #Brazil #Brunei #Bulgaria #BurkinaFaso #Burundi #CaboVerde #Cambodia #Cameroon #Canada #CentralAfricanRepublic #Chad #Chile #China #Colombia #Comoros #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo #RepublicoftheCongo #CostaRica #Coted'Ivoire #Croatia #Cuba #Cyprus #Czechia #Denmark #Djibouti #Dominica #DominicanRepublic #Ecuador #Egypt #ElSalvador #EquatorialGuinea #Eritrea #Estonia #Eswatini #Swaziland #Ethiopia #Fiji #Finland #France #Gabon #Gambia #Georgia #Germany #Ghana #Greece #Grenada #Guatemala #Guinea #Guinea-Bissau #Guyana #Haiti #Honduras #Hungary #Iceland #India #Indonesia #Iran #Iraq #Ireland #Israel #Italy #Jamaica #Japan #Jordan #Kazakhstan #Kenya #Kiribati #Kosovo #Kuwait #Kyrgyzstan #Laos #Latvia #Lebanon #Lesotho #Liberia #Libya #Liechtenstein #Lithuania #Luxembourg #Madagascar #Malawi #Malaysia #Maldives #Mali #Malta #MarshallIslands #Mauritania #Mauritius #Mexico #Micronesia #Moldova #Monaco #Mongolia #Montenegro #Morocco #Mozambique #Myanmar #Burma #Namibia #Nauru #Nepal #Netherlands #NewZealand #Nicaragua #Niger #Nigeria #NorthKorea #NorthMacedonia #Macedonia #Norway #Oman #Pakistan #Palau #Palestine #Panama #PapuaNewGuinea #Paraguay #Peru #Philippines #Poland #Portugal #Qatar #Romania #Russia #Rwanda #SaintKitts #Nevis #SaintLucia #SaintVincent #Grenadines #Samoa #SanMarino #SaoTome #Principe #SaudiArabia #Senegal #Serbia #Seychelles #SierraLeone #Singapore #Slovakia #Slovenia #SolomonIslands #Somalia #SouthAfrica #SouthKorea #SouthSudan #Spain #SriLanka #Sudan #Suriname #Sweden #Switzerland #Syria #Taiwan #Tajikistan #Tanzania #Thailand #Timor-Leste #Togo #Tonga #Trinidad #Tobago #Tunisia #Turkey #Turkmenistan #Tuvalu #Uganda #Ukraine #UnitedArabEmirates #UnitedKingdom #UnitedStates #Uruguay #Uzbekistan #Vanuatu #VaticanCity #Venezuela #Vietnam #Yemen #Zambia #Zimbabwe
#UnitedStates #Trump #switzerland #Turkey #Iran #UnitedKingdom #Corruption #Vietnam #norway #ecuador #Biden #fediverse #Australia #germany #Twitter #Finland #sweden #japan #indonesia #India #china #Chile #Spain #Colombia #Nicaragua #Venezuela #Mexico #Algeria #Bolivia #Argentina #Perú #Cuba #Canadá #ElSalvador #denmark #Portugal #france #Somalia #Israel #Haiti #Pakistan #Afghanistan #Lebanon #Paraguay #russia #Ghana #Cambodia #egypt #Palestine #Uruguay #Syria #CostaRica #Philippines #NorthKorea #Brazil #NewZealand #Panamá #Guatemala #taiwan #zimbabwe #SaudiArabia #Iraq #latvia #slovakia #italy #Yemen #Georgia #Honduras #Nigeria #singapore #Barbados #Belgium #Malaysia #Namibia #Zambia #nepal #ireland #hungary #kenya #bangladesh #Senegal #Iceland #Ukraine #Greece #Uganda #Poland #Kazakhstan #Tanzania #Luxembourg #Madagascar #Netherlands #Angola #Sudán #Malta #oman #srilanka #Libya #morocco #Belarus #Kosovo #Bahamas #cyprus #Myanmar #BurkinaFaso #Mali #SouthAfrica #SouthKorea #Burundi #serbia #UnitedArabEmirates #Rwanda #Tonga #SierraLeone #Romania #Liberia #Guinea #Eritrea #cameroon #SouthSudan #Thailand #Albania #Armenia #USA's #burma #Jamaica #Jordan #tunisia #estonia #Austria #Qatar #lithuania #tajikistan #bahrain #Mozambique #Bulgaria #Maldives #ethiopia #kuwait #Mauritania #Bosnia #Azerbaijan #Chad #Mauritius #Kyrgyzstan #Turkmenistan #Croatia #Gambia #MarshallIslands #Dominica #EquatorialGuinea #Palau #Suriname #Uzbekistan #trinidad #Samoa #Niger #Mongolia #PapuaNewGuinea #Herzegovina #Laos #Guyana #Montenegro #czechia #CentralAfricanRepublic #Bhutan #Grenadines #Slovenia #Macedonia #DominicanRepublic #Togo #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo #monaco #Andorra #Moldova #Antigua #Barbuda #Belize #Benin #Botswana #Brunei #CaboVerde #Comoros #RepublicoftheCongo #Coted'Ivoire #Djibouti #Eswatini #Swaziland #Fiji #Gabon #Grenada #Guinea-Bissau #Kiribati #Lesotho #Liechtenstein #Malawi #Micronesia #Nauru #NorthMacedonia #SaintKitts #Nevis #SaintLucia #SaintVincent #SanMarino #SaoTome #Principe #Seychelles #SolomonIslands #Timor-Leste #Tobago #Tuvalu #Vanuatu #VaticanCity News (x) Politics (x) Contemporary Issues (x)
Weird that it only renders the title and hashtag list at first without any content.

We are a worldwide christian ministry in which millions of children reap the benefits of one man's clear, God-given vision

Gimlet | Reply All | #166 Country of Liars

The best reporting of #QAnon both origin story and identity.
(see also: #122 The QAnon Code ⚡️⚡️)
(and see also: #165 The Mold and The Beautiful)
So this is a fun and concise reporting on the whole QAnon #AltRight #GamerGate #Hate generator machine on the Internet.

I just wonder if knowing the true identity of any "#Superhero" slash "#Supervillan" takes away their powers.
#QDrops = #QDefacations

Catching Amazon in a Lie

#Amazon #Lies.
If you haven't heard the #Reveal #Podcast yet, you are missing a LOT. It's some of the best detailed, coherent, in-depth reporting on a wide array of subjects. Their only #Bias is that they generally report on the situations where the few empowered inflict harm on the many for profits.

This episode Al Letson gets to take another swing at Amazon and I'm pretty sure he 'sent it over the fence'. #Bezos had publically stated that he welcomed scrutiny, so Al delivered it.

If you think this story is just about Amazon, don't worry, they are just the main course. The dessert is the whole for-profit siloed networking system on the Internet.

Election 2020 USA

Why isn't the #UN stepping into the #USA to observe the elections to make sure they aren't flawed?

Mark Blyth is scratching my itch!

Everytime I hear Mark Blyth talk, I want to adopt him into my family. This appearance on #OpenSource with Christopher Lydon is no exception.
COVID-19 did the Republican's dirty work for them.

#Trump #WhiteCollarCrime #Finance #Austerity #StockMarket #Empire #Deception
poet1b diaspora
Essentially we need to cap how much an individual can earn. Say, anything above 100 million a year should be taxed at 100%.
John Lenin mastodon (AP)
Anyone who listens to Christopher Lydon is OK with me!

FULL COMP - With Josh Kopel


Hosted by Michelin-rated restaurateur, Josh Kopel, Full Comp features engaging interviews with restaurant owners, experts and thought leaders within the hospitality industry. Featured guests offer up stories and advice, giving listeners the tools and knowledge they need to succeed

Read more about: Full Comp

There is No Algorithm for Truth - with Tom Scott

This is a very good thing to watch and think about. #Truth vs. #Algorithm

Median Net Family Wealth Boston Mass USA: $247,000.00 Whites, $8.00 Blacks. Source Boston Federal Reserve Bank.

So I guess this book by Eric Lonergan & Mark Blyth is going to be a real snapper!

I'm only hearing about it today from the podcast below, but I think it may be a hot bestseller.

A financial portfolio … for everyone

embedded audio player
(Focus at the 2:00 mark)

#Economics #BlackLivesMatter #Inequality #SocialJustice #WealthGap

I'll say it, Adam Smith is wrong!

I'm extremely fond of the hosts Kai Ryssdal & Molly Wood as well as the content of the show even though I'm about to criticize a moment of Wednesday's show below. Their work is great, their humanity is exemplary.

Something triggered a visceral & bad feeling when I heard the quote of the venerated Adam Smith

Adam Smith wrote:

"Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production."
Here's the gist of the content of the show before the quote:
  • audience question about the work-from-home market ...
  • high pay workers moving to low-cost locations ...
  • Apple can not/should not pay American level wages in China ...
  • can't have the same labor wage across the globe ...
  • why not?
  • WORMHOLE ...
  • some distracting banter ...
  • audience question Can has Economy not based on Consumerism? ...
  • Kai says no, then quotes Adam Smith...
  • Molly and I simultaneously have our brains go into skeptic mode and Molly's went too fast ...

There is a lot to unpack, and I'm going to come back to why I reacted to the spurious idea inside the quote later.

If Silicon Valley people move to rural places with big money flowing to them because teleworking, some of the excess money will drop on the scene, it's going to splash off onto the people that live there. Like Yacht's are disgusting opulence, but the people who built them got paid. You won't have a lot of friends in town if you tip small but they find out you are earning 1,000x the local wages. If you ask the local builders to make an ice-ring addition on your 2,000 square-foot home, you will be charged more than if the town commissioned the job for public use.

Molly, if you are reading this, write labor is not an invasive species on the chalkboard 100 times. the population of high paid people is small and if they do diaspora it's not going to change much. The place they leave will feel it more than the place they go to.

Geography dependant wages have a plethora of reasons behind them. For one, Silicon Valley with all their secrets and espionage wouldn't be able to secure their ideas if people could work from everywhere; e.g. the CIA will not move their headquarters to China. Also, the biggest players need the best people to stay ahead of the competitors, so the talent moves to where the geography pulls it to (depending a lot on the economic and moral value system of the talented). In the type of labor that requires the production of goods, or the performance of in-person services (think factories, mechanics, carpenters, lawyers, doctors, and so on), the topography of wages across the Earths surface will be dependant on supply and demand of the thing adjusted for the population density and some other factors. Land is a scarce resource and that's why in cities you have to manufacture land by creating taller buildings. Too many people want the same land, so you take the footprint of the land and multiply it by the number of floors you set on top of it to try making the footprint cheaper per square unit. This base cost of doing business raises the ask for all goods and services and has to be higher as a consequence where the population density is higher. Density decides the price of the wages, not the wages deciding the price of the land. The more economic engines a location has to attract people the higher the density gets. If your product can be delivered from afar, the owners of the company get a bigger share of the selling price, this is because they can absolutely underpay but relatively overpay a worker in Flint to build an item they sell in NYC for full price; build in low density, sell in high density. The ability to move to where things are produced to a location where people are more disadvantaged and/or the cost of living is lower can only lower the wages, never raise them. Where it moved away from becomes more desperate so asks for less to do something. When the production moves again is when the new place becomes skilled and has enough money and power to ask for more. The wages will not go up till industrialists without morals run out of downtrodden people on the Earth; better pack a lunch.

So now, what if a person is a factory unto themselves who can build in one place and deliver in another place? They are the owner and the labor of their system. If their product/service is unique enough and has value to more people than it can be produced for, they can ask whatever they want to make it wherever they want and deliver it to wherever they want. That type of person/product/service is rare indeed. Most of us and our abilities are commoditized, so if we say we won't do it another person will replace us fairly quickly. Most of also can't leave an area because we are emotionally attached to people places and things in an area and languages, and foods, and so on. We can't move like a factory and that is a disadvantage for labor.

I'm finally circling back to Adam Smith and Kai. When he said it, it sounded like it was right; like truthiness. But it bothered me like to me it felt like a broken clock that is right twice a day and close to right a lot of time in the day depending on how accurate you need the time to be. I also feel like I'm hearing a man tell me that he saw a cart pushing a horse up a street. I think Molly started to do the mathematical thing where you generalize the statement testing for counterexamples by asking questions, like what is "production", like does a mom produce babies.

I think it would be more accurate to say, extending one's life and culture is the sole purpose of all human activity and most human activity is the production of goods and the performance of services. I could be easily taking Adam Smith out of context, but I don't think I'm taking the way Kai used it out of context. Kai just finished reading parts of a nuanced question and called TLDR then quoted Adam Smith. The word "consumerism" which the audience questioner used is nuanced, the ideas of production & consumption stated in the Smith quote are nuanced, but it got whipped out there in a declarative way that was intended to stop discussion on the topic. I know nearly nothing about producing a radio show, time constraints, and so on, so I'm not assembling a posse to right this wrong, yet it compelled this post and the things linking to it.

Is a metal tool with a lifetime guarantee that you have multiple generations using ever consumed? Do I consume art when I look at a painting? Do I produce smiles for the consumption of others? Has nobody ever failed at trying to produce something? Like built something they thought was great but nobody bought/consumed it? You can't consume what has yet to be produced so consuming can't start the production.

How about this instead? Solving problems and making life easier is the sole driving force behind all innovation/invention, and popular inventions have a strong calling, so production must be done to satisfy that demand, and if the invention is difficult to make or scaling it up can lower the cost it will be produced in mass, and if the product doesn't last long it will be consumed repeatedly.

Let's think about food & shelter. We consume food, but we don't really produce it, the Earth produces it and was doing that before us, we just sort out the bad planning of nature in order to have the Earth get more made per square foot (I'm not saying that's healthy for us though.). And we do produce shelter, though we don't really consume it. Sure we use it, but the intention is not to make it deteriorate from us using it so not a consumed good. This one is for Molly, we produce babies, but not to consume them, we do it because we are compelled to.

Regarding the specific thing about consumerism from a listener, think about the parallels between illegal drugs and all other products. Illegal drugs have almost no lasting value, and if they were never introduced into the world, we would all have been better off. They are marketed in a way that people who shouldn't consume them do, and the value they cost the world is greater than the value they give their consumers. Many legal products fit that form. Advertisers, like Steve Jobs hacked brains and forced people to think they needed something they didn't, overcharged for it, and left a lot of environmental degradation in the process of doing that. So very many products would not be consumed if they weren't marketed with psychological hacks, they cost much and they deliver little. They warp culture into something it doesn't need to be and it makes the majority of people worse off for the benefit of the few.

Kai, you should have said, "yes, we could have an economy without consumerism, it just would be a different one than what we have now. I don't know if it would be better or worse, but it would probably be better the way you asked the question."
This is the embedded audio player for the show attached at the bottom of the post.

Has anybody noticed how in the #USA the only #Union that #Wealthy people support is the #Police Union?


The History of Ronald Reagan | with Patton Oswalt on The Dollop

While listening to The Congressional Dish #Podcast, I heard about The Dollop and couldn't resist sampling it. I'm drawing peoples attention to #Reagan aka: Ron Ray Gun. He has been deified by many #Conservatives, #Right-Winger's, and #Evangelical #Christians. I'll admit to being ignorant enough to think he was a good thing for #America when I was younger and I was more likely to swallow #Propaganda whole because it had #Truthiness. I'm older and wiser now and don't think in bumper-sticker sized ideas.

These two windows into the life and times of Ron & Nancy Reagan were pretty eye-opening to me and I already have a lot of #Economic reasons to detest him for his hidden agenda connected to his actions.

I hope you take the time to listen to them.
Ronald Reagan, Part 1 with Patton Oswalt | The Dollop #400

Ronald Reagan, Part 2 with Patton Oswalt | The Dollop #400

#ATC #AllThingsComedy #TheDollop #Racism #CorporateMedia #Unions #Rape #Mysogny #Wealth #Inequality #AynRand #Libertarian #JohnBirchSociety

Fuck Eric Prince

The call is comming from inside the house!
#Subversives NOT #Antifa #WhiteSupremacists #Surveillance #DomesticSpying #CivilWar #Agitators

Palestine Sunbird: A Stamp of Defiance

I saw this uplifting story about #Palestine recently. It's a bit melancholy, but it has a happy ending so press on and watch the whole video.

#Art #Artist #Statehood #TwoStateSolution #Genocide #Israel #HumanRights #IllegalOccupation #OccupiedTerritories #Stamp #PostageStamp #Sunbird

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I didn't realize this show was a show at first. I thought it was a concept that was being talked about on shows I already listened to, but instead, it was the host describing where the title came from. They were making the show for almost 4 years before I started to listen to it.

"Code-Switching" is something almost everybody does. The more power you have the less you have to do it. If you change how you interact with people at work or school so that it's different from how you interact with friends in a locker room, a bar, a living room playing video games, and so on, you have done code-switching.

If you have interacted with a minority in an environment that you were in the majority and they were not, they probably had to code-switch to please you.

This podcast is good enough that you should just start at the first one and listen your way through all of them to get up to date.

#Race #Racism #InstitutionalRacism #Gender #Sexism #Oppression #BlackLivesMatter

SSC Exam Result 2020

SSC Result 2020

Secondary School Certificate S.S.C Exam Result 2020 is one of most important popular public exam in Bangladesh. Every year there are lots of students attends SSC exam and wait for this exam result, because it is one of the circular and happy news for anyone like students, teacher, parents and other guardian. During This year a total of 13,04,274 students from 28,551 educational institutions have appeared in this year’s SSC and equivalent examination from 3,412 centers across the country. For you good news, SSC Result 2020 you will get here. We make sure to get the Secondary School Certificate S.S.C Exam Result 2020 all updates when it is published Bangladesh education board and Madrasah education board.

Below we added SSC Exam 2020 checking full procedure like Online system, SMS System, Published Date, How to Check SSC Result 2020, how you will get SSC Result 2020, when you will get Secondary School Certificate S.S.C Exam Result 2020 and more for students. Please check below and get your result with short time.

SSC Exam Result Published Date?

According to the Bangladesh Education Board’s rules the SSC Result will be published within 2 months from the last day of the written examination. Generally SSC Result publishes within 60 Days 0f SSC Examination complete date. Every year SSC Exam stars on February’s 1st week and complete on March. Every year SSC examination result publishes on 1st/2nd Week May. SSC Result 2020 Publish date not yet declared officially.. We make sure; Secondary School Certificate S.S.C Exam Result 2020 will be published 25 to 31 May 2020. Bangladesh Education Minister Handover result to Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Finally the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announcing all education board result SSC Result 2020 Full Details and therefore you can go your school and hopefully will get your SSC Result 2020 After at 12 PM.

SSC Exam Result 2020

From the general education system, there are more than 1.7 million candidates are participating in the SSC exam in 2020. Eight General Education Board holds the exam every year. The publishing time of SSC result 2020 bd is at 02:00 PM in the afternoon according to the education ministry. Their result also publishes by the individual education board. As you know that the exam was held by the individual education board, the result is published from each board as well as. Students who sit an exam under the respective board, now they will get their result from that board as well as from the central result hub know as

Check SSC Result 2020 through Online:

  • Open your Safe Bowers.
  • Then go to Education Board Website.
  • Select your Examination Name SSC/Dakhil
  • And then select Examination Year “2020”
  • Then Select your Education board.
  • Type your “Roll number” For Example
  • Type your “Registration Number“ For Exam:
  • Fill up The “Captcha Code” (For Verification)
  • Click Here Submit Button. After that, you will Get SSC Result.

Check SSC Result through SMS

Take your mobile phone & type following this keyword.

SSC <Space> First three letters of Board name <Space> Roll No. <Space> 2019 and send to 16222

For Example: SSC DHA 451278 2020 and send to 16222

Dakhil Result

Vocational Result

এসএসসি রেজাল্ট

SSC Result Mark Sheet
After publishing the SSC exam result, you can easily see your results with the full Marksheet with numbers and you can be sure of the Golden A+ from here easily. All the Education Board’s official website has been given below. If you want to know your SSC Result Marksheet very quickly with the full mark sheet detailed number, then use the link below.

In addition, DBBL Scholarship & DBBL Scholarship Result & SSC Board Challenge Result & SSC Board Challenge Application By এসএসসি রেজাল্ট ২০২০। & XI Class Admission. Xi Class Admission Result, HSC College Admission, HSC College Admission Result. Polytechnic Admission .

Moving and downsizing can really set you back in your timeline. Their's so many things to do if you are the type that has to have things working right. I'm almost at the developing point I was at in August last year.

We picked a bad time to all slip down towards poverty. Well, most of all of us.

To reframe Social "Credit" Scoring imagine being put in quarantine because you are #ProChoice or being under house arrest for being #ProLife. That's the direction #BigData is heading us to.

Dirt to Soil | One Family’s Journey into Regenerative Agriculture

@The People Have you ever reshared the concepts of #NoTillFarming yet? It's in the #Sustainable world genre.
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Thanks for the tip !! Interesting.

Releasing the Cluster API

Damn! This is a big freakin' deal! Because I'm running my own Nextcloud instance, and they added a Mapping app to the set of one-click installs, and #GraphHopper is one of the free #DrivingDirections services you can add to it, I'm in the #News loop about this.

Somebody could spin-up a simple Nextcloud Hub, and pull in mapping data for political uses and build a grassroots organizing plan for getting a people-force out to doorways. I did something a bit like this in 2007-2008 but it wasn't anywhere near this simple. I had to precode a shitload of #VisualBasic stuff into an Access database file with preloaded data for the locality that was doing the work and get it to them somehow as an excessively large file. In this case, with all the built-in security and sharing #Nextcloud has, a single person could set this up and run it out of their home Internet connection off of an old PC converted into a server.

#CommunityOrganizer #Grassroots #Politics #Change #Activism #Hacktivism

Releasing the Cluster API

GraphHopper Directions API']We’re happy to announce our new product: the Cluster API! It solves the “capacity clustering problem” by assigning a set of customers to a given number of distinct groups (called clusters).

Elections | Opinion about Lib's/Socalists/etc. versus Capitalist Ambition

Typically I'm posting a #Podcast for people to listen to and a reason to listen to it, but here, a podcast merely #Triggered my thoughts while doing man-on-the-street type interviews of #Arizona #Voters.

An older-sounding white man said something about how all the #Progressives (pejoratively) and their #Socialism and free #Medicare is going to kill off all the #Ambition of #Capitalism. I definitely paraphrased him, but his point is intact.

His comment caught me in that way where you clearly see how and why he is so mistaken. I felt the immediate recoil from him misunderstanding what a #Progressive is, but I'll give him that because #Politics is messy and people on the same side disagree if given the chance to talk to each other instead of yelling at the "others". However, he is fundamentally wrong about ambition. He was confusing the idea of working out of desperation and the survival instinct with ambition. Perhaps he was a #BlueCollar type who had hopes for his next of kin doing better and instead sees 23-year-old grandchildren playing X-Box all day and drinking at night. I don't know why he thinks his opinions are valid, but I do know he is wrong.

It's been #Scientifically proven that when we are stressed over meeting our basic needs in life that we can't make good decisions. Ambition comes from having a good idea that can improve people's lives in a way that it would be valued at more than what it costs to produce. It's hard to have good ideas when you can't figure out what to do without; #Healthcare, #Food, #Heat, #Electricity, Clean #Water, or the #Mortgage / #Rent payment. I believe it's a goal of socialism to meet these basic needs without question, thus the desperation is lifted and people can be free to think of greater things.

The #Ancient #Greeks had an unquestionably great thing going with flourishes of #Math, #Science, #Medicine and so forth. Their institutions of learning did not charge admission for entrance. They did, however, have a bar to entry, and it was based on the economic standing of the citizens. If you were wealthy enough to stop working for a period of time, you could get the "go-ahead goal" of learning about important things. Poor people were still stuck in the cycle of desperation. This may explain why it's so much more likely that non-poor people have #Innovative ideas and subsequently the ambition to get rich as a result.

If nobody was stuck in desperation mode due to bad-luck-of birth #Economics, #Innovation and ambition might skyrocket.
Chapter 4: The Southeast | Crooked Media (site link)
Stitcher embedded audio feed
"I don't know why he thinks his opinions are valid, but I do know he is wrong"
I have an evidence based reason why he thinks his opinions are valid, and I know he is wrong too..

Vote For Pete Buttigieg! #NOT

(Former) #MayorPete gets some of his #DirtyLaundry aired out here, and man-o-man it stinks!

#PeteButtigieg #SomeMoreNews #Election2020 #DemocraticParty
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Bayes theorem, and making probability intuitive, plus, The quick proof of Bayes' theorem

Damn, this 3Blue1Brown guy is The Shit when it comes to #Teaching #Mathematics!

To become a more #Professional #Unbiased #Thinker, you're going to want to make sure you already understand this type of #Logic & #Statistics.

Part 1

Bayes theorem, and making probability intuitive

Part 2

The quick proof of Bayes' theorem

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Capitalism. Time for a reset — This is the new agenda

I'm a #Skeptic because of my experiences in life. I'm an #Optimist about the nature of our collective #humanity being more #good than #bad. I'm a #Pessimist about the people in power being far more likely to be #sociopathic than the population at large. This new thing the Financial Times is doing, #TheNewAgenda, well, it seems genuine.

They are mumbling or at least saying quietly, "hey #Capitalism, you're we're doing it wrong." They seem to be reporting with a #perspective of #introspect and #reckoning of overdue #liability #accounts of industrial capitalism. Typically, big-capitalism doesn't do introspect, it only does short term plans to beat their competitors to death.

I know it's very easy to put on a false front and get people to think you're doing something good when the #hidden #agenda, the true goal, is bad for most people. I'm going to presume innocence on the #FT here until proven otherwise. The FT was really good before this new "New-Thing" so I'm optimistic about it.
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