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oooh fancy!

Oh look: 'Conservatives' are afraid of rainbows!

#cartoon by Randall #Enos

He's not smiling - LOL!

It wasn't until I took this shot that I realized how much I miss #GooglePlus #SkyHunters #G+
...and after posting it via Outsourced Math, which is now pixilating every damn image out there, how much I hate auto-pixilation.

Virginia Norwood, a pioneer in satellite land imaging, dies at age 96


Norwood is best known for developing the Multispectral Scanner System that flew on the first Landsat satellite. That was the first satellite launched to study and monitor Earth's landmasses.

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Well, the Russians started with polonium, and now the Brits are shooting back with uranium.
Alongside our granting of a squadron of Challenger 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, we will be providing ammunition including armour piercing rounds which contain depleted uranium. Such rounds are highly effective in defeating modern tanks and armoured vehicles.

Tom Grzybow diaspora
Yikes! The UK went ahead and did it anyway:
Thanks Tom. YIKES!! indeed!
Tories have a long-established streak in making fictional pronouncements, the most recent of which is BoJo finally admitting that he "misled" Parliament but didn't lie. The entire lot is bonkers.

Interesting. Judging by the sagas, it was the women who generally instigated divorce. All that was required was for them to assemble witnesses, cite their reasons and declare themselves divorced. This had to occur three times: in their bedroom, in front of the house and before a public assembly.

#vikings #divorce #humor.

FDA gives 2nd safety nod to cultivated meat, produced without slaughtering animals


Good Meat, which grows chicken and other meat from animal cells in a production facility, is the second company to cross this hurdle. The move brings no-kill meat closer to sale in the U.S.

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Actor Lou Diamond Phillips has 5 Maine Coons in his family
He affectionately calls them "Our Crazy Cat People Starter Kit

After all my gray photos, I OWE you all the sunny day we’re having today.

Hope you’re enjoying one, too. And the lake grows as the snow melts.

#march #sun #myphotos
@[url=]atari[/url] (Fritz R.) Check out this amazing bass player
Jiaju Shen pipa is an electronic musician, plucked string instrument soloist, and model.

Logic has flaws including logical falacies. Reasonable is what this is not.

1930 "Radiotron" photodiode vacuum tube used to read the sound track in movie projectors of the time.

We got between 8 to 10” of snow, depending on where you were.

The cleanup crews are out because a lot of fully grown trees fell in streets and the power company is out because tens of thousands are without power. Everything is shut down. Thanks a lot March.

”March is the month God created to show people who don't drink what a hangover is like.” ― Garrison Keillor
#march #snow

1930 "Radiotron" photodiode vacuum tube used to read the sound track in movie projectors of the time.

Perfect description of Glasswings.

There is a point when your account reaches a certain critical mass on social media where everything you post gets at least 1-2 replies with 1 or more of the following traits:

- Blatant condescension
- Unwarranted rage
- Hostile misinterpretation
- Accusations of bad faith/lying
- Unnecessary "corrections"
- Orders on how/what to post
- "Jokes" at your expense/snarky observations about your content
- Attempts to provoke arguments

It's exhausting. I've definitely hit that threshold recently.

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