America has cultural mental disorders...

Meanwhile, on #Fathersday in #America (or #Murka) a collection of Independent #Fundamentalist #Baptist flamethrowers descended on the anniversary of the #PulseNightclub massacre to go full #Hitler. Apparently, these deranged "Pastors" want more #LGBTQ people assassinated by random acts of unprovoked violence. F... show more

40 Acres | OnTheMedia

Woa. #America has been shitty to people for a really long time. Stole back the 40 acres and a mule, AND paid former slave holders for the value of the formerly owned slaves! We were a Trump-style country for a long freaking time.

Part 2 of "Eviction Crisis"

#Emancipation #Racism #Reparations #RedLining #HousingDiscrimination #FHA
#America #Emancipation #Racism #Reparations #RedLining #HousingDiscrimination #FHA Democracy (x) Economics (x) Egalitarianism (x) Politics (x) Society (x)
And if you missed it, here's part one...

Part 1 of "Eviction Crisis"

Impossible Burger & Satan

You heard right a #Florida #RWNJ has linked veggie burgers to #Satanism

Twitter: Right Wing Watch on Twitter (Right Wing Watch)

#Florida #RWNJ #Satanism #ImpossibleBurger Comedy (x) Religion (x)
Rick Wiles > R. W. > Right Wing

Doomed from birth!

Charles Koch: The Luke Skywalker of Rich People | by: Behind The Bastards

So this is how #America got so #FuckedUp...
#Koch's made political crystal-meth out of Ayn Rand's dangerous ideas and a bullshit form of #Libertarianism then sold it to the people they were fucking over #Economically.
#America #FuckedUp #Koch's #Libertarianism #Economically Democracy (x) Economics (x) Egalitarianism (x) Politics (x) Society (x)
And, Part two is here:

#BehindTheBastards #Liberal #MeetsHighStandards #World Comedy (x) Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)
When I first tried the #BehindTheBastards #Podcast I thought this is a fun romp through the weird details of histories most well-known monsters. I discovered later that they quickly ran out of historic #Bastards and moved onto living #Monsters. This show is now in the category of #News because of the content it reveals.

A wealthy Iraqi sheikh who urges a hard-line U.S. approach to Iran spent 26 nights at Trump’s D.C. hotel

Filtered word: nsfw

# #Criminal #USA #POTUS #President #EmolumentsClause #Trump #Emolumental #War #Iran #FalseFlag #Military #America's #Vietnam #Emolument Contemporary Issues (x) Crime (x) News (x) Politics (x)

Trump's war in Iran

Every #Iranian I've ever met, I've liked tremendously. If it weren't for our stinking backward thinking governments, we would all be good friends.

Janine Jackson takes a quick look back at recent press, including coverage of #Iran, Saudi Arabia, and polio and the CIA.
#Iranian #Iran Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

Making America Antitrust Again

As if we needed another reason to #Hate #Amazon, they are the worst threat to free-market #Capitalism since Standard Oil. I avoid using them at all costs. Now they have US FAA approval for #drones!

#Hate #Amazon #Capitalism #drones Economics (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

Because politics matter a lot in investing lately...

you're going to want to make some time to listen to this podcast by @intercepted where they talk frankly about the upcoming options for the American #POTUS

BONUS: "We've Got People"

Intercepted — Jun. 2

As Democrats continue to debate whether to initiate an impeachment inquiry, Trump seems to be going nuts from the Democrats’ continuing probe into his possible obstruction of justice, corruption, and abuse of power. The Intercept’s Ryan Grim explains Nancy Pelosi’s…

#GDP #Economy #HappinessIndex Economics (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)
Good post. I understand you to be correct in that population is the largest driver worldwide in GDP. These arguments also leave out the very important fact that there is also a "quality" of the GDP pie. To get the fastest growing GDP pie you use wasteful methods and offload costs as much as possible. Working at increasing the quality of the pie can also create happiness. This would be such things as closed cycle production and minimal offloading of costs, etc. Not a larger pie, but a higher quality pie I believe would cause the most "Happiness" (not sure what to call it).
So true that quality is a better way to live! However, as it's measured, I don't think cheaper inputs to a product or service change the GDP. To avoid double counting they won't measure components made to become part of a final product that a consumer buys; they just measure the price the final product sells at. But, if cheaper inputs lower the final products price they will sell more units and thus raise the total GDP. Is that what you meant?

The theorybiz article has many of the items that I was thinking of, especially the increasing #scarcity. For example, the topsoil in the #USA is being depleted and is a positive in the GDP figures. Increasing the farming quality so that we have no net loss of topsoil should lead to the best possible results in whatever measure is used.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson Testifies on Housing Policies

In a subtle way, this 5-minute video exposes systemic problems added by nefarious agents via lobbying which retard our economy in a way that benefits racists.

#PrisonIndustrialComplex #SystemicRacism #Economy
#PrisonIndustrialComplex #SystemicRacism #Economy Democracy (x) Economics (x) Egalitarianism (x) Politics (x) Society (x)

Oh shit, GAB...

I see why GAB software was a problem.
#RWNJ's trying to find their safe-space, but still, shove their hate in other people's faces. Latest news: they're stealing #Mastodon code cause they can't get their shit together.
#RWNJ's #Mastodon News (x) OpenSource (x) Politics (x)
There's no stealing in the free SW world, it's okay to do. Let's rather address what's wrong about their ideology.
I knew that but it felt right in spirit. Like when Microsoft stole Linux to prop up their OS.

Fantasy Football

So I'm wondering if their's a built-in aversion in #Federated social networking against #FantasySports, more specifically #FantasyFootball which is a right bunch of fun. It seems that people attracted to #ActivityPub are also the type who would like it.
#Federated #FantasySports #FantasyFootball #ActivityPub American Football (x) Fantasy (x) Sports (x)

#Disney #Oligarchy #Antitrust #Monopoly #Graft #Corruption #POTUS #Injustice #Entertainment #Marvel Economics (x) Egalitarianism (x) Entertainment (x) Politics (x) Society (x)
Its leftist bias is showing
Can you edit that so it's coherent?
SomeMoreNews is satire. Cody Johnston isn't shy about his political leanings. That comment was dumb. a P2P lending service is going bankrupt after a few years of operations...

I spend a lot of time thinking about alternatives to #Banking. I'm not really sure how I feel about this story yet. I first heard about it in the last few minutes of the FT #Podcast called #BankingWeekly.

... show more
#Banking #Podcast #BankingWeekly Banking (x) Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x)

#deepfake #video #music #johnlennon #imagine #deeplearning #ai #art Philosophy (x) Technology (x)
Well yes, you're right in many things as well, but I still stand behind my point. Banning revenge porn or fake news based on deepfakes seems reasonable at first, it can pass, but that precedent is dangerous as hell. That policy alone won't completely eliminate deepfakes happening and especially the fake news endangering the rich and powerful will lead to things like punishments of simply having a deepfake program installed on your computer. When wealth and power is in bet, laws will get ridiculously restrictive... as they did for example with the so called "intellectual property" when someone can nowadays own a single color or idea and you can get sued and punished for using that color or idea. Or be arrested as a "holocaust denier" for simply critically researching the events. Such laws also become another weapon of the powerful against those who endanger them (Assange, Snowden etc). They'll remotely install such program on their enemy's computer, arrest them, label them a terrorist, discredit and silence them, with the society's approval.
Can you name the first country t
... show more
We obviously have much more to talk about than just this one thread.
Your specific examples all have merits. I don't know if I can make valid counterclaims that you couldn't make valid counterclaims to, so maybe I'll leave this thread here as it is. An example of intractable counterclaims would be on the topic of restrictive laws. I know some laws are written with wild leeway for the law enforcement authorities (eg. malfunctioning automobile taillight), and I know that they do this for a reason; to detain people without probable cause that would hold up in court whereas the timely circumstantial evidence appears to convict the person of interest. The tail-light stop is nearly never used by authorities, and at times I see them driving with a tail-light out, but if a person driving (in a law-abiding way), inside a matching car that was identified in an armed robbery, with the same number of occupants, the nearby police would make a stop claiming the tail-light was out even if it was functioning (can't prove it wasn't for a moment when he looked). If the routine check on the occupan... show more
@Michael Rupp coincidentally I have found a great source I can now refer to (feel free to comment on that thread), rather than spend hours in threads trying to word the arguments myself. I feel like I've made my main points here and don't want to go much deeper in this thread either, but for you as well as other readers, let me try to use my newly found source:
I’m not unwilling to have my mind changed

I’ve never been convinced that Anarchism was a valid approach to life in general due to the state of human nature.
Anarchist FAQ: What about "human nature"? -- this should address that point. If you're genuinely open-minded here, give it a read, it won't be a wasted time 😀

#TheWilderness #Liberal #MeetsHighStandards #UnitedStates Democracy (x) Democratic Party (x) Economics (x) Egalitarianism (x) Politics (x) Society (x)
Michael Rupp Friendica (AP)

Filtered word: nsfw

#WorldWeekly #Mainstream #MeetsHighStandards #World #UnitedKingdom #UnitedStates Banking (x) Finance (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Securities (x) Trade (x)
Like the other FT News podcasts, a very unbiased podcast with timely, impactful reporting which focuses on international politics and how it affects us as investors.

#BankingWeekly #Mainstream #MeetsHighStandards #World #UnitedKingdom #UnitedStates Banking (x) Finance (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Securities (x) Trade (x)
Like the other FT News podcasts, a very unbiased podcast with timely, impactful reporting which focuses on decisions banking sector's make and how it affects us.

#NewsInFocus #Mainstream #MeetsHighStandards #World #UnitedKingdom #UnitedStates Banking (x) Finance (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Securities (x) Trade (x)
A very unbiased podcast with timely, impactful reporting for people who invest excess capital into marketable securities.

#FreakonomicsRadio #Mainstream #MeetsHighStandards #UnitedStates Contemporary Issues (x) Economics (x) News (x) Philosophy (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)
This show is delightful and educational. Even if you are studied in Economics, this twisted, convoluted thinking will enhance your way of looking at things. I think the magic is having a professional communicator being the front man for a very free-thinking economist. Stephen Dubner (the frontman), is a masterful storyteller who gets at the heart of discovery learning in the show's format; you aren't being taught anything, you are discovering things during the show. Steven Levitt (the economist), is tantalizingly open-minded. It's as if he has an artists mind and sees things in a way that our mind's eye wouldn't have thought of. When you hear his convoluted ideas, you are pleasantly amazed.

#TheBigRead #Mainstream #MeetsHighStandards #World #UnitedKingdom #UnitedStates Banking (x) Finance (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Securities (x) Trade (x)
This is a great #DeepDive type podcast that gets into more detail about a story in their printed media. To my best judgment so far, they are bias-free in their content. It's always hard to tell if the choice of what to run is a problem, but the stuff they do talk about seems revealing and unbiased.

Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)
Shelenn Ayres Friendica (AP)
While I am not a Biden fan, applying purity tests is what Putin had the far left do like the far right in order to elect Trump. If we truly want to take this country back from Putin, we have to stop doing his bidding. I will likely support someone other than Biden but I won't be applying purity tests to campaign by slamming other Dems.

Politics Matter!!!

This is a very nuanced thing. I didn't say it was the only thing that matters. I didn't say all publicly traded companies are affected by politics.

To be clear, governments—even good democracies—will have some of the people holding political power who act in self-serving ways by sneaking in legislation that gives a company or group of companies they are allied with an unfair competitive advantage in the marketplace. Normally we only hear about it when it reaches scandalous proportions.

Typically we don't even think about politics because it's all so complex, and who's got time to read and understand the ramifications of all the laws passed in just their own home country? Nobody, that's who. In the long-range plans of #OutsourcedMath, there will be a group dedicated to the analysis of legislation who report on the expectations of those nefarious acts.
#OutsourcedMath Business (x) Economics (x) Legislation (x) Politics (x) Society (x)

Trump getting closer to the cliff?

In the 1980s all kinds of reputable news companies began to cover the Trump debacle. This podcast reminds me of that. He was always as bad as he is now. His only superpower is to throw chaff and flares in his wake to avoid the takedown.

Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

This is very bad.

Now the question is why are some communities still holding international conferences in the USA...

Solo Steak (x)
Don't do this here on this Friendica server. It's a TOS violation. Also, nobody saw it but me.

Notes to yourself and privacy...

If you make notes or use #GoogleKeep you should know about this #Masterpiece in progress. The work of @Carnet is delivering a Note taking app called #Carnet for our new treacherous age of information. I access mine via my private #Nextcloud server, but they have other ways too. Register at and access via the mobile app, web browser or desktop program.
#GoogleKeep #Masterpiece #Carnet #Nextcloud @Carnet Privacy (x) Technology (x)

The latest episode of #FreakonomicsRadio struck a few nerves with me. If you have opinions about #Secrecy #Privacy #DNA #Healthcare #Pharma and so on, you're probably going to want to hear this one.

Facebook Co-Founder, Lawmakers Call For Social Network Split

We're finally talking seriously about breaking up the monsters. Time for tweeters and faceplace'ers to learn to #Federate.
#Federate Economics (x) Monopoly (x) Politics (x) Social Networking (x)

On Point
Part of "WBUR" (90.9 WBUR-FM is Boston's NPR news station)


Classification: Partisan - #Mainstream | Journalisic Quality - #MeetsHighStandards

Scope: #UnitedStates
#OnPoint #Mainstream #MeetsHighStandards #UnitedStates Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)
The On Point show is brilliantly done. They foster philosophical and political conflict on their show that stays at the high level of civil discourse. Their topics are timely and weighty. Listening to their program makes a listener well informed.

Method Man of Wu-Tang Clan fame has some investment advice

In the last few seconds, he reveals the secret to sage investing.
Investing (x)

Interesting Article on Free Speech and Censorship

While #Federated systems branch & bud to maintain #FreeSpeech in online #SocialNetworks, the "evil" Ad based Megalodons struggle with content moderation.
I'm not 100% sure how to moderate my own #Friendica servers when questionable content arises; I know how to delete posts, but it's hard to know why before they arise. My main plan is to not be an #Asshole.
#Federated #FreeSpeech #SocialNetworks #Friendica #Asshole Philosophy (x) Politics (x) Society (x)

Iran suggests oil attacks orchestrated to spark conflict

Sounds like classic #FalseFlag #Bullshit here. I'm supposed to believe an oil exporter doesn't know how to exploit the weak spots on an oil tanker? The "Attack" caused minor damage that merely needs some time in a port to fix it. #Iran #War #Trump #Bolton
#FalseFlag #Bullshit #Iran #War #Trump #Bolton Aggression (x) Politics (x) War (x)

Filtered word: nsfw

Sam Harris | Making Sense | #155 - Mental Models

I like all episodes of this podcast, but this particular one touches on #Finance and decision making early on. Pay close attention to how he claims top performers like Buffet reduce risk by focusing on stable knowledge of stable business types.

Link to the show's page
# #Finance Economics (x) Logic (x) Philosophy (x)

#MakingSense #Mainstream #Analytical #UnitedStates Contemporary Issues (x) Health (x) News (x) Philosophy (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x) Religion (x)
The host, Sam Harris, has the type of conversational style that can really enrage the engageable people of the world. I don't know if it's a touch of #Asperger's that appears as violent arrogance that sets people off, but I haven't found him enraging. The Making Sense podcast used to be called the Waking Up podcast. It's worth it to listen to them all. I often have disagreements with Sam's content, and many times his guests have aired my grievances for me. Sam handles it with deft dialogue in a way I would like to be handled if somebody thought I was wrong.

I wish all news commentary with guests would go as this show does.

Knock Down The House | Netflix

Reverse spoiler alert. I'm not watching this tomorrow when it's released. Please don't tell me anything about it.

#KnockDownTheHouse Democracy (x) Economics (x) Egalitarianism (x) Politics (x) Society (x)

American Football is getting started, so...

#FantasyFootball is getting going too. If anybody on #Friendica #Mastodon #Diaspora #Prolerma #Pixelfed #GNUsocial or any #Federated #ActivityPub user on earth wants to try it, I can be the Commissioner.

I've run leagues in the past and I set the points so that it's hard for a skilled person with advanced game knowledge to have an advantage, and beginners have a real chance at winning. In the past, I did leagues with buy-in and free to enter. Both are equally fun. The buy-in leagues had trophies and all the buy-ins were paid out in prizes; any manager had 50:50 odd's of winning back their buy-in.
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