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The diagram above is from the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota.

With the recent celebrity attention to hymens, I have been meaning to write some thoughts on the matter. For the past 10 years, I have been working as a child abuse pediatrician, taking care of hundreds of girls who have been victims of sexual assault. Those of us in this line of work know a lot about hymens, the female anatomy, and so-called virginity.

So here’s my PSA:

Virginity is NOT a physical entity. It is a social construct, a tool by which women have been kept powerless and shamed for centuries.

“But what about the hymen?” you ask. Doesn’t it “pop” or “break” when a woman has sex for the first time?


Look at the diagram above. The hymen is simply a thin bit of tissue, a vestigial remnant that sits at the entrance of the vagina. It is absolutely useless (unless you a guinea pig. Their hymens do regrow for protection and recede when the female is in heat. To quote Todd Akin, female guinea pigs can actually “shut the whole thing down.” But humans aren’t guinea pigs).

Here are some facts about the hymen:
  • The hymen has no purpose. Zero. None. Nada.
  • Hymens look like hair scrunchies, and much like hair scrunchies, they are stretchy. They stretch to fit a penis. They really stretch to fit a baby.
  • The hymen is ALWAYS open. Baby girls are born with holes. On rare occasions, girls are born without openings. This is a medical condition called an imperforate hymen, and it requires surgery to fix.
  • If hymens weren’t open, girls would not be able to have periods. That’s why imperforate hymens need surgery to make an opening.
  • Studies show that women who have had babies and women who have never had sex have identical looking hymens (and we know that pregnancy did not occur from immaculate conception in these cases).
  • Only 50% of women bleed at first intercourse. (think technique issues).
  • If injury does occur from sexual activity, it does not mean that anything got “broken”. The vulvar tissue is the same as what is inside your mouth. If you bite the inside of your mouth, it may swell or even bleed. But a couple of days later, it will be completely healed. A woman’s vulva, and hymen, does the same.
So why is the myth of virginity one worth busting? Well first of all, it’s a bunch of BS, and women need to know the truth about our bodies. Secondly, women around the world are still subjected to virginity testing and other intrusive and dangerous practices to prove, ensure, or “reinstate” the mythical virginity. Third of all, this:

A 13 year-old girl sits on my examination table. Her uncle started raping her when she was 7 years old. I tell her that she looks healthy, and that she is going to be okay. She asks me, “Am I still a virgin?”

I say yes, and I tell her why.

Because she looks just like any other girl her age.

And because virginity is not a physical state.

It’s not something that can ever be taken from you.

It’s a concept, a mental and emotional decision you make to give of yourself when you are ready, and not when someone decides to be violent with your body.

She cries, her whole body shaking, with tears of relief. Then she dries her tears and smiles for a new beginning.

So let’s stop the shame and humiliation. Enough is enough.
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Sometimes, drama is needed to get people to pay attention.

left leaning will be @dearthofsid @girishNaught @imMAK02

Proper left will be @Anupam_Guha

Anupam , I don’t know who all from left have moved , if all of you can add the other voices will be great

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THanks for a proper undignified lol-snort.

This is nonsense. #googlemaps is spyware and his mode won't change that; merely an illusion of #privacy
Android is a trap. Pure and simple.

Tarcoteca: **Convocatoria COP25 NO! No al Capitalismo Verde. 2 al 13 dic 2019 Madrid.**

"Fuente - Todas las balas serán devueltas. COP25 NO - La Voz como Arma - 12.11.2019De cara a la próxima cumbre climática que se celebrará en Madrid el mes que viene (después de haber sido cancelada su agenda en el territorio chileno por las revueltas soci…"

#anarquismo #bot

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We've emailed all Librem 5 backers with the batch they are most likely to be in #Purism #Librem5
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are you sure, I haven’t received an email?
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what if I have not received an email yet?

- Two People Have Been Hospitalised With Deadly 'Pneumonic Plague' in China -

- #ScienceAlert - The #Best in #Science #News and #Amazing #Breakthroughs - #bot -

After the coup d'etat to the democratically elected president, #EvoMorales, hundreds of Bolivians take to the streets in protest.

Esta es la concepción de la autoproclamada presidenta @JeanineAnez sobre las costumbres de los pueblos indígenas de #Bolivia

Luego de sumarse al golpe de Estado contra el presidente electo @evoespueblo se autodenominó sin quórum parlamentario
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Realmente me ha entristecido leer esto 🙁

#ccc #fail #wikileaks #assange
Well, Julian Assange (and Daniel) spoke at 26C3, when they had more than an idea:

" It thus appears that President Campinos plans to pressure staff even more and reduce benefits when the #EPO yearly surplus are above 400 millions Euros raise some concerns"

Strike next!!!

Escuchen la voz desesperada de un pueblo al que le queman la whipala, le lanzan gases, balas, le ponen militares, policías. Difundamos, es #urgente.


L'un des plus beaux clichés en longue exposition d'un orage que nous ayons pu voir. Il a été capturé à Bénévent, en Italie. Crédits : Michèle Mastrosimone

Alan Johnson left Bristows. Will he still lie for #teamUPC ? #unitarypatent #unifiedpatentcourt

- Japan's Space Probe Is Returning to Earth With an Actual Piece of Asteroid -

- #ScienceAlert - The #Best in #Science #News and #Amazing #Breakthroughs - #bot -

Four go wild for wasm: Corporate quartet come together to build safe# WebAssembly sandbox More:

#opensource nowadays typically means not #freesw but #openwashing of some #proprietarysoftware with an 'open' starter (lock-in) edition
Is "meaningless" the same as "broken"? Jus askin'...

If there actually >are< such things as "AI", "smart" "app" and "cloud" then diseases may as well be caused by curses. Encouraging pseudo-concepts spread by liars and marketers doesn't make one 'cutting-edge' or 'hip'; it makes one look gullible and uncaring for facts...

● NEWS ● #systemd #nosystemd ☞ #Debian reconsiders init-system diversity

Lamenta @evoespueblo que la policía y los militares se sumaran al golpe para reprimir y masacrar al pueblo boliviano que resiste en las calles.
Esto nos dijo en su primera entrevista en Mexico

Conservatives and liberals to blame for blocking crucial questions on Breton's conflict of interests #breton
# #breton

We got this in the vicinity; everyone (almost) knows someone like that.

Portal Libertario OACA: **21 de noviembre, presentación del libro 'Barrionalismo'**

"Salón de actos de la FAL (C/. Peñuelas 41) a las 19:30 h. Contaremos con la presencia del autor, Luis de la Cruz. Barrio, fiesta, motín, barricada, desposesión material de la memoria, gentrificación ¿sin hipsters?, urbanismo defensivo, asambleas, …"

#anarquismo #bot

"FRAND" is 4 (or 5) lies in a row, compacted into an acronym

My son got this photo a few days ago. We heartily approve this message. He had to speed up to follow the driver so he could get this.
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Good point, Brian!

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My work team is mostly just excited to see it has an escape key 🤓 vi is just that much harder!
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we gonna need some io tho

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Machine Learning Captcha

#OpiniónTeleSUR por: Jaime David Farías Delva | A Piñera no le tiembla la mano. El legado constitucional de Jaime Guzmán y Pinochet no se toca; con asamblea constituyente o sin asamblea constituyente

El Libertario (VE): **Internacional de Federaciones Anarquistas en solidaridad con el movimiento anarquista en Grecia**

"IFA-IAF La Comisión de Relaciones de la Internacional de Federaciones Anarquistas (CRIFA) apoya a la llamada para solidaridad internacional lanzada por lxs compañerxs de la Organización Política Anarquista (APO-Grecia), …"

#anarquismo #bot

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Coinbase (YC S12) Is Hiring iOS, Android, and React Native Engineers in SF -

#censorship #cabal @doctorow for @eff
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