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Presidential Middle Names

I follow over 500 people on Twitter and Stories are a ghost town. Is this the biggest flop of a software feature copied that was from some other software?
Darius Kazemi mastodon (AP)
the fact that the interactions occur through DM is a baffling design choice

Damo Gets diaspora
I cannot stop cackling that and have reposted it to all media that I am able. Good lord the cackling.

David Blue mastodon (AP)
in order for my Bose SoundLink headphones to actually connect as an audio device, I have to connect them, disconnect, and then reconnect again for them to show up.

I've combed through all the sound settings but yeah...

does anyone know what's happening here? please don't spend too much time investigating for just my sake! only if you're curious yourself.

anonymiss diaspora

Sedentary # # Is Bad for Our #

If you have a penchant for potato chips and the couch in times of trouble, consider an “opposite signal” strategy that requires little mental effort. When your mind tells you to numb yourself, come to life, instead: Exercise precisely when you most want to cocoon; eat nutrient-dense foods when you most crave junk. A simple way to start practicing this is to go outside for a walk at the moments when you feel the urge to curl up. None other than Hippocrates called walking “man’s best #,” and researchers have long seen it as the cure for many of our physical, psychological, and even social ailments.
# # # # # # # #

Bob Lai diaspora
Although Trump pardoned the Navy SEAL convicted of misconduct, I'm not sure a pardon universally applies to everything in the UCMJ.
Doug Senko diaspora
Yea, I was wondering if Putito gives his offspring a blanket pardon, does that mean that they have just plead guilty to every federal statute and law on the books?
Since they haven’t been found guilty of anything(yet)?

Lisa Stranger diaspora

Amazon faces a privacy backlash for its Sidewalk feature, which turns Alexa devices into neighborhood WiFi networks that owners have to opt out of | Business Insider India

  • Amazon Sidewalk is launching in the US as an opt-out feature that the company says will connect Echo and Ring doorbells to any nearby Alexa device, even those owned by your neighbors.
  • Amazon says Sidewalk uses WiFi from neighbors to create "a shared network that helps devices work better," but some have raised privacy concerns.
Andrew Pam diaspora
Do an EV conversion! 😀
Hell, man... I can't even afford insurance to drive these days. I don't think I'll be converting anything for a while. The good news, though, is that my carbon footprint has shrunk quite a bit lately.

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ztann_zync diaspora
hella, peopul. @Petrus yes, I think some stuff are still difficult and not very friendly, but I registered first time in a pod 5 years ago, it has improved different things XD... mmmmh, but I don't think this reach the level of facebook functionality or even similar, idk (I'm not a programmer anyway) but I imagine servers are tiny in comparison. I'd like the way to connect or to link or to slide images or another things were more comfortable but I feel more ... how I say this... free to comment more things? idk, dark times arrived, it looks like morality Inquisition in social media XD haha, when people is damn mad deeply, like... I find it really problematic, like pressure's pot 🙁 hehe
ztann_zync diaspora
@Petrus ah, srry I didn't link it decently XD

Being at the top is nice. Staying at the top perpetually is even nicer, albeit more difficult. The same goes for being high; you don't want to do drugs to get there.

Piratenpartei Deutschland friendica (via ActivityPub)
Jugendliche zwischen 15 und 17 sind laut Virologe Prof. @AlexanderKekule "ganz starke Treiber der Pandemie“. Trotzdem setzen die für Bildung zuständigen Länder auf Präsenzunterricht. # wollen # und #, Online- und Hybridunterricht
wauz ワウズ mastodon (AP)
Und woher weiß Herr Kekulé das? Aus den nicht existierenden Untersuchungen?
Piratenpartei Bonn mastodon (AP)
Möglicherweise abgeleitet aus den diversen Untersuchungen, Studien und Metastudien , die in den letzten Monaten rausgegeben wurden
(z.B. , , )

Why is the Trump White House suddenly a very polite place to work?
# #

Noticias anarquistas mastodon (AP)
Contra Info: **Desde algún lugar: El Neo-totalitarismo tecnológico por Nihil**

"Recibido el 02/12/2020: ¿Puede el anarquismo o más bien la anarquía, sobrevivir a los velocísimos cambios producidos por la civilización tecno-industrial? Si nuestra respuesta es sí, los planteamientos anárquicos deben sumergirse dentro de lo…"

# #

OMG yes Swedish pizza in HK!

And it's run by two Yugoslavian Swedes, just like in Sweden!
Diane mastodon (AP)
What makes it Swedish? the pizzas look a lot like smaller thin crust pizzas I frequently see in California
@Diane It cannot be explained. But only Swedish pizzerias have Swedish pizza.
Diane mastodon (AP)
Hm... it sounds like the big difference is the use of different cheeses from the typical Itallian styles.

I've only experienced common US styles, California, New York, Chicago, and Detroit. Sadly it appears Ikea's pizza is not Swedish pizza.
@Diane Nope, IKEA pizza is pan pizza, a whole other thing.
@Diane That article section is a very detailed and accurate description, for the parts of it that can be described rather than experienced.
To me, a Swedish pizza has a dough of a very specific thickness, consistency and shape. The bread itself is primarily an excuse for piling ingredients on.

The integrated experience of the bread, tomato sauce and cheese is different from any US, Italian, German, Japanese or HK pizza I have had. Maybe part of it is the Swedish cheese, but it's also the sauce mix, how everything is applied etc.

The rim is an inch wide and somewhat crispy, but not very. The bottom is millimeter-thin, certainly thinner than 3 mm, and not crispy because of all the sauce and cheese.

The smell as I enter a Swedish pizzeria is unique and brings back a lifetime of experiences.
Leif Lindholm mastodon (AP)
Also, bearnaise.
@Leif Lindholm Right! My judgement of a Swedish pizzeria is 90% based on the quality of their sauce béarnaise.
Michael Vogel friendica
@Diane @Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 European pizza is mostly thin. BTW: From my perspective their pizzas don't look different to the ones that are available in Germany.
Diane mastodon (AP)
I thought they looked pretty similar to "California style" too.

Though maybe other people care more about small differences than I do.
@Diane @Michael Vogel We have California Pizza Kitchen here in HK, and their pizzas remind me more of Pizza Hut pan pizza than they remind me of a Swedish neighborhood pizzeria pizza.

A Swedish pizza is thin as a thin-crust Pizza Hut pizza, but the edge is more like the Californian pizza. And then beyond the bread there's the sauce and other flavoring that distinguishes it.

Best Linux distros for power users in 2020 • 𝓣𝓾𝔁 𝓜𝓪𝓬𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓼 ⇨ •●• # # # #
Bildbeschreibung hier eingeben
Bildbeschreibung hier eingeben
Bildbeschreibung hier eingeben

Yes, I see...Dr. Schesto-WITZ, somebodoy trys to distroy also my computer.
I think that analphabets, Ali-Rabis-Scholz-Hitlers WITH DOG-SLAVES-POISON-AUSCHWITZ-SYSTEM told their D-slaves that they have to do this, because I tell their D slaves - WITHOUT DOG - the truth.

Ther ERROR. Germany 2020. DOG-Tatorship. Slavery. The absurd parasites system.ou see, ONLY

You see, only ERROS at my computer. Cenzorship. DOG-Tatorship.

Heil Kam-ALA-GOD al-Acbar

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Bildbeschreibung hier eingeben
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![Bildbeschreibung hier eingeben]( "Bildtitel hier eingeben")
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Bildbeschreibung hier eingeben

Conservancy is becoming a # cult see
tomgrz diaspora
Not that I'm aware of.
tomgrz diaspora
"Outreachy" sounds like self-parody. Nice.

Nación Mapuche. Werkén de Temucuicui denuncia: “Carabineros intentó profanar el lugar donde fue asesinado Camilo Catrillanca” #

Unfortunately nobody can be told what a # is.

You have two choices: Take the Margherita and stay in Wonderland, or take this curry banana pizza with fries and sauce bearnaise, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Björn Lindström mastodon (AP)
Norwegian pizza OTOH is a bit bland.
Frozen pizza package
I can barely believe we have this abomination in Hong Kong now! The semi-pickled cole salad and everything!

lefarfadet mastodon (AP)
Wow where did you get that from ? Pizzabox ?
@lefarfadet Swish Pizza, Kwun Tong. Two Swedish guys making Swedish pizza for Swedish expats and curious locals.
Mans R mastodon (AP)
Proper Swedish pizza is made by immigrants from the Middle East or Balkans.
lefarfadet mastodon (AP)
I'm scared ... but maybe i'll try someday !
Mans R mastodon (AP)
Looks authentic.

A look at the statistics: Covid vs other death, Danish death vs Swedish death.

Swedish Covid death is at about 6000 people, but 2020 excess death is at about 3000 people. As the highest-risk group is the elderly, and the elder the person the higher the risk, many people had their life shortened, statistically, by a few months.

While Sweden has had a less effective response to the pandemic than Denmark, baseline death is still higher in Denmark.
I don't even think that death rates are the right parameter to judge the impact of covid: in countries with working healthcare systems most people who aren't elderly and already in bad health survive.

What most adults risk when they are unlucky is spending a few *months* in a hospital, of which weeks are spent under intense care (and in the worse cases full recovery can easily go into a year or so): that is going to have a big impact on both the lives of those people and their families and a significant cost on society at large.

I think that's even worse than people having their live shortened by a few months.

(and AFAIK your city is faring much better under that parameter, too, btw)
@Elena ``of Valhalla'' Yes, death is only the bottom-line measurement, there is human suffering that does not get covered by that figure.

chaosupdates mastodon (AP)
Deine Idee für Projekte aus der „schwäbischen Umgebung“ bis zum 12. Dezember: Call for Contribution für die Swabian Embassy #

# # Command Basics: 7 commands for process management | Enable Sysadmin ⇨ •●• # # does not want you to know about GNU
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