● NEWS ● # # # # ☞ Brazil's Proposed 'Fake News' Law Says # Users Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Demands Constant Logging From ISPs

● NEWS ● # # ☞ Why Do People Want to See Donald Trump’s # ?

● NEWS ● # # # # ☞ Managed democracy meets managed epidemiology How Russia rewrote its # outbreak to clear a path to resetting Putin’s presidential term clock

● NEWS ● # # # # ☞ Moscow’s online # system has some major vulnerabilities, allowing votes to be decrypted before the official count

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Always nice seeing photos in print, even just in the local car club newsletter 😁

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● NEWS ● # # ☞ Workers Filed More Than 4,100 Complaints About Protective Gear. Some Still Died.

Hello, I would like to follow more people who have founded or work for ethical*, non-tech (I.e. not web, programming, devops, etc) businesses/coops/enterprise.

Any suggestions?

(*ethical as far as it is economically and logistically possible)

Hello, I would like to follow more people who have founded or work for ethical*, non-tech (I.e. not web, programming, devops, etc) businesses/coops/enterprise.

Any suggestions?

(*ethical as far as it is economically and logistically possible)

● NEWS ● # ☞ Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Domestic Terrorist’ From Die # Records

● NEWS ● # # ☞ Want to Design a Livable Future? Try ‘Multisolving’

● NEWS ● # # # # # ☞ Big win for online freedom in EU: key parts of France's new "hate speech" law ruled unconstitutional

● NEWS ● # # ☞ She Needed Lifesaving Medication, but the Only # in Town Did Not Have It

● NEWS ● # # ☞ Republicans and Democrats Agree: # Should Pay Back the Taxpayers of #

Today, after 5 months of endless hassle and waiting, my chair from Germany arrives. It was more expensive than my computer, but I use it 100+ hours a week, so...

● NEWS ● # ☞ Senate Waters Down # At The Last Minute; Gives # Groups No Time To Point Out The Many Remaining Problems

Más de 100 muertos es el saldo preliminar de un deslizamiento de tierra en unas minas de jade en el norte de Myanmar, anunciaron las autoridades

● NEWS ● # ☞ NY Judge Apparently Unaware Of The Supreme Court's Ban On Prior Restraint: Puts Temporary Restraining Order On Trump's Niece's Book

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Hundreds arrested as secret crime chat-room busted (on EncroChat) -

@Bob Lai Thanks for the additional points. I wasn't about to try to find and point out all of them, but I'm glad someone chose to point out some more.
I did notice that he was left-handed, but hadn't thought about guns being yet one more thing that is made for a right-handed world. And somebody had snarked elsewhere that he must have been looking for an excuse to "accidentally" kill her with that aim.

Rambo seems like a good last name for Ken and Karen. Although Rambo at least knew what he was doing!

> On Thursday, senior Chinese officials said the UK had no right to give residency to Hongkongers in response to Beijing forcing a sweeping anti-sedition law on the territory.

What could possibly be a more domestic concern than that? To whom you offer residence and potential citizenship is at the very core of sovereignty itself. You have every right to do it.

Is this the new iron curtain? Should we get out while we still can? Or is it just sabre-rattling and big words?

Nice try, Don.

Trump says he is becoming 'more and more angry at China' over spreading virus | TheHill

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!00 years later, leaders still blatantly lying to their electorate without fear of consequence.

If anything, it's gotten worse... The Americans justified a war with Iraq with what everyone knew at the time was a contrived story. Now, they are trying to do it again...
I wouldn't be at all surprised for a president whose poll numbers are in free fall to attempt some sort of attack on a country that just issued a warrant for his arrest.

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Zu lange Ladezeiten

!Friendica Support Das Laden der Instanz dauert in der Regel ziemlich lange - so etwa 10 bis 20 Sekunden.

Was könnte die Ursache sein?

Colombia superó este miércoles los 100.000 casos de coronavirus y se acerca a los 3.500 muertos, informó el Ministerio de Salud colombiano

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How Police Secretly Took over a Global Phone Network for Organized Crime -

● NEWS ● # # ☞ How An # Officer Can Hit A Teen With His Car In Front Of Several Witnesses And Get Away With It

● NEWS ● # ☞ # Files Amendments to Force # to Pass Clean Audit, Require Mass Production of Free Masks for All

● NEWS ● # # # ☞ De-Militarizing the United States

● NEWS ● # ☞ Removing 'Unjust Barrier' to Asylum, Federal Judge Strikes Down Trump Rule Forcing Refugees to Seek Safety Elsewhere

● NEWS ● # ☞ The Victory of # Is a Reminder that Nothing Will Put Us Down

"As unit emblems are worn on uniform, it was considered impractical and unnecessary to continue using the old unit emblem, which had caused misunderstandings from time to time,"

"Finland's air force quietly drops swastika"
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I'm kind of disappointed that the article simply says, of Finland and Nazi Germany, that "the two nations were aligned". That is such a severe oversimplification of Finland's situation in WWII and could easily give people the wrong idea about keeping the emblem for so long. 🙁

Estados Unidos registró el miércoles 52.898 nuevas contagios de coronavirus en 24 horas

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The expendable one.

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**We Take Homelessness for Granted. The Pandemic Should Change That.**

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