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It Costs $532,000 to Decommission Single Wind Turbine -

"A huge number of spam emails I recieve in my personal inbox originate from, and often they arrive in my inbox unscathed (as opposed to going to Junk) because #Gmail is considered a reputable mail provider."
Tom Grzyb diaspora
My daughter almost missed-out on a huge college scholarship because the award notice went into her gmail spam folder. nice.

THERE. IS. NO. SUCH. THING. AS. FREE. EMAIL. SERVICE. If they tell you it is free, then it's free for limited time -- a grace period -- or it's not actually free because you pay some other way (that you may not be aware of, yet).
Tom Grzyb diaspora
Gmail owns you.

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I don't want #FediDB to be abused or become a nuisance to instances so I added domain verification.

This means you'll only be able to use features and test against your own domain/instances.
Screenshot of FediDB domain verification page with 3 options to verify domain ownership.
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Working on a local development server so you don't need a public web server to use FediDB!

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The Math Behind Project Scheduling, Bug Tracking, and Triage (2017) -

i'll start up this video by giving you some key verses of the bible ..
i couldn't go on after that, this is too horrible.
@Alexander Goeres - If you're truly interested in human origins, read Lew Graham's Gnosis Onward series. Note that the esamples are from an earlier edition of the series. The latest (fourth) edition is available through various online stores. I met Lew a bit over three years before he passed. Great guy. We became good friends.

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Rolling shot of an FD at Rotary Reunion a few weeks ago. I shot this from my mates MX5 (that has a 12A J-port in it haha)

#photography #automotivephotography #motorsport #automotive #Mazda #MazdaRX7 #RX7 #rotary #MazdaRotary
side view of an RX7 car going around the race track, image made from another car beside it.

Hi all, new here. I'm an undergraduate student from Malaysia majoring in environmental science. I'm also a wannabe artist, looking to create illustrations and comics. Looking forward to become active around here!

Figure depicted in the painting may have relations to a certain American senator.
Nigel Swan pixelfed (AP)
I just remembered about my account here oops... welcome! 😁

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Taxi Drivers Take Longer Routes Than Uber Drivers -

Lisa Stranger diaspora

Eric Swalwell sues Trump and allies for violating civil rights with Jan. 6 incitement - Axios

  • Swalwell alleges that the defendants, "by force, intimidation, or threat, agreed and conspired with one another to undertake a course of action to prevent" Joe Biden from being certified as the election winner and holding office.
  • Trump and Brooks are being sued in their "personal capacity." The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages and a requirement that the defendants provide written notice seven days in advance of a rally or public event hosted on an election day.

Between the lines: The lawsuit is being brought under the 1985 revisions to the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act, as well as stated causes of action.
Civil suits are great and all, but these people need to be in prison! some cases, a Civil suit is all that is available.

And some cases, it can be the crack that causes a lot more nastiness..

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Tim Wu Explains Why He Thinks Facebook Should Be Broken Up (2019) -

Can I suggest that until further notice, e.g. #qt deciding to be #freesw again rather than #ProprietarySoftware for LTS and future releases, we should all abstain from Qt-fying applications with GUI front ends?
Tom Grzyb diaspora
Qt has always had a rather loose commitment to the community. I'd say they never really joined it in a way to help the movement.

Chardonneret élégant (dépt Vienne, nikon d5600 sigma 150-600 mm, 02/21)

Today #PlanetUbuntu is pushing #microsoft #spyware #wsl2 ... they have no shame, have they? #vista10 instead of GNU/Linux or against GNU/Linux.
Tom Grzyb diaspora
And they are all paid to.

Don't Breed Crows: How #BigTech Started Out As US Government Projects, And Today They Threaten #Democracy #militarism #imperialism (mentionss #microsoft role in espionage too)

Two #Patents were fulfilled last week as the Mac Pro Tower and Beats Headphones Packaging Systems came to light
Tom Grzyb diaspora
They patented a box?

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Contra Info: **Prisiones italianas: Escrito de la compañera anarquista Anna Beniamino sobre el 270bis notificado a ella en Messina**

"Traducción recibida el 02/03/2021: KAFKA A LO MESSINESE Existen fenómenos represivos en los cuales lo cómico supera lo trágico. Los pa…"

#anarquismo #bot

A big pool of #patent trap with corresponding patent pools and legal landmines
Tom Grzyb diaspora
A very sad state of affairs.

Tom Grzyb diaspora
So why did they post this on the platform that they want to get off of?
Tom Grzyb diaspora
maybe they can post some other interesting items there also, so that I stay tuned to YouTube?

It bothers me that since about a decade ago various frameworks in GNU/Linux have tried imposing file structure on homedirs by creating and recreating empty (junk) directories like "Templates" and "Music". Whose idea was this?
Tom Grzyb diaspora
"Downloads" kind of makes sense, in that every browser that I know of expects it.

Tom Grzyb diaspora

This is utter nonsense. #apple is in #nsa #prism (the CEO Tim Crook enlisted the company to assist mass #surveillance imperialisic operations), so this is privacy posing at best and likely won't be obeyed under the most important circumstances.

Grimpereau des jardins (dépt Vienne, nikon d5600 avec sigma 150-600 mm, 02/21)

#birds #animals #faune #nature

portrait équin (dépt Vienne, nikon d5600 sigma 150-600 mm)

#horse #animals #faune #portrait

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