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はるき fedibird (AP)

200 Euro für Studierende – wie läuft das ab?

Seit dem 15. März kann auf der Seite „Einmalzahlung200“ die Einmalzahlung für Studierende beantragt werden. Diese Einmalzahlung ist als einmalige Energiepauschale gedacht, die Studierende, Berufsfachschüler*innen und Fachschüler*innen entlasten soll. Das Verfahren dauert zwar nicht lange, aber trotzdem kostet es aufgrund der Bürokrati

#Beiträge #Nachhören #UniScience

@fl @fleur Si tu ne vois pas bien, tu dois attacher un chat devant ton genou, me disait ma grand-mère. (vieil idiome allemand)

Miguela diaspora
Sur un rayon de soleil... bon weekend toutes et tous 😀
fl @fleur diaspora
Merci @Miguela Bon week-end à toi aussi !
Merci, non weekend @Miguela

Fedi.Tips mastodon (AP)
Do you want to browse trending news items and trending links on Mastodon? Here's how to do it:

📱 If you're using the official app, click the magnifying glass 🔍 icon at the bottom and then select the "News" tab at the top.

💻 If you're logged in through your server's website, click the # Explore link at the right of the screen, then the "News" tab at the top.

Third party apps may have a different kind of interface to access this feature.

#Mastodon #News
jesse_m mastodon (AP)
Is there a way to see what posts are taking about which news item? I've tried to search the url and no posts come up.
Colby mastodon (AP)
Question: what is the algorithm that determines the “Posts” that show up under #Explore? Where can I find info on that? I like to browse that section but notice it often groups toots by topic, causing me to conclude there’s an algorithm at work that’s more complicated than “most tooted in last hour”.

WIFI mastodon (AP)
WIFI mastodon (AP)

(((JaneinNJ))) mastodon (AP)
Magical thinking won’t make it happen before it’s gonna happen.
Madeleine Begun Kane mastodon (AP)
@JaneinNJ Yeah, but what about wishful limerick thinking? LOL!

(Actually I'm a retired lawyer, so I'm no fan of magical thinking. But bitching via a limerick? Why not?)
(((JaneinNJ))) mastodon (AP)
Doh! It’s midnight here and I just walked in from a long and absorbing evening in a Broadway theater. I am so tired that I didn’t even realize I was looking at a limerick. 🤣
Madeleine Begun Kane mastodon (AP)
@JaneinNJ LOL!

What did you see? Anything you'd recommend? I live in NYC and try to get to see good plays when I can.
(((JaneinNJ))) mastodon (AP)
Husband & I were given a pair of tix to Sweeney Todd that we never would have bought bc they are so expensive. Would recommend if you’re a Sondheim fan. J. Groban was, surprisingly to us, good; sadly, Annaleigh Ashford’s voice doesn’t have the heft to sing Mrs. Lovett and, even with miking, she was hard to hear. Guy in Victor Garber role wasn’t great but, like Groban, got applause and cheers when he entered, so was obviously cast to bring in younger people. 1/
(((JaneinNJ))) mastodon (AP)
The rest of the vocal work is superb and they are using a full orchestra with Jonathan Tunick’s original orchestrations. Physical production was good; barber chair got a lot of laughs. There’s some woo-woo choreography for the chorus, I guess designed to hold visual attention, that was mostly distracting. But the luxury of hearing the score sung mostly well, accompanied by that lush orchestra, was sublime.
Madeleine Begun Kane mastodon (AP)
@JaneinNJ Thanks for the review! What a shame about Ashford's voice. I'm glad you could still enjoy other aspects of the show.

Alas, hiring popular actresses for Broadway plays/shows, who are great on film or tv but can't project, has become all too common. (I guess it's the only way they can sell tickets at such hefty prices.) Years ago, we saw an otherwise great production of Cabaret which starred Michelle Williams. Couldn't hear her at all! (But Allan Cumming was great!!!)
(((JaneinNJ))) mastodon (AP)
Actually, Ashford has theatre chops. Either the sound team wasn’t doing its job or despite her talent she was miscast as a singer here. Or both.

南轩墨兮 mastodon (AP)


Nora Qudus diaspora
internet is suspect, free is suspect, and pay for it is REALLY suspect.
Carsten Raddatz friendica
This is more about the software that runs the internet, that companies run it with - be they ginourmous or small. Check this out:

AJ Sadauskas mastodon (AP)
Across the internet, there's a host of niche communities on message boards and web forums, using platforms such as phpBB and its various competitors.

Is there scope to get these communities on the Fediverse?

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been trying out Lemmy ( ), which is basically a Reddit-like platform on the Fediverse. (For those reading this on Mastodon, this post is actually a reply to a post on Lemmy, meaning you can read it on Lemmy, on Mastodon, or elsewhere!)

It's shown me that the concept of a Fediverse -connected discussion forum certainly can work.

So is there scope to either add ActivityPub to any existing message board software platforms?

Alternatively, is there scope to develop a fediverse-connected general purpose message board platform?

Is anyone working on it?

#mastodon #lemmy #fediverse #activitypub #ActivityPubDev #WebDev @tchambers @atomicpoet @LemmyDev #developer #developers #OpenSource
marius mastodon (AP)
> Is anyone working on it?

Yes. Momentarily on development hiatus, but I develop a federated link aggregator similar to HN, and old reddit:

@tchambers @atomicpoet @LemmyDev
Helge bovine (AP)
So by messing around on I failed at replying and when I tried to fetch the replies collection via
http accept:application/json

I get a fantastic go stack trace encoded in json-ld. It makes me happy and I thought I share.
marius mastodon (AP)
that's a dev environment, if the site is set up as a "live" one the stack gets removed, you only get the top error displayed.

PS. Everything is a very large mess right now when it comes to brutalinks because alternative development done to the underlying ActivityPub stack (the server) have messed the assumptions that it used to work with. @tchambers @atomicpoet @LemmyDev
I saw somewhere that Discourse is maybe planning or starting work on adding ActivityPub support somehow.
John Robinson mastodon (AP)
For one joyous minute I thought you were talking about the Pub!
Witcraft (Hubzilla) hubzilla (via ActivityPub)
I thought the LemmyBB UI was the perfect solution to this. But what I am missing in Lemmy (vs. Reddit) is a root, or an aggregated search for public Lemmy communities. I understand that private groups would have to be excluded (or, if the community should be found, but membership is moderated, then make the address searcheable, but the content access-controlled).

Currently, it seems that I have to search each single public instance from the Lemmy directory manually in order to find and add a community to my personal forum home view (?). I do not see the benefit in this, so I prefer to read and post to Lemmy communities from Hubzilla (I just add them as a connection, or "follow them" in Masto speak). Actually, I can even search Hubzilla's Zot network for group channels on other instances (like communities), without leaving my own instance. But unfortunately not Lemmy's AP network. But I cannot do this from Lemmy or LemmyBB, either.

Developer Contracts for 1.4 GW of Siemens Gamesa Wind Turbines

ScottishPower, a green energy developer in the U.K. and part of the Iberdrola group, has formalized a $1.6 billion contract with Siemens Gamesa for 95 wind turbines for the East Anglia THREE offshore wind farm off the coast of Suffolk, England.
#wind, #turbines, #offshore

C.Suthorn mastodon (AP)
It is only satire. But I really like to know the answer to life, universe and everything,

or at least the answer to Fatwa request 1428:

Jim Lillicotch mastodon (AP)
Watching #Trump get convicted might get boring after the first couple, but I plan to watch them all.
Chill Arrow mastodon (AP)
Uncle George, a genius.

Hackernews mastodon (AP)
Clocks and Causality – Ordering Events in Distributed Systems -

A mini celebration of strong colour. The pics are all taken in Christchurch this year, 3 of them in / from my garden (sadly I don't have space for a gorgeous big tree like pic #1!).

Mostly vertical pics, and more detail in the #AltText

#Tree #Nature #Trees #NaturePhotography #Flowers #Colour #color #Photography
Looking from ground level upward along the trunk of a tall tree. There are green leaves filling most of the frame, with some glimpses of strong sunlight filtering through on the left-hand side, where the sun sits unseen Close up of a Gazania flower. The centre is bright yellow, the banded petals looking like sunbeams radiating out in yellow with red stripes. There's a darker maroon band running near the base of the petals, accentuating the centre of the flower
Closeup of a geranium (pelargonium) flower. The petals are orangey-red, with white edges and white near the centre. The stamens are white with the same orangey-red colour on the anthers. Strong sunshine glistens off the petals, and casts soft shadows Closeup of a globe artichoke flower. Bright mauve spikes with pollen-covered bases all rising toward the sunlight...
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The Texas GOP has introduced bills designed to overturn elections in the state's largest blue county. The law states that new elections can be ordered if the Republican Secretary of State "has good cause." Oh joy, oh joy.

#Texas #HarrisCounty #TexasPolitics #Politics #Republicans #GOP #GQP #GQPClownShow #GOPClownShow #Fascism #Antifascism #JaneNelson
Frank Frank mastodon (AP)
Patrick is involved in TRUMP reelection. Dan Goeb Patrick is an American radio talk show host, television broadcaster, and politician. Hmmm, same as Mike Pence.

John Refior mastodon (AP)
As someone who was very interested in racial equity in education when I attended law school (and before) and took every course I could on the subject, and also did volunteer work in public schools, I am quite confident in saying that critical race theory is not being taught at all in K-12.

In fact, it would be almost impossible to teach it in K-12, as the discipline is PhD-level critical textual analysis.
#uspolitics #CRT #education
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Gail Waldby mastodon (AP)
The Wisconsin State Supreme Court election is a critical election that will have a national impact. Judge Janet Protasiewicz is the best candidate to return common sense and the rule of law back to the court.
@janetforjustice #JanetForJustice #WISupremeCourt

April 4, 2023
Voting for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court
will impact voting rights, enviromental policies,
public education and more
Your way in, is to weigh in.
Protect what matters to you.

The week in tweets and memes is up on my substack! Have a great weekend.

earthquake friendica (via ActivityPub)
[table][tr][td]Magnitude ML 4.3
Date time 2023-04-01 12:34:37.1 UTC
Location 36.06 N ; 35.94 E
Depth 2 km

earthquake friendica (via ActivityPub)
[table][tr][td]Magnitude ML 4.1
Date time 2023-04-01 12:40:54.1 UTC
Location 36.23 N ; 35.93 E
Depth 2 km

DrALJONES mastodon (AP)
The Far Right Is Calling For Bloody ‘Civil War’ After Trump’s Indictment

“None of this will stop unless there is blood in the streets,” one Trump supporter wrote.

Under a post with a photo of Bragg, another user commented: “There once was a time when he would have been lynched for much less.”

#USPol #Racism
Jim Goodall mastodon (AP)
Republicans were “not outraged by Trump’s attempt to overturn a Democratic election…, by the violence of January 6, by an illegal phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State,… to Vlodomir Zelinsky, multiple credible accounts of sexual harassment and rape, …sexist, bigoted…” it goes on.

But they’re outraged by this.
Here’s why we shouldn’t care that they’re outraged.
SteveBologna mastodon (AP)
Well that blatantly racist






Reminder: one way masking doesn’t work as well as two way masking and we are still in a “situation” where that understanding is very helpful—lifesaving even—when put into practice.

This is now a pandemic of the vaccinated. Most people dying in the US are vaccinated because the virus has mutated so much. It doesn’t seem dire because it’s just being ignored. But it is still ruining and ending lives all around us.

Thank you if you’re wearing a mask. If you’re not, it’s not to late to (re)start.

clacke: seeking 🇸🇪🇭🇰💙💛 friendica (via ActivityPub)
This excellent episode of "Factually!" from June last year is the best summary of AI today that I've heard.


@Adam Conover and @Emily M. Bender (she/her) discuss how people are worrying about the wrong things with AI and how not enough people are worrying about the right things.

It's not the future, it's here today. It's not the exciting evils of The Terminator, it's the mundane evils of our already existing corporations.

"On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots: Can Language Models Be Too Big? 🦜" by @Emily M. Bender (she/her) , @Timnit Gebru , and @mmitchell_ai , possibly the first academic paper with a Unicode emoji in the title, is brought up and discussed.
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clacke: seeking 🇸🇪🇭🇰💙💛 friendica (via ActivityPub)
If you prefer a quarter of the length but four times the intensity, check out @Adam Conover 's latest video from yesterday, which summarizes the themes of the discussion in glorious rant format (while still citing Stochastic Parrots!):

"A.I. is B.S."
clacke: seeking 🇸🇪🇭🇰💙💛 friendica (via ActivityPub)
In response to the #AIPauseLetter , the DAIR Institute published a statement by the four authors of Stochastic Parrots:

Thread by Gebru with a deep-dive into the context of the Letter and the statement:

Threads by the Institute and the other two authors who are on Fedi:

#AIPause #ArtificialIntelligencePause #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #SALAMI #SystemicApproachesToLearningAlgorithmsAndMachineInferences

Because we were looking for more things to do when these clowns decided to write "the letter," and cite our #StochasticParrots paper while saying the opposite of what we write, we @emilymbender Angelina McMillan-Major and @mmitchell_ai wrote a statement in response.

Donald Trump deserves a fair trial followed by a fair life in prison.

This is not getting covered. It is critical, frightening news that affects peoples' lives and deaths. You've said everything you have to say about Trump's indictment until it's unsealed, news folk. Concentrate on something else that matters:
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虎鲸的新游戏give it to me的试玩上架了!
这次是与之前不太一样的风格,希望象友会喜欢,请给虎鲸很多很多repo这样完成正式版就会快一些的! :ablobcatattention: :ablobcatattention: :ablobcatattention:


Robert Reich mastodon (AP)
Let’s get one thing straight: prosecuting a former president isn’t radical if he broke the law.
Frank Frank reshared this.
AmFem101 mastodon (AP)
What’s radical is that we’re calling this imbecilic megalomaniac “former president.” I will never be able to fathom, nor get over, the fact that our country allowed him to occupy the WH.
Frank Frank mastodon (AP)
What is unprecedented is three other President's escaped legal consequences before the Bigly tRUMP.

earthquake friendica (via ActivityPub)
[table][tr][td]Magnitude M 5.2
Date time 2023-04-01 12:26:20.9 UTC
Location 15.37 S ; 70.17 W
Depth 200 km

Cult of Mac mastodon (AP)
How to turn your iPad into an iMac
Make your iPad into an iMac with Elago's beautiful magnetic stand

IKEA owner buys 193MW of Australian PV from Enerparc

German-headquartered solar developer Enerparc has sold 193MW worth of its Australian solar PV assets to Ingka Group, the owner of furniture retailer IKEA.
#group, #mergers, #ingka, #acquisitions, #enerparc, #news, #australia, #ikea

LSU women rally against Virginia Tech in the Final Four to reach their 1st title game


LSU is going to the women's national championship game for the first time, beating top-seeded Virginia Tech 79-72 in a national semifinal game. The Tigers will face Iowa for the crown on Sunday.

#news #npr #publicradio #usa
posted by pod_feeder_v2

Khurram Wadee diaspora

40 Fascinating Historical Photos You’ve Never Seen Before

Discover this collection of little-known historical photographs that
will leave you amazed.

"One Of The First Traffic Signals In New York City, 1922"

.size-full .wp-image-1216433 width="700" height="855"}

"Somewhere Along The Pacific Coast Highway Between Malibu And Palisades,
Ca. 1910"

.size-full .wp-image-1216434 width="739" height="600"}

"A Victorian Home Being Moved On Steiner Street Via Horse Power, 1908,
San Francisco"

.size-full .wp-image-1216435 width="740" height="504"}

"The Arrival Of The Statue Of Liberty On June 17th 1885. The Statue Of
Liberty Was A Gift Of Friendship From The People Of France To The People
Of America"

.size-full .wp-image-1216436 width="700" height="934"}

"Kitchen Retro. Combo Sink/Stove/Fridge"

.size-full .wp-image-1216437 width="700" height="912"}

"Traveling Knife Sharpener With A Customer. United States, Early 1910s"

.size-full .wp-image-1216438 width="700" height="903"}

""People Decorating A Saguaro Like A Christmas Tree In Southern Arizona,
Circa 1930s." Arizona Historical Society"

.size-full .wp-image-1216439 width="700" height="875"}

"Christmas Early 1900's"

.size-full .wp-image-1216440 width="700" height="878"}

"World War One Memorial"

.size-full .wp-image-1216400 width="700" height="875"}

"The Sioux Nation Of Native Americans Teepees Spread Across The Great
Plains In 1800s"

.size-full .wp-image-1216401 width="740" height="565"}

"A Photo Of An Engineer Wiring An Early Ibm Computer, 1958. (Photo By
Berenice Abbott)"

.size-full .wp-image-1216402 width="740" height="575"}

"An American Mother And Daughter Hold The American Flag In The Early

.size-full .wp-image-1216403 width="700" height="872"}

"This Young Boy Was Born In 1924 And He Is 2 Years Old In This Photo. He
Died In 1944 In France On A Us Tanker. His Name Is Lonzo Hudgins And He
Received A Purple Heart In Ww2. He Was My Mom's 1st Cousin. I Love This
Vintage Photo Of My Cousin"

.size-full .wp-image-1216404 width="700" height="875"}

"Lt. Col. Robert Stirm, Is Greeted By His Family, Returning Home After
More Than Five Years As A Prisoner Of War In North Vietnam"

.size-full .wp-image-1216405 width="740" height="595"}

"Over 3,000 Workers Who Build The Chase Manhattan Bank In New York City
Pose For A Photo Near The End Of Constructional Work, August, 1964"

.size-full .wp-image-1216406 width="700" height="792"}

"Kids These Days Don't Know The Struggle (1990s)"

.size-full .wp-image-1216407 width="740" height="557"}

"Silent Film Actress, Delores Costello, Drew Barrymore's Grandmother,

.size-full .wp-image-1216408 width="700" height="875"}

"Remember That Photo Of The Construction Workers Having Lunch On An
Unfinished New York Skyscraper? Well Here's The Photographer Charles
Ebbets. 9/20/1932"

.size-full .wp-image-1216409 width="700" height="721"}

"The Huffy Radio Bicycle From The 1950s"

.size-full .wp-image-1216410 width="700" height="1066"}

"American Athlete Jesse Owens Fills Up A Car At A Petrol Station In His
A Uniform Of Cap, Shirt And Bow Tie. Owens Worked As A Petrol Pump
Attendant To Help Finance His Studies At Ohio State University. (United
States, 1935)"

.size-full .wp-image-1216411 width="700" height="940"}

"Blackfoot Native Americans On The Roof Of The Mcalpin Hotel, Refusing
To Sleep In Their Rooms, New York City"

.size-full .wp-image-1216412 width="700" height="878"}

"Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens) And His Long-Time Friend John T. Lewis
(Probably Twain's Inspiration For The Character "Jim" In "Huckleberry
Finn"), Standing Together At Quarry Farm, Elmira, New York -- 1903″

.size-full .wp-image-1216413 width="626" height="600"}

"Thirteen Sisters In The Brooks Family View Their Only Brother Leslie
Benjamin, Following His Birth At Home In Pittsfield, Massachusetts

.size-full .wp-image-1216414 width="740" height="581"}

"An Immigrant Family At New York's Ellis Island Is About To Embark On
The Chase Of Their Dreams. The 1900s"

.size-full .wp-image-1216415 width="700" height="973"}

"New York. 1957"

.size-full .wp-image-1216416 width="700" height="846"}

"Federal Reserve Bank, New York, 1959. Photo Ormond Gigli"

.size-full .wp-image-1216417 width="602" height="600"}

"Mount St. Helens Eruption, 1980. (Photo By R. Lasher)"

.size-full .wp-image-1216418 width="700" height="980"}

"Madison Square, New York City Ca.1900"

.size-full .wp-image-1216419 width="700" height="853"}

"Marilyn Monroe Photographed By Sam Shaw In Amagansett, New York, 1957"

.size-full .wp-image-1216420 width="700" height="706"}

"Telephone Tower, Before They Figured Out Bundling Lines Into Cables.
There Are 5000 Lines In This Tower (1890)"

.size-full .wp-image-1216421 width="740" height="574"}

"1984 New York City Subway Ride"

.size-full .wp-image-1216422 width="700" height="1044"}

"The Teenage Daughter Of A An Impoverished Arkansas Farmer Cooking On An
Old Stove While Her Mother Was In A Tuberculosis Sanitarium During The
Great Depression. Red Cross Photo From Ca. 1930"

.size-full .wp-image-1216423 width="700" height="877"}

"An Italian Child Arriving At Ellis Island, Early 1900s. (Us)"

.size-full .wp-image-1216424 width="700" height="962"}

"In 1938 1800 Veterans Of The Civil War Attended An 75th Anniversary
Reunion At Gettysburg, Pa. The Youngest Was 88 Years Old, And The Oldest
Claimed To Be 112 Years Old"

.size-full .wp-image-1216425 width="613" height="600"}

"Men In Suspenders Posing On The Brooklyn Bridge"

.size-full .wp-image-1216426 width="694" height="600"}

"Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Photographed In New York City By Richard Avedon,

.size-full .wp-image-1216427 width="700" height="953"}

"A Man Recording A Cassette Tape At A Music Festival In The 1980s"

.size-full .wp-image-1216428 width="700" height="1019"}

"A Dangerous Playground From The 1970s"

.size-full .wp-image-1216429 width="700" height="1048"}

"An Immigrant Family On The Dock At Ellis Island After Having Just
Passed The Rigid Examination For Entry Into The Country, Looking
Hopefully At New York's Skyline While Awaiting The Government Ferry On
August 13, 1925"

.size-full .wp-image-1216430 width="740" height="469"}

"May 1922: 78-Year-Old Robert T. Lincoln (Son Of Abraham Lincoln) Is
Helped Up The Steps At The Dedication Of The Lincoln Memorial In
Washington D.c"

.size-full .wp-image-1216431 width="700" height="820"}

"A Well-Dressed Young Lady In The 1930s. Almost Looks Like It Could Have
Been Taken Yesterday"

.size-full .wp-image-1216432 width="700" height="865"}


The post 40 Fascinating Historical Photos You've Never Seen

appeared first on Barnorama.
#nsfw #picdumps #sexy #fun #barnorama #History #Interesting

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