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Clowns to the left, jokers to the right - and MTG is back in the middle again! 😜
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This is another reason why I detest 'snappy comeback' politics. You eventually degrade the process to verbal barbs and adolescent put-downs.

If you're gonna behave like children, we should adjust your wages accordingly: minimum wage.

Or, better, nothing at all, and apply the contemporary corporate standard of, 'we want to make sure you really want the job, so you'll jump through these hoops.'
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Yep. 6th grade was not a good time.

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An observation out of nowhere about us, the folks who inhabit Diaspora

I am about to make a comment that might offend a lot of people about whom I care; people whom I regard as friends; people who, truth be told, constitute the majority of my social circle; people here on Diaspora; that is, you.

I have noticed that all of you are intelligent, informed, polite, and open-minded (most of you also generally share my progressive values). You are all people with whom it is always pleasure to interact, even when we disagree.

You are people from whom I always learn a lot.

But it just occurred to me recently: Are we all pretty old? A few of you seem not to be, based on your avatars. (And I don't hold that against you!)

Is Diaspora a cite for old(ish) progressives? (I would not complain if it is!) Or is it the case that most progressives these days are just old? (I would complain if that is the fact.)
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I neither confirm nor deny the allegation.
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And I don’t blame young people for not being progressive. They got enough on their plate.

Of my three daughters, only one is what I would consider "progressive". And this is with a "progressive" upbringing.

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The good Sisters whose order founded Benedictine College slap back at Harrison Butker's speech

They point out that homemaker is not the only vocation for women (the Sisters themselves are proof of that!) and that they do not support fostering hate and division.
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I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't speak Latin or English. Therefore, the mass should be in Hebrew or Aramaic.
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That would be really cool.

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What am I reading? David Berlinski's a tour of the calculus. Not too much to report other than it finally prompted me to look up and review how best to answer the Zeno paradox. You know the one where it should be impossible to cross a room and reach the other side. Impossible because reaching 1/2 way, then 1/2 way of 1/2 way leaves one with a remaining "1/2 way" that never ends. Cheers, -Randy
So I'm about a bit over 8 minutes in but I'm not going to continue watching. I spent a considerable time considering arguments against theory of evolution prior to leaving my JW faith. I desperately wanted to find holes in Darwin's theory since the whole framework of my life was built around special creation as found in the Genesis account being literally true. Within these first 8 minutes I'm hearing arguments I've heard before (from both JW and non-JW sources) and work through in much detail several years ago. Arguments such as: Evolution is allowed to modify beaks but not permitted to produce new species. The Cambrian explosion is not enough time, etc.

On Wikipedia we can find this: "in biology, a species complex is a group of closely related organisms that are so similar in appearance and other features that the boundaries between them are often unclear. The taxa in the complex may be able to hybridize readily with each other, further blurring any distinctions."

^ so... making claims that "species" are big change and beaks are small just doesn't align with what we know of the natural world.

As for the time problem of the so called Cambrian explosion Wikipedia says:

"Some say that the evolutionary change was accelerated by an order of magnitude, but the presence of Precambrian animals somewhat dampens the "bang" of the explosion; not only was the appearance of animals gradual, but their evolutionary radiation ("diversification") may also not have been as rapid as once thought. Indeed, statistical analysis shows that the Cambrian explosion was no faster than any of the other radiations in animals' history."

^ so if that is wrong, well, then we need to go update Wikipedia -- but I suspect the editors will ask for reliable sources as they have now.

However, I see this line of argument have another problem. It is not enough to claim a given theory lacks some explanatory power -- maybe it does. However, I'd ask these guests not to lead off with that, but instead, offer their alternative theory and then show via logic and evidence why it has more ability to explain.

That said... l'll report on what I told my life-long friend who remains in the JW faith. Nothing about the theory of evolution proves the Genesis account wrong. Religious belief remains true for the special reason of what it is. And I don't mean "blind faith" -- but rather the importance of the belief to the person and what it causes them to think.

Religious belief and acceptance of scientific theory may have some overlap but in important ways they are different things. And not, I'd argue one bad, the other good.

Running my hand over the warm body of their little dog I said, "what matters is that we agree that Buddy has value. You see that is so, because Jehovah in his loving kindness created such animals for our enjoyment. I see that is so because I believe me and Buddy are related. That way back in time him and I have a shared ancestor. My belief goes deep. I see him as having a heart, lungs, kidneys and brain not unlike mine. I feel kinship. Does it really matter we reach a similar conclusion but over different paths? And that it is now unlikely, given our age, that either of us will adopt a new set of beliefs?"

Cheers, -Randy
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I haven't seen the evolution video in about a year, it would be interesting to go back and watch it again to see how it dated in my mind. As I remember it was not a religious video. Panpsychism is another field theory, which posits mind to be the field of fields. Kastrup's version would say everything exists beyond a "boundary of disassociation".
It is not enough to claim a given theory lacks some explanatory power – maybe it does.

In fact, it s. And when the model does not work we are encouraged to seek others which conform to older discoveries. The latter video may interest you, if new ideas are of interest, because it gives a philosophical motivation for the field theory of mind, or as Sheldrake calls it "morphic resonance."

Put a Little Pigeon in Your Next Clock Project


#clockhacks #clock #gear #involute #pendulum #pigeons #profile #tooth #wheel #hackaday
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How to tell your OSS is ridiculously popular: people aren't 100% sure they _didn't_ embed it, and tack on the software equivalent of "packaged in a facility where peanuts were also present" to the license list.

This watch contains software, so statistically probably contains at least traces of curl.
A photo of a Garmin smartwatch on my wrist. It's showing the mandatory list of open source stuff and licenses, which I found deep in some menu. The centered text says: this product may contain Curl, distributed under the MIT/X license.
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We're half way through the Month of #LibreOffice, May 2024! And so far, 178 people have joined in – and can get cool merch at the end: #foss #OpenSource
Month of LibreOffice banner
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naive tennis bald...


#naive #tennis #bald #ai #mistake #billgates

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Grindelwald, Bern, Switzerland by manuel dietrich photography

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Winnats Pass, Peak District, England by theeyesofdeano

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Red-billed leiothrix by daniele.occhiato

Because I couldn’t find a decent podcast downloader, I made one using python! Is there any way I can have two python scripts run one after the other? I made one to download all podcasts from an RSS address, and I made another one to rename all of those episodes Based on the metadata provided with the RSS, but I would like to merge them and have them run one after the other. Is this possible? I tried to put both codes in one script, but it fails. #Python #Programming
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@GoemonIshikawa Oh! I forgot about this! Does it work with Miniflux? That is my main RSS reader and right now I have it syncing with Lire on iPhone
Goemon Ishikawa hometown (AP)
Don't know but you could try to see if it does.

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πŸ˜‚ best 12 bucks ever spent πŸ‘‡
A screenshot of a webpage showing the domain "," a typo for ""
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Content warning: swearing

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I always type "g" and leave the rest to autocomplete, though.

Kaspersky, the company that makes anti-virus software that some of you out there probably use (although maybe you'll rethink that after reading this), has been accused of making neural net software that's been added to Iranian drones and sent to battle in Ukraine.

So you'll see this link is to "Part 2" of a story. "Part 1" is about how a company called Albatross located in the Alabuga special economic zone, which is located in "the Republic of Tatarstan", which is not a separate country, but a state within Russia that is called a "Republic" anyway instead of "Oblast" which is the usual word for what would correspond approximately to a "state" in our country (well, assuming your country is the US, which it might not be, as there are people from everywhere here on FB, but you probably have something analogous in your country, "Province" for example), and is located -- if you've ever heard of the city of Kazan, Kazan in the capitol of Tatarstan -- ok that was a bit long for a sub-clause, where was I? Oh yeah, a company called Albatross in the Alabuga special economic zone in Tatarstan got hacked, and what the documents revealed is that this company, "Albatross" was making "motor boats", but "motor boats" was a code name for drones (and "bumpers" was the code name for the warheads they carried), and more specifically the "Dolphin 632 motor boat" was really the Iranian Shahed-136 UAV, which got renamed to the Geran-2 when procured by the Russian military.

"Part 2" which is the link here goes into the Kaspersky connection. Allegedly two people at Kaspersky previously took part in a contest, called ALB-search, to make a neural network on a drone that could find a missing person. In the military adaptation, it finds enemy soldiers. Kaspersky Lab made a subdivision called Kaspersky Neural Networks.

The article links to a presentation regarding a neural network for a drone for agriculture, with slides about assessment of crop quality, crop counting, weed detection, land inventory, and such, but it goes on to describe searching for people and animals, UAV detection (detection of other drones in its surroundings), and even traffic situation analysis.

There's also a system called Kaspersky Antidrone, which is supposed to be able to hijack, basically, control of someone else's drone within a controlled airspace.

The article alleges Kaspersky was working with Albatross not only to deploy their neural networks to Albatross drones and to use them for detection of enemy soldiers but to develop them into artillery spotters as well. This is all with an on-board neural network that runs directly on the drone.

If true, this would indicate advancement of drones in the Ukraine war, which, so far I've heard very little of neural networks running on board on drones, as well as advancement of cooperation between Russia and Iran as well as integration of civilian companies such as Kaspersky into the war effort.

This information comes from a website called InformNapalm which I haven't seen before but they say was created by some Ukrainians as a "citizen journalism" site following the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Kaspersky has denied the allegations (article on that below).

AlabugaLeaks Part 2: Kaspersky Lab and neural networks for Russian military drones

#solidstatelife #ai #computervision #uavs
The InformNapalm site uses the acronym CYBINT a lot, which I had not seen before. Just to recap all the "INT"s that I've seen so far:

SIGINT - signals intelligence, i.e. what the NSA does, capturing everyone's communications while in transit,
HUMINT - human intelligence, i.e. actual human spies on the ground in other countries/organizations,
OSINT - open-source intelligence, i.e. intelligence gathered from publicly available sources, e.g. what the police do when they read all your Facebook posts,
FININT - financial intelligence (analyzing transactions),
MARKINT - market intelligence (intelligence gathered from the global capital markets),
MEDINT - medical intelligence (analysis of medical records),
MASINT - measurement and signature intelligence (things like detecting radiation),
TECHINT - technical intelligence (analysis of weapons and equipment captured from an enemy), and
GEOINT - geospatial intelligence (analysis of satellite imagery).

Now add to that:

CYBINT - cyber intelligence -- which means obtaining information by just hacking into someone else's computers and getting it. Well, I probably shouldn't say "just", as that implies it's easy, which it might be but not necessarily depending on the target.
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Personally, I never install software that I do not absolutely need. This keeps my exposure surface smaller.
β›”οΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡³New book 'World on the Brink' argues U.S. failing to deter Chinese invasion of Taiwan (PBS News Hour VIDEO) #Ukraine #Mastodon #USA #EU #SouthKorea #Japan #Taiwan #Philippines #UnitedStates #EuropeanUnion #Press #News #russiaUkraineWar #10yrInvasionofUkraine
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If the USA defend Taiwan against communist China as they defend Ukraine against fascist Russia, one may have doubts.

Steve Jobs demonstrates that you can't hold a touchscreen device without unintentional inputs *the very first time* he holds an iPad up to an audience.

Our commitment to the fediverse is here to stay.

Today, we launched our new Mastodon instance. It will ensure a privacy-focused space to engage with and get the latest from our Commissioners, departments, and the official voices of the Commission.

We want to thank @Mastodon for stewarding us and helping us make this possible.

Fostering European digital players is vital to our strategy for a stronger #DigitalEU.

This is a unique opportunity to grow the community even more. Let's get there!
A visual with the logo of the Commission and the logo of Mastodon linked by a blue heart.
A journey only becomes one when it begins somewhere.

That's why we are grateful to @EDPS for having created and skillfully managed the EUVoice pilot instance.

Your vision has opened new horizons for us and European institutions.

Our new instance will only foster our engagement with this truly amazing community and be a reference for any institution interested in embracing the fediverse and open alternatives.

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"Our eyes are up here!"
(Look at those boobies!)

blue-footed boobies
courtesy HellsJuggernaut

European Commission mastodon (AP)
Our commitment to the fediverse is here to stay.

We are working on a solution to ensure our continued presence on your feeds, taking full advantage of Mastodon's identity portability.

And we are even growing the team behind our Mastodon presence, increasing efforts to engage with your comments on our posts.

We are fully committed to being a real part of the conversation in the fediverse.

Interested in our next steps? Follow us as we take on this new chapter.
A visual with the logo of the Commission and the logo of Mastodon linked by a blue heart.
How does your announcement connect with these articles about EU institutions run by the European Date Protection Supervisor to be shut down in May?

Sadly, the #EuropeanUnion πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί will shut down #EUVoice next month (& I say that as an American πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ).

πŸ‘‰πŸΎ European Union Surrendering #Fediverse Voice To #Threads

πŸ₯± Too Long; Did Not Read:

πŸ‘‰πŸΎ @EDPS announced EU voice is closing
πŸ‘‰πŸΎ @EU_Commission has 100,000 followers
πŸ‘‰πŸΎ #EuropeanCommission social #ActivityPub account will primarily be on Threads
πŸ‘‰πŸΎ EU Voice should ask citizens & local businesses in #Europe for instance funding help

European Union Surrendering Fediverse Voice To Threads

EU Voice Header

Image Credit: EU Voice

I was alerted by @[email protected] that @[email protected] announced that the European Union has declined to continue funding the EU Voice & EU Video, which broadcasted the regional government's views to the Fediverse.
On 28 April 2022, the European Data Protection Supervisor launched a pilot project featuring two social media platforms: EU Voice and EU Video. The two platforms are part of the free, open-source and decentralised social media networks, based on Mastodon and PeerTube. Over the past two years, EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies (EUIs) had the opportunity to create accounts on the platforms and connect with users registered in the _ Fediverse_, an online network of platforms and services interconnected with each other, including social media platforms. [...]

Wojciech WiewiΓ³rowski, EDPS, said: β€œThe EDPS pilot project of EU Voice and EU Video has proved that public bodies, like EUIs, can offer social media platforms that respect individuals' fundamental rights as alternatives to common platforms owned by a handful of big players. I am proud of the success of this project, especially considering the limited resources at our disposal. Unfortunately, despite our efforts to find a new home for EU Voice and EU Video in other EUIs, we have been unable to secure new ownership to maintain the servers and sustain operations at the high standards that EUIs and our users deserve”. [...]

The EDPS will facilitate the required migration of EUIs who wish to keep their accounts active in the Fediverse, by providing the necessary support to ensure a smooth transition to other platforms. EU Voice and EU Video will be officially closed on 18 May 2024. (European Data Protection Supervisor Press Release)

To say that the platform is a success is an understatement. One of the more popular accounts, @[email protected], has almost 100,000 followers, with other accounts on EU Voice boasting thousands of followers.

If the European Union πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί shuts down EU Voice, they will be relying upon Threads to carry their voice into the Fediverse, as @[email protected] (note: not yet federated as of this post) currently has 135,000 followers (as of this post).

Unlike the United States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ, Meta has a complicated relationship with the European Union πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί. If the EU πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί terminates their Mastodon & Peertube accounts, they will cede control of their Fediverse presence to @[email protected], who can use the threat of Threads exiting the European Union πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί as leverage during negotiations.

Euro currency

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

With Europe's economy barely avoiding a recession & the war in Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ becoming a costly affair, the EU is trying to find ways of cutting governmental costs to remain within their budget during these troubling times.

Running & maintaining a server is expensive, especially if it is popular amongst the masses. However, instead of dismantling their independent voice in the Fediverse, the government could ask their community on & offline for assistance keeping their presence alive.

The EU Voice could ask their 200,000 plus followers on Mastodon & Threads to donate one euro πŸ’Ά (yes, just €1) monthly to help keep their servers alive. I am an American πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ, & I would contribute €10 per month to help keep their instance alive, as a government needs to have an independent voice online in the Fediverse.

Major European Companies

Image Credit: EU Biz

Local Corporate Support

Also, the EU should not be too proud to ask their local business community for assistance. As a bonus, the EU could also encourage the business community to establish their presence on the Fediverse by using several homegrown options like:Many European businesses could probably write off any funds donated as on their taxes (at least I hope they can as I am more familiar with the American πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ tax system & not the European Union's πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί), & between willing users & local companies, the EU Voice could find the strength to continue singing in the Fediverse.

Out of time movie with Denzel Washington

Image Credit: Out Of Time movie promo

The Clock Is Ticking

With less than a month until the EU Voice shuts down, it will be up to ActivityPub European activists to voice their concerns to their government & advocate keeping these instances alive.

After all, I am just an American πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ who is attempting to convince more government entities to embrace the Fediverse in the United States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (especially now that a couple of ActivityPub platforms are secure enough for governmental use).

If the EU decides to abandon their respective Mastodon & Peertube accounts & rely on the mercy of @[email protected] (note: he is a great guy, but he spends too much time on Instagram πŸ˜‰), then of course I will follow their account on Threads.

However, before the EU again outsources its social presence to another American company, it may want to ask its fellow European netizens for assistance in maintaining its social presence in Europe.

πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ’» by @[email protected] πŸ”› @[email protected]

πŸ•ΊπŸΎ Follow my adventures upon: 🐘 Darnell (One)🦁 Darnell (Movies, Opuses, Entertainment)πŸ“Έ Darnell (Out Of Office)

πŸ¦ΉπŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ WordPress Workarounds: πŸ’» Darnell (TeleVerse)🌍 Darnell (Africa)πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸŽ¨ Darnell (Creative Outlet)

πŸ₯·πŸΎ Other Hideaways: 🧡 Darnell (Threads)πŸ”ž Darnell (Hard News)🐬 Darnell (Flipboard)

πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ’» by @[email protected] πŸ”› @[email protected]

πŸ•ΊπŸΎ Follow my adventures upon: 🐘 Darnell (One)🦁 Darnell (Movies, Opuses, Entertainment)πŸ“Έ Darnell (Out Of Office)

πŸ¦ΉπŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ WordPress Workarounds: πŸ’» Darnell (TeleVerse)🌍 Darnell (Africa)πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸŽ¨ Darnell (Creative Outlet)

πŸ₯·πŸΎ Other Hideaways: 🧡 Darnell (Threads)πŸ”ž Darnell (Hard News)🐬 Darnell (Flipboard)

I saw your reaction to the EC's more recent toot:

Gotta say that EC's messaging is quite confusing. Hope there'll be more follow-up soon.

Yesterday I attended a @commonsnetwork organized event in The Hague about #Government and building #DigitalCommons, and among the crowds of representatives of many different institutions there, there was A TON of interest for decentralized #SocialWeb technologies.

If there's opportunity, it is now.

@EDPS @EU_Commission

Our commitment to the fediverse is here to stay.

We are working on a solution to ensure our continued presence on your feeds, taking full advantage of Mastodon's identity portability.

And we are even growing the team behind our Mastodon presence, increasing efforts to engage with your comments on our posts.

We are fully committed to being a real part of the conversation in the fediverse.

Interested in our next steps? Follow us as we take on this new chapter.
A visual with the logo of the Commission and the logo of Mastodon linked by a blue heart.

I love puffy clouds 😁🌞☁️☁️☁️
#alaska #nature #Outdoors #clouds
4 photos of puffy white clouds in a beautiful blue sky.

pixelfed mastodon (AP)
Yes our new open source Pixelfed app will support Android, and all the features from iOS like Share Intents.

It already does ✨

Shipping very soon

#pixelfed #newApp
Pixelfed new app Pixelfed new app
Pixelfed new app
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@kaffeeringe No need to, they will be rendered using their native aspect ratio in feeds and other screens!

We only crop thumbs on hashtag and profile grids
Steffen Voß mastodon (AP)
@dansup mkay. I liked the square previews. But I trust you will find a beautiful solution.

Generally I like this season of Discovery. It's an action fetch quest and not very philosophical, but it's fun and has competence porn, and they do manage to get a bit of moral questions and human condition in there.

What annoys me is all the little details that feel like they didn't make effort to keep it solid. Like when Burnham says over and over that people can trace their warp signature, even though they have themselves highlighted that their shrooms give them a unique advantage.

Demystifying the Breen was a bad choice, I think.
Thomas mastodon (AP)
Janet Reno the mass murderer ?

Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
Every time that I want to put the final nail in the coffin for our OStatus implementation, someone seems to revive it πŸ˜€

Argh... DRUCKER!!!!

#FollowerPower Ich suche einen neuen Drucker:

- Laser, Schwarz-Weiß
- Duplexdruck
- NetzwerkfΓ€hrig
- MΓΆglichst Wartungsarm
- Optional: Scanfunktion (Alternativ gerne einen Dokumentenscanner vorschlagen)

Mit was habt ihr gute Erfahrungen gemacht? Was kauft man heutzutage? Drucker regen mich echt so dermaßen auf...

Bitte #RT fΓΌr mΓΆglichst viel Reichweite!

tests are showing broccoli levels at 94%

(94%) β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β–‘

What does lady like even mean in the first place.

I mean there is Β« lady Β» (physically speaking) who have enough power to brake average men in half without breaking a sweet.

And in reverse you have some men that are more graceful in their movement than average girl.

Grew really bored of those thinking of another age and people who propagate those πŸ˜€
dperkins mastodon (AP)
I believe the author of the article needs to do more research. They were far too generous to MIL. The idea that maybe it's not cool to tell girls to be more lady-like or boys to be more man-like, that's not something that just showed up in the last two or three decades.

Working on a 300KW microwave. The magnetron tube receives 20KV and oscillates at 915MHz into the waveguide and through the circulator (not shown)

#myphoto #power
Whuffo diaspora
Reminds me of working on a FM broadcast transmitter. RF burns are nasty.
The induction welder I worked on was effectively a 150KW 400KHz AM broadcast transmitter.

Workers remove dozens of apparent marijuana plants from Wisconsin Capitol tulip garden

Just a reminder that Alito the Witchfinder is another β€œgift” from Dubya.

Thanks a lot, Chimpy.
PandaChronicle mastodon (AP)
Just one of the things that made him the worst…oops…now 2nd worst president in US history

I didn’t think it would be possible for there to be a president worse that Saint Ronnie.

Oh sweet summer child...
PandaChronicle mastodon (AP)
And then there were two… πŸ˜’πŸ˜³πŸ˜–πŸ€―
liferstate mastodon (AP)
Back in the day we used to call him Strip Search Sammy. Good times, good times.

Bat Andrea diaspora
Don't know who the artist is ..Love it too!

anonymiss diaspora

An open-source hacking #hardware platform based on the #RP2040 with #RF, #NFC, #USB, and #SD card ready for pen testing #research.

In the #cybersecurity field, engineers are always looking for vulnerabilities in order to fix them and prevent other actors could taking advantage of them. The tools used by these engineers can be expensive and, on many occasions, the tools don't fit exactly with the requirements that engineers need. In this project, I want to present an open-source hardware platform with some tools used in cybersecurity, especially in pen testing. The board is named Hackbat and features an RF transceiver, NFC communication, SD card, USB, and #WIFI. All of this is managed by the #RaspberryPI #microcontroller RP2040. The schematic and the PCB design are open-source and are available on GitHub. Let's take a part-by-part look at the #Hackbat.

#news #opensource #tool #pentest

fediverseobserver friendica (via ActivityPub)
Found 16 new servers and 33 servers died off since 3 hours ago.

22,483 servers checked. 14,000,567 Total Users with 1,535,676 Active Users today. Check out the stats!

New #fediverse servers found: a #akkoma server from France a #mastodon server from United States a #gotosocial server from Belgium a #mastodon server from Russia a #mastodon server from Portugal a #pixelfed server from Finland a #pleroma server from Private a #pixelfed server from United States a #pixelfed server from Germany a #writefreely server from United States a #mastodon server from Austria a #avensio cloud server from United Kingdom a #misskey server from Private a #misskey server from Private a #mitra server from United States a #mastodon server from Germany

Help others find a home, send them to

Fucking God! Lot of meetings today 😨😭. I once worked in a company where we had 4 meetings a day 🀯.

#work #Programming #Software
I am comfortable to just attend meeting and do no other stuff, since meetings are work, am I not increasing productivity.

@boobury how does the lighting rate for show like this?
Dave mastodon (AP)

Learn Clojure – Lazy Sequence, cycle

#Learn #Clojure #Programming #computers #tutorial #Software
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