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Her death is a disaster.
May her memory be a blessing.

Here too.

Dishonest Corporations — Like Smug Politicians — Pretend to be Something They’re Not # # # #

The People mastodon (AP)
Example 399 of people Hacking impact (#): more Thanks..."sunny and warm here in Georgia"...Please share it forward! #

The People mastodon (AP)
Reason 399 we love Hacking impact (#): more Thanks..."it's good to help others"...Please share it forward! #

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> Wants Star Trek; expects Children of Time.

Oooh, this book sounds very interesting.
Leif Lindholm mastodon (AP) (via DFRN)
It's really good. The sequel ain't half bad either.
(λx. undefined) (fix system) mastodon (AP) (via DFRN)
I enjoyed it! It gave interesting perspectives and along the way really helped me overcome my arachnophobia. Was convinced by @oresavna to read it.

utzer friendica (AP)
Hey @Tobias since I updated to # 2020.09-RC yesterday, I have really long loading times. @Michael Vogel mentioned you have problems as well?. Do you also use # as I do?

!Friendica Support
offtopic #

Hi there,
sorry that I hike this post but I already posted a help request to helpers from D* and tried also to mention Micha and Tobi but had no luck so I try it this way.
I have a friendica profile.backup and want to extract the content on my PC (linux).
What kind of tool can I use to do so?

thx in advance ..
Tobias friendica
@mʕ•ﻌ•ʔm no pm MP in town It is a JSON encoded file. I'm not aware of any ready.made tool to convert the content to separate files though.
utzer friendica (AP)
It is really strange, it seems to be different reasons why the server is slow. This time a restart of php-fpm was the solution after I got gateway timeout 502 the whole day.

Can someone give me some info what changed from the last release to the RC?
Steffen K9 🐰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@utzer You may have a look at the DB processes. I see quite a lot 'delete from notify' threads from time to time. They can slow down the site's performance when there are too many of them.
utzer friendica (AP) (via DFRN)
@Steffen K9 🐰 honestly I don't see any problems, that is my problem. I ran, there is some output but nothing sticks out. Nginx seems to run fine, nothing strange in the error log. But again and again I have to restart the VM. I actually look for problems, can't find any, so I just reboot to solve the problem. It is then solved for a day or so, it will get slower and slower over time.

I really just have trouble since the update to the RC. I have it with two Friendica VMs, both have php-fpm, one Apache and one Nginx, both setups are similar.

I usually have JPM of 200, even higher, but now I get warnings from the monitoring all the time because the loading takes longer than 30 s. When I open the page I sometimes just geht 502 errors.
Steffen K9 🐰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@utzer Don't know then. Must be something specific to your setup. RC is blazing fast compared to stable here.
To be sure... You don't need to look at the output of mysqltuner. You need to watch the actual DB processes in real time.
Michael Vogel friendica (AP)
mysqltuner helps to find out if you sometimes reached the number of maximum processes.
Michael Vogel friendica (AP)
AFAIK I had comparable issues with php-fpm as well. My server reached the maximum number of php-fpm processes.

imagine running out in the streets...just to celebrate how cool astronauts are (yes I’m watching the challenger doc. it’s heartbreaking)
do you remember it happening? I was 3 so I do not
jomc mastodon (AP)
I always wondered why I hadn’t seen it in class but just now noticed the date - it was in January, when I was still in kindergarten (probably just elementary and up watched). I do however remember the Punky Brewster episode about it

Medieval texting abbreviations

Muse diaspora
WTF- What tomfoolery! I am so going to remember that! It is now my catchphrase!

I strongly disagree with the entire premise here.

When you outsource all your blogging/writing to # and you have ZERO control over your work, your tools etc. Worse: they change them remotely. That's # in a nutshell.

"I had an old Nexus 4 phone that was expanding and decided to test some of the theories about battery combustion."

# is deep in # # so any mention of # in relation to Apple discredits the messenger her/himself

Contra Info: **Madrid, Estado español: parado el primer intento de desalojo del Ateneo Libertario de Vallekas: la luche sigue**

"Recibido el 18/09/2020 El pasado 16 de septiembre se volvió a dejar constancia de que la solidaridad y la acción directa es la me- jor arma de la …"

# #

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Darius Kazemi reshared this.
TheRealKylee mastodon (AP)

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Darius Kazemi mastodon (AP)

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"read “Your Professional Decline Is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think,” an essay in The Atlantic by social scientist and author Arthur C. Brooks."
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Once over 50, if you lose your good job, you are sunk.
tomgrz diaspora
Especially in tech. Did you know you are senile when you hit 50? That's because you are senile.

# # infecting # ... yay?

Hopefully @sjvn finds ways to quit participating in the anti # # operation known as # (he doesn't belong there, he deserves better)

Hackernews mastodon (AP)
DuckDB – An embeddable SQL database like SQLite, but supports Postgres features -

# : 10 Ways to Filter Pandas DataFrame

Trump campaign makes triumphant return to antisemitism

A new Trump campaign ad portraying Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as Joe Biden's puppet master is the latest in a long pattern of antisemitic dog whistles by the White House occupant.

Sponsored by the Trump Make America Great Again committee, the ad features a puppet sporting the Democratic presidential nominee's face being controlled by Sanders, who is Jewish., FFS, he went there....

So, does this mean he hates his grandkids via Jared & Ivanka?
@Violante de Rojas those kids' DNA is probably a straight line, not branched. But yeah, one has to wonder when the in-laws are going to tire of it. Or are they in on the charade? As long as it keeps the power level up and the money coming in, ¯\..(ツ)../¯

"The VPN service Private Internet Access (PIA) has released a new version of its Linux client which fixes a critical vulnerability that could have allowed remote attackers to bypass the software's kill switch."

# is Also a Brand, But It Boils Down to # and Principles, Not Greed or Corporate Identity

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