Rebecca friendica
What is a pointelocke?
I'm calling it a pointelocke since I made up some rules! I do a shiny playthrough where I use shinies from other games to play. I start with one shiny and earn another one for the pokepool every time I beat a gym. You can help/hinder/troll me with channel pointes and bits! Most bit incentives can also be redeemed via channel pointe. It was inspired by a playthrough I watched a while ago by The4thGenGamer.

Pointelocke Interactions (Channel Pointe versions available with other channel pointe rewards)
Most of these also have channel pointe redemptions. Amounts subject to change =]
650 bits New shiny! - you choose a shiny pokemon from my pokemon Home (up to the level cap) and add it to the pokepool. We'll level it up to the level of my party with candy
700 bits Bench a pokemon! - take a pokemon in my pokepool and move it to the bench, cannot bench starter
500 bits Unbench a pokemon! - choose a benched pokemon to move into back into the pokepool
250 bits Name a pokemon! - choose an unnamed pokemon in the pokepool (that isn't part of my living dex) to name. Feel free to ask if you'd like to know if a pokemon is available for naming
1500 bits Perma-bench a pokemon! This pokemon will be out of the pokepool for the rest of the game! My starter can't be benched.
400 bits I can't use pokemon center for 20 minutes
300 bits I play in set mode for 20 minutes
300 bits I play standing on one foot (the foot may switch) for 5 minutes
100/400/750/1000 bits I can't use items during next trainer/gym leader/e4/champion battle

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