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Shelenn Ayres Friendica (AP)
While I am not a Biden fan, applying purity tests is what Putin had the far left do like the far right in order to elect Trump. If we truly want to take this country back from Putin, we have to stop doing his bidding. I will likely support someone other than Biden but I won't be applying purity tests to campaign by slamming other Dems.
I'll listen to both of them again, but I don't think they were slamming Dems as much as pointing out the hypocrisy of the rest of the punditry world.

Politics Matter!!!

This is a very nuanced thing. I didn't say it was the only thing that matters. I didn't say all publicly traded companies are affected by politics.

To be clear, governments—even good democracies—will have some of the people holding political power who act in self-serving ways by sneaking in legislation that gives a company or group of companies they are allied with an unfair competitive advantage in the marketplace. Normally we only hear about it when it reaches scandalous proportions.

Typically we don't even think about politics because it's all so complex, and who's got time to read and understand the ramifications of all the laws passed in just their own home country? Nobody, that's who. In the long-range plans of #OutsourcedMath, there will be a group dedicated to the analysis of legislation who report on the expectations of those nefarious acts.
#OutsourcedMath Business (x) Economics (x) Legislation (x) Politics (x) Society (x)

Trump getting closer to the cliff?

In the 1980s all kinds of reputable news companies began to cover the Trump debacle. This podcast reminds me of that. He was always as bad as he is now. His only superpower is to throw chaff and flares in his wake to avoid the takedown.

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Trump's war in Iran

Every #Iranian I've ever met, I've liked tremendously. If it weren't for our stinking backward thinking governments, we would all be good friends.

Janine Jackson takes a quick look back at recent press, including coverage of #Iran, Saudi Arabia, and polio and the CIA.
#Iranian #Iran Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

HUD Secretary Ben Carson Testifies on Housing Policies

In a subtle way, this 5-minute video exposes systemic problems added by nefarious agents via lobbying which retard our economy in a way that benefits racists.

#PrisonIndustrialComplex #SystemicRacism #Economy
#PrisonIndustrialComplex #SystemicRacism #Economy Democracy (x) Economics (x) Egalitarianism (x) Politics (x) Society (x)

This is very bad.

Now the question is why are some communities still holding international conferences in the USA...

#deepfake #video #music #johnlennon #imagine #deeplearning #ai #art Philosophy (x) Technology (x)
Banning deepfakes is the first step, as these can be abused. Banning surveillance-free computers that are able to produce deepfakes is the next step. Banning books about how to create such computers is the nest step. Banning writers that can produce such books is the next step. Banning writing itself is the next step as it can produce a remarkably realistic literary fiction, which can be abused for fake news. Banning painters is the next step they can produce remarkably realistic pictures, which can be abused by propaganda. Banning though itself is the next step as thinking can be abused.

Bans never work in the long run, and neither will any society governed by entities enforcing bans. The only thing that really works is when people themselves are educated and know heroin is bad and don't take it. That's the right way, and the way we're completely abandoning -- with any new restrictive law and with any new obedient citizen convinced of rightfulness of the law and government we're just pushing the society towards the level of a child that needs strict rules, punishments and res... show more
Michael Rupp Friendica (AP)
Wow, Miloslav Číž. So much to agree with and so little to nit-pick at, but I got to try. 😀

I know very little about Deepfakes, but what I heard was it was handy for angry people to make fake revenge porn of women they were really mad at. I can see legitimate uses of a surveillance-free computer in a country where a right to privacy exists. I can only see an acceptable use of this program or deepfakes if it was clearly for comedic satire and never was used to claim it was real footage. Banning books I don't think holds in the metaphor. A written book is free speech, publishing books is like this software or deepfakes. Literary fiction is deemed so and when somebody claims their novel is a book, the publishing world loses its shit.

I agree that education should fix everything, but pragmatically, most humans have a visceral reaction to video media compared to spoken word or written text. It overwhelms the senses and adds a fairly permanent marker in the mind about the depicted person in the fabricated show.

Can you name the first country to... show more
Well yes, you're right in many things as well, but I still stand behind my point. Banning revenge porn or fake news based on deepfakes seems reasonable at first, it can pass, but that precedent is dangerous as hell. That policy alone won't completely eliminate deepfakes happening and especially the fake news endangering the rich and powerful will lead to things like punishments of simply having a deepfake program installed on your computer. When wealth and power is in bet, laws will get ridiculously restrictive... as they did for example with the so called "intellectual property" when someone can nowadays own a single color or idea and you can get sued and punished for using that color or idea. Or be arrested as a "holocaust denier" for simply critically researching the events. Such laws also become another weapon of the powerful against those who endanger them (Assange, Snowden etc). They'll remotely install such program on their enemy's computer, arrest them, label them a terrorist, discredit and silence them, with the society's approval.
Can you name the first country t
... show more

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Solo Steak (x)
Don't do this here on this Friendica server. It's a TOS violation. Also, nobody saw it but me.

Notes to yourself and privacy...

If you make notes or use #GoogleKeep you should know about this #Masterpiece in progress. The work of @Carnet is delivering a Note taking app called #Carnet for our new treacherous age of information. I access mine via my private #Nextcloud server, but they have other ways too. Register at and access via the mobile app, web browser or desktop program.
#GoogleKeep #Masterpiece #Carnet #Nextcloud @Carnet Privacy (x) Technology (x)

The latest episode of #FreakonomicsRadio struck a few nerves with me. If you have opinions about #Secrecy #Privacy #DNA #Healthcare #Pharma and so on, you're probably going to want to hear this one.

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Facebook Co-Founder, Lawmakers Call For Social Network Split

We're finally talking seriously about breaking up the monsters. Time for tweeters and faceplace'ers to learn to #Federate.
#Federate Economics (x) Monopoly (x) Politics (x) Social Networking (x)

On Point
Part of "WBUR" (90.9 WBUR-FM is Boston's NPR news station)


Classification: Partisan - #Mainstream | Journalisic Quality - #MeetsHighStandards

Scope: #UnitedStates
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The On Point show is brilliantly done. They foster philosophical and political conflict on their show that stays at the high level of civil discourse. Their topics are timely and weighty. Listening to their program makes a listener well informed.

Method Man of Wu-Tang Clan fame has some investment advice

In the last few seconds, he reveals the secret to sage investing.
Investing (x)

Interesting Article on Free Speech and Censorship

While #Federated systems branch & bud to maintain #FreeSpeech in online #SocialNetworks, the "evil" Ad based Megalodons struggle with content moderation.
I'm not 100% sure how to moderate my own #Friendica servers when questionable content arises; I know how to delete posts, but it's hard to know why before they arise. My main plan is to not be an #Asshole.
#Federated #FreeSpeech #SocialNetworks #Friendica #Asshole Philosophy (x) Politics (x) Society (x)

Iran suggests oil attacks orchestrated to spark conflict

Sounds like classic #FalseFlag #Bullshit here. I'm supposed to believe an oil exporter doesn't know how to exploit the weak spots on an oil tanker? The "Attack" caused minor damage that merely needs some time in a port to fix it. #Iran #War #Trump #Bolton
#FalseFlag #Bullshit #Iran #War #Trump #Bolton Aggression (x) Politics (x) War (x)

Filtered word: nsfw

Global News Podcast
Part of "BBC" (British Broadcasting Corporation)


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Sam Harris | Making Sense | #155 - Mental Models

I like all episodes of this podcast, but this particular one touches on #Finance and decision making early on. Pay close attention to how he claims top performers like Buffet reduce risk by focusing on stable knowledge of stable business types.

Link to the show's page
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The host, Sam Harris, has the type of conversational style that can really enrage the engageable people of the world. I don't know if it's a touch of #Asperger's that appears as violent arrogance that sets people off, but I haven't found him enraging. The Making Sense podcast used to be called the Waking Up podcast. It's worth it to listen to them all. I often have disagreements with Sam's content, and many times his guests have aired my grievances for me. Sam handles it with deft dialogue in a way I would like to be handled if somebody thought I was wrong.

I wish all news commentary with guests would go as this show does.

Knock Down The House | Netflix

Reverse spoiler alert. I'm not watching this tomorrow when it's released. Please don't tell me anything about it.

#KnockDownTheHouse Democracy (x) Economics (x) Egalitarianism (x) Politics (x) Society (x)

American Football is getting started, so...

#FantasyFootball is getting going too. If anybody on #Friendica #Mastodon #Diaspora #Prolerma #Pixelfed #GNUsocial or any #Federated #ActivityPub user on earth wants to try it, I can be the Commissioner.

I've run leagues in the past and I set the points so that it's hard for a skilled person with advanced game knowledge to have an advantage, and beginners have a real chance at winning. In the past, I did leagues with buy-in and free to enter. Both are equally fun. The buy-in leagues had trophies and all the buy-ins were paid out in prizes; any manager had 50:50 odd's of winning back their buy-in.

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This show is a lot like the #PlanetMoney #Podcast but the shows cover different content. This show's interviews are rarely confrontational, and even if they are it's hard to tell, but they aren't covering fluff either like a lot of finance programs do.

# #remarkable #Science News (x) Science (x)

The Perfect Scam
Part of "AARP" (American Association of Retired Persons)


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Is it time to #EatTheRich now?

The latest episode of #OnTheMedia is really scratching my itch, especially the middle two quarters "How #Philanthropy Lets Rich People Off the Hook" and "Inside the #Chickenshit Club". #EatTheRich
# #OnTheMedia #Philanthropy #Chickenshit #EatTheRich Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)

#PlanetMoney #Mainstream #Analytical #UnitedStates Contemporary Issues (x) Finance (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)
I find the reporting on this podcast the least biased and the most revealing of any financial news shows I have ever listened to. That's not to say I don't know equally great reporting from some other sources, but this one is great.

@Ingo Jürgensmann I see you in the global directory,
All (friendly) creatures welcome! Free registration. Server located in Germany. As a registered user on Nerdica.Net you are also able to use XMPP (Jabber) under the same address and with your password. Get the best of free and open networks at Nerdica.Net! 😀

I tried getting Jabber to work a couple of months ago. I gave up. Do you have instructions for how to achieve this feat of technical prowess?
What are the the issues you've faced with XMPP/Jabber? Is it in general or getting XMPP work with Friendica?
Theirs this history of it.

But I remember trying to get a Jabber server working for my Nextcloud server over a year ago and never did it right. For that one, I gave up because they have a native system they call "Talk" which is a Spreed type system.
Well, in fact it is just a matter of where the user data resides and how you can access it.

For Friendica I'm using a external auth script for my Prosody XMPP server that queries the Friendica database. As described in that Friendica issue, it is important to have BOSH working properly. For Prosody you'll to also add some trusted list for the domains you want to use with the BOSH connection.

For Nextcloud it's basically the same.

Be aware that Nextcloud Talk uses foreign cloud services unless you are hosting your own TURN server and such, which can become a mess to setup.

For Nerdica you can find some information here:

Because you are using ejabberd there is not much I can help with specific details in configuration.
The nextcloud has 3 options, I took the dummy option. I'm too ignorant to really know the trade-offs. I'll be looking at your suggestions in the coming weeks. Thanks for your help so far.

Uhm, well, that the settings for Talk addon, not for the Javascript XMPP client.
For the XMPP addon you may need to fill in the following settings:
- XMPP domain
- BOSH URL, like: /http-bind/
- API URL, like:
- Secure API token should be filled

Some More News | Even More News SMN (Video Expository Commentary) EMN (Podcast Dialogue and Banter)

#SomeMoreNews #EvenMoreNews

Classification: Partisan - #Mainstream | Journalisic Quality - #MeetsHighStandards

Scope: #UnitedStates
#SomeMoreNews #EvenMoreNews #Mainstream #MeetsHighStandards Contemporary Issues (x) News (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x)
I didn't feel like putting the work of Katy Stoll & Cody Johnston on this list at first because they aren't like some officially recognized news company, but the content is—in a way—higher quality than the "Real News" because they aren't yoked around by their station owners.

Their comedic delivery with ample—and due—sarcasm peppered with snark makes learning about the devicive, deplorable things going on somewhat less depressing and palatable. They are timely but not rushed, and they are detailed, but not wordy in their reporting. They cite sources appropriately. They are defacto real news.

#PodSaveAmerica #Liberal #Analytical Democracy (x) Economics (x) Egalitarianism (x) Podcast (x) Politics (x) Society (x)
Their topics are always timely. They center their talks on issues of power imbalances in the #USA and sometimes the world. They have an air of #Comedy to their reporting/round table discussion. I believe most (if not all) of the members had official positions in the Obama administration. It seems like they always, "give the game away."

Death & Taxes

I've done my taxes since the only option was paper filing and hand-writing in the numbers. Until a few years ago, I thought the IRS was the problem. I know Accounting firms are the problem. I use now.

Enjoy this episode by @OnTheMedia

#Tax #IRS #Form1040 #IT201 #America #USA #TaxFiling #FreeFile
# #Tax #IRS #Form1040 #IT201 #America #USA #TaxFiling #FreeFile Democracy (x) Economics (x) Egalitarianism (x) Politics (x) Society (x)

This Podcast does a #DeepDive format about timely issues. They are raw and polished at the same time (try some of their post-Trump election episodes). I love all their episodes.

I'll bet #Trump #voters didn't think they were getting this...

#Inflation hurts a lender.
"This has led to a #Fed that is far more concerned about keeping down inflation (a concern of #bankers) than the full #employment portion of its mandate."

Suppose you #borrow $50,000 in a year that you were paid $40,000/year. Inflation and mandated COLA pay raises makes your earnings go to $60,000/year. You aren't richer because your milk, bread, gas, and other things are more expensive too, but your loan is still $50,000 on their books. The bank feels like they lost $20,000.

#Trump #voters

The "Shell Company" scam

Before addressing the scam, I want to address the legitimate use of a shell company. Also, you should be advised the OTC Markets will identify Shell vs. Shell Risk companies when you look at their ticker page; e.g. ADHG - Ando Holdings Ltd. is a Risk but BFCH - BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc. is not. Neither of these conditions on the OTC is saying they are a scam.

A typical legitimate use of a Shell Corporation would be to obtain early seed funding by investors with enough wealth to speculate on a whim. You are buying a promise of something at such a low price that if you were wrong you wouldn't care. It's akin to regular people buying a few lottery tickets and not minding when they become worthless.... show more
Cautionary Tales (x)

The Perfect Predictions Scam

It would be surprising if you were to be a victim of this scam in the future, but knowing how it works is important.

From the point of view of the person being scammed, you get a message that says somebody can predict price changes of stocks and that they do it for a fee, but you are getting a free sample; this letter/eMail/SMS includes a ticker symbol and an up or down prediction for this week. You discover that the prediction was correct. A week later you get another similar message, the ticker symbol might be different but it will have a prediction. Again you will discover that the prediction was right! Amazing? This pattern will go on for many weeks and you will be convinced that paying for the service will grant you access to this insiders club where you can make a fortune and fix all the problems in your life.

The way it works, in reality, is the scammer sends out a million messages, but half say the stock ticker will go up and the other half say it will go down. Some buy after the first week; they are done. Some got the wrong prediction so they get no more messag... show more
Cautionary Tales (x)

Education in K-12 is an incidental byproduct of American Public Schools

A #school's #Principal, #Superintendent, and #Board / #Committee are basically reproductive organs of societies status quo.

They come from within a culture expressly for the purpose of reproducing that culture. A School Board (elected by a tiny minority of society who are in-the-know), are typically made up of the local royalty; wealthy people who control industry and decide what type of workforce they need to crank out of our #PublicSchool's. The Superintendents serve at... show more

Migration from Google Takeout g+ to some Federated social system

@Doc Edward Morbius Hello, we've never had prior contact.

I asked @Shelenn Ayres about this topic recently and your name was suggested.

I'm in a conversation with a g+ contributor I really admired to see how his migration effort was going. He's a prolific photojournalist (and IMHO a brilliant one). He seems to be struggling with getting his content from Google to somewhere else.

Is there a system with a conversion tool to go from HTML or JSON exported posts and linked attachments (photos, etc.), directly into Friendica, Diaspora, Mastodon, etc.?
@Michael Rupp Hi, apologies for the late response, I've been slammed.

Short answer: Yes.

There are a few options.

There are some platforms (not necessarily Federated) which can import content directly. This includes blogs (WordPress and Blogger, directly, others with some work), WikiFactory, PASHpost, and numerous others (I can't keep track, though there's a good list at particularly if you check the "Data Migration" category).

These are going to be the easiest options.

There are also options for using scripts or other tools to migrate content. There are numerous examples of this, with @Michael K Johnson, @Filip H.F. "FiXato" Sla... show more

Just found out about this resource...

It might be my new favorite Financial Dictionary. I liked Investopedia long ago, but they got too annoying for me to use when trying to link to definitions of things I write. I don't want people to suffer that site if they clicked a linked word.
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