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The best reporting of # both origin story and identity.

(see also: #122 The QAnon Code ⚡️⚡️)

(and see also: #165 The Mold and The Beautiful)

So this is a fun and concise reporting on the whole QAnon # # # generator machine on the Internet.

I just wonder if knowing the true identity of any "# slash "# takes away their powers.

# = #

Catching Amazon in a Lie

# #.
If you haven't heard the # # yet, you are missing a LOT. It's some of the best detailed, coherent, in-depth reporting on a wide array of subjects. Their only # is that they generally report on the situations where the few empowered inflict harm on the many for profits.

This episode Al Letson gets to take another swing at Amazon and I'm pretty sure he 'sent it over the fence'. # had publically stated that he welcomed scrutiny, so Al delivered it.

If you think this story is just about Amazon, don't worry, they are just the main course. The dessert is the whole for-profit siloed networking system on the Internet.

Catching Amazon in a Lie

Election 2020 USA

Why isn't the # stepping into the # to observe the elections to make sure they aren't flawed?

I'm not positive that this message went to you correctly so I'm using a private post to redundantly ensure you get it.

I saw you tried to create an account on this server. Sorry that it didn't work out. Maybe you mistyped an eMail identity? I deleted the four similar attempts in case you wanted to give it another go. The sign-up process sends a default random password to your given email address so the email address must be typed accurately.

However, you need not have an account on this server to interact with it. That's the beauty of the Federation. The main difference is you can't easily filter down to the posts on the local community of a server that you don't have an account on. Not really a big deal. My servers have the public posts available on the Community page for the server anyway.

All the best to you.
Shit. My server won't let me make private posts today. I just upgraded. Might be on git soon posting an issue report.

Mark Blyth is scratching my itch!

Everytime I hear Mark Blyth talk, I want to adopt him into my family. This appearance on # with Christopher Lydon is no exception.
COVID-19 did the Republican's dirty work for them.

Look on the Blyth Side
# # # # # # #
poet1b diaspora
Essentially we need to cap how much an individual can earn. Say, anything above 100 million a year should be taxed at 100%.
John Lenin mastodon (AP)
Anyone who listens to Christopher Lydon is OK with me!

The stock market is not the economy, exhibit 3,443.62

This new episode of the Marketplace show called Make Me Smart with Kai & Molly is great at explaining the # behind the # of the # in the # and the #. Although the # # has never been the Economy in the same way that the bread isn't part of the sandwich.

They get to the point in the first interview so you can be done listening by the 15:00 minute time mark

P.S. tagging !Stock Picking Discussion into this.

FULL COMP - With Josh Kopel


Hosted by Michelin-rated restaurateur, Josh Kopel, Full Comp features engaging interviews with restaurant owners, experts and thought leaders within the hospitality industry. Featured guests offer up stories and advice, giving listeners the tools and knowledge they need to succeed

Read more about: Full Comp

This is a lame post. Profile viewing and local directory are broken since I upgraded the MariaDB. Sorry.

There is No Algorithm for Truth - with Tom Scott

This is a very good thing to watch and think about. # vs. #

@Farseen I looked at your pinned toot. You have any answers to yourself there?
Farseen mastodon (AP)
No I haven't got any solid answers yet. Though it feels intuitive to separate work and personal life.
I'm not sure if Mastodon users see long replies from Friendica correctly, but...

I spun-up a mastodon server for potential business purposes after making a couple of accounts on other mastodon servers because somebody told me it was normal to make an account on each server you want to be on. Their reason for that was you don't get to see the local community feed of an instance if you aren't on it. I didn't know it at the time, but that is a bit against the grain of the Fediverse, despite it being true in practice.

I wasn't that into having multiple accounts. I let a few of them go fallow, and at least one server isn't on anymore.

My instance hit a wall during an upgrade and stopped working. They made it more for Nginx systems than Apache systems, and I have a lot going on Apache. I looked all over the Fediverse for what to do instead of Mastodon and settled on Friendica.

The reason I took you on this diversion is the main reason to have multiple identities on the Fediverse should be based on how you want to express yourself. Friendica has a Facebook level of posting, where you are writing microblogs to interactive long blogs including embedded content. Pixelfed is the new cool kid and is a replacement for Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and other photo-heavy social media options. There are so many nuanced choices, but Mastodon, Friendica, and Pixelfed get you pretty far.

Since you can follow anybody on any Federated system and get their updates, the reading aspect of content is independent of the platform. How you produce content is very platform dependent. That's where multiple accounts matter, but you won't have the same followers on the various accounts, so that makes your outgoing content distribution iffy.

Like you said though, business and personal life seem to be a natural separation. Wherever a person does "code-switching" is a place they would want a different identity. I spin two Friendica instances now; this is the business, and the other is personal.

Web Servers are HARD!

When you first install your own # on your own #, everything pretty much goes easy and right. Over time you get more complex with things. Then upgrades start to roll in. Eventually, you make a mistake and nobody notices anything. Because you care about the content on the #, you spend time on that, not reading logs and outputs of cron jobs. You miss some things that would have been great to know. Then in what seems like a flash, you are in Murphy's Law territory.

It's stunning how much a person doesn't know about things they know so much about.
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Hi @Michael Rupp. There is a lot of value is casual system observation, right? Just poking around looking at logs, noticing runtime on processes, etc. Having a "feel" for a system then helps when changes create issues not visible to higher levels. Take & stay safe. -Randy
And as I usually say in Github Issue posts, "I'm a hack admin..."
I thought I had all my problems sorted out till this morning when my smart-phone couldn't upload a file to the Nextcloud server I manage.
device: "You don't have permission to upload into this folder."
me: 'THE HELL I DON'T!!!'
device: "We are occupying two different realities. Mine Matters."
me: '...'
Back into the NULL pointer go I.

Hello @Carol Kehoe I regret to inform you that while experimenting with the email server it has been noticed that two messages are stuck in the queue trying to notify you that EverythingElseNews has posted things. It might be another week of trying to serve eMail directly before I give up and start relaying it through MailGun again.

I didn't think any users on the system would be having eMail notifications turned on.

How to Lie with Statistics (in this case Police statistics)

This is a good post for the !Stock Picking Discussion forum because every # decision is based in # for the purpose of limiting #. Said another way, finding facts to predict outcomes, or at least to predict what can't happen. However, as was made famous by this quote, …

Mark Twain wrote:

There are three kinds of lies:
lies, damned lies and statistics.

…, statistics are at least a double-edged sword.

Linked at the bottom is a famous book that teaches people how to see the lies that duplicitous people will tell through statistics. The embedded podcast here is a recent episode of # by # where during the interview portion (time 6:00 to 22:00), we hear the guest indicate a lot of the perversions of the data which helped the new GobbelsWilliam Barr—make his recent statements that there isn't #.
Splashing Down on a Mountain of Racism

Barr isn't lying through his teeth, he's lying through other people's statistics. Please do whatever you can to educate yourself about statistics. It will help you to see the lies promoters of securities will tell. (skip to 8:25)
Attorney General Barr Denies Claims Of Political Interference In DOJ

And if you really want to take a deep dive on # # #, you need to point your browser to Behind the Police (by the makers of Behind the Bastards)

Median Net Family Wealth Boston Mass USA: $247,000.00 Whites, $8.00 Blacks. Source Boston Federal Reserve Bank.

So I guess this book by Eric Lonergan & Mark Blyth is going to be a real snapper!

I'm only hearing about it today from the podcast below, but I think it may be a hot bestseller.

A financial portfolio … for everyone

embedded audio player
(Focus at the 2:00 mark)

# # # # #

Code Switch | Why Now, White People?

Okay, this one is going into !Stock Picking Discussion but I don't think it's obvious as to why, so I will explain.

During the course of the show, they have a very wise discussion of the possible reasons so many # joined # in the # protests. It's all sound reasoning. It's not what my point it though, but the details they discuss will be worth memorizing for your future.

Social Unrest is one of the most # # of how the real # is doing and also how well the current #, # & # are serving the people the # is supposed to represent. It takes a lot for people to get off their asses and # in # #. That's a big indicator of a shit economy and/or shit politics. So the # # may tell you one thing, but the # # tells you the truth. The # # has a generally repeating set of patterns after presidential elections, and I urge you to try doing some charting with the S&P500 to see what things look like and segregate your results by the type of leaders running and who won. They tell a story you should know.

What they discuss in the podcast will add to your personal set of market predictors. Leading indicators like this are valuable.

Why Now, White People?

I'll say it, Adam Smith is wrong!

I'm extremely fond of the hosts Kai Ryssdal & Molly Wood as well as the content of the show even though I'm about to criticize a moment of Wednesday's show below. Their work is great, their humanity is exemplary.

Something triggered a visceral & bad feeling when I heard the quote of the venerated Adam Smith

Adam Smith wrote:

"Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production."

Here's the gist of the content of the show before the quote:
  • audience question about the work-from-home market ...
  • high pay workers moving to low-cost locations ...
  • Apple can not/should not pay American level wages in China ...
  • can't have the same labor wage across the globe ...
  • why not?
  • WORMHOLE ...
  • some distracting banter ...
  • audience question Can has Economy not based on Consumerism? ...
  • Kai says no, then quotes Adam Smith...
  • Molly and I simultaneously have our brains go into skeptic mode and Molly's went too fast ...

There is a lot to unpack, and I'm going to come back to why I reacted to the spurious idea inside the quote later.

If Silicon Valley people move to rural places with big money flowing to them because teleworking, some of the excess money will drop on the scene, it's going to splash off onto the people that live there. Like Yacht's are disgusting opulence, but the people who built them got paid. You won't have a lot of friends in town if you tip small but they find out you are earning 1,000x the local wages. If you ask the local builders to make an ice-ring addition on your 2,000 square-foot home, you will be charged more than if the town commissioned the job for public use.

Molly, if you are reading this, write labor is not an invasive species on the chalkboard 100 times. the population of high paid people is small and if they do diaspora it's not going to change much. The place they leave will feel it more than the place they go to.

Geography dependant wages have a plethora of reasons behind them. For one, Silicon Valley with all their secrets and espionage wouldn't be able to secure their ideas if people could work from everywhere; e.g. the CIA will not move their headquarters to China. Also, the biggest players need the best people to stay ahead of the competitors, so the talent moves to where the geography pulls it to (depending a lot on the economic and moral value system of the talented). In the type of labor that requires the production of goods, or the performance of in-person services (think factories, mechanics, carpenters, lawyers, doctors, and so on), the topography of wages across the Earths surface will be dependant on supply and demand of the thing adjusted for the population density and some other factors. Land is a scarce resource and that's why in cities you have to manufacture land by creating taller buildings. Too many people want the same land, so you take the footprint of the land and multiply it by the number of floors you set on top of it to try making the footprint cheaper per square unit. This base cost of doing business raises the ask for all goods and services and has to be higher as a consequence where the population density is higher. Density decides the price of the wages, not the wages deciding the price of the land. The more economic engines a location has to attract people the higher the density gets. If your product can be delivered from afar, the owners of the company get a bigger share of the selling price, this is because they can absolutely underpay but relatively overpay a worker in Flint to build an item they sell in NYC for full price; build in low density, sell in high density. The ability to move to where things are produced to a location where people are more disadvantaged and/or the cost of living is lower can only lower the wages, never raise them. Where it moved away from becomes more desperate so asks for less to do something. When the production moves again is when the new place becomes skilled and has enough money and power to ask for more. The wages will not go up till industrialists without morals run out of downtrodden people on the Earth; better pack a lunch.

So now, what if a person is a factory unto themselves who can build in one place and deliver in another place? They are the owner and the labor of their system. If their product/service is unique enough and has value to more people than it can be produced for, they can ask whatever they want to make it wherever they want and deliver it to wherever they want. That type of person/product/service is rare indeed. Most of us and our abilities are commoditized, so if we say we won't do it another person will replace us fairly quickly. Most of also can't leave an area because we are emotionally attached to people places and things in an area and languages, and foods, and so on. We can't move like a factory and that is a disadvantage for labor.

I'm finally circling back to Adam Smith and Kai. When he said it, it sounded like it was right; like truthiness. But it bothered me like to me it felt like a broken clock that is right twice a day and close to right a lot of time in the day depending on how accurate you need the time to be. I also feel like I'm hearing a man tell me that he saw a cart pushing a horse up a street. I think Molly started to do the mathematical thing where you generalize the statement testing for counterexamples by asking questions, like what is "production", like does a mom produce babies.

I think it would be more accurate to say, extending one's life and culture is the sole purpose of all human activity and most human activity is the production of goods and the performance of services. I could be easily taking Adam Smith out of context, but I don't think I'm taking the way Kai used it out of context. Kai just finished reading parts of a nuanced question and called TLDR then quoted Adam Smith. The word "consumerism" which the audience questioner used is nuanced, the ideas of production & consumption stated in the Smith quote are nuanced, but it got whipped out there in a declarative way that was intended to stop discussion on the topic. I know nearly nothing about producing a radio show, time constraints, and so on, so I'm not assembling a posse to right this wrong, yet it compelled this post and the things linking to it.

Is a metal tool with a lifetime guarantee that you have multiple generations using ever consumed? Do I consume art when I look at a painting? Do I produce smiles for the consumption of others? Has nobody ever failed at trying to produce something? Like built something they thought was great but nobody bought/consumed it? You can't consume what has yet to be produced so consuming can't start the production.

How about this instead? Solving problems and making life easier is the sole driving force behind all innovation/invention, and popular inventions have a strong calling, so production must be done to satisfy that demand, and if the invention is difficult to make or scaling it up can lower the cost it will be produced in mass, and if the product doesn't last long it will be consumed repeatedly.

Let's think about food & shelter. We consume food, but we don't really produce it, the Earth produces it and was doing that before us, we just sort out the bad planning of nature in order to have the Earth get more made per square foot (I'm not saying that's healthy for us though.). And we do produce shelter, though we don't really consume it. Sure we use it, but the intention is not to make it deteriorate from us using it so not a consumed good. This one is for Molly, we produce babies, but not to consume them, we do it because we are compelled to.

Regarding the specific thing about consumerism from a listener, think about the parallels between illegal drugs and all other products. Illegal drugs have almost no lasting value, and if they were never introduced into the world, we would all have been better off. They are marketed in a way that people who shouldn't consume them do, and the value they cost the world is greater than the value they give their consumers. Many legal products fit that form. Advertisers, like Steve Jobs hacked brains and forced people to think they needed something they didn't, overcharged for it, and left a lot of environmental degradation in the process of doing that. So very many products would not be consumed if they weren't marketed with psychological hacks, they cost much and they deliver little. They warp culture into something it doesn't need to be and it makes the majority of people worse off for the benefit of the few.

Kai, you should have said, "yes, we could have an economy without consumerism, it just would be a different one than what we have now. I don't know if it would be better or worse, but it would probably be better the way you asked the question."

This is the embedded audio player for the show attached at the bottom of the post.

Yes, Quibi still exists and Introduction Requests

Due to some acts of omission, or neglect, by the admin (thats me), people who opted for eMail notifications to Introduction Requests were not getting them. It was discovered Friendica had been sending them out as but that wasn't an existing account for eMail on the server. It still isn't, but I believe the SMTP handler for the system—MailGun—will now permit the outbound notifications from this Friendica instance.

If you discover that Introduction Requests made after this announcement did not subsequently send out an eMail notification and your settings are specifically set to have eMail notifications, please complain directly to me.

Has anybody noticed how in the # the only # that # people support is the # Union?


Corruption - Society's Cancer | It has many forms

# # against a # # is a #, and for this post, I'm using the # in my examples, but it's a universal problem.

To address the "# does this have to do with 'Stock Picking' since it's posted there (here)?", I'll first say corruption in a # # for any set of collective living things is the equivalent of # or # in #; energy is dissipated in a way that it cannot be recovered. This means value is lost ubiquitously within society in a way that could be avoided where loss due to depreciation and wear of capital goods cannot be avoided. That loss damages the overall #, and more starkly effects the subsystem of all things directly connected to the specific acts of corruption.

Society can collectively address that corruption if it is informed of it and if it affects all the individuals' value systems enough to motivate them to demand change.

The policing systems in the # do not even need to be # aware that they are corrupt for it to be de facto corruption. The mindset of the systems pawns/soldiers wearing blue and black shirts—based on training and direction of commanding officers and their manuals—are jamming the court system and the prison system with people of meager means for the benefit of for-profit prison systems, and the excessive profit handed to the few is being taken from all of us in a very costly way. The benefit to society locally—if those put into the system were even really guilty of something—is negligible compared to the cost we all bear collectively when we unknowingly support the corruption in the system. Books can be written about the details of the human value lost to our society when a poor person goes to jail for smoking # or making a #. Think of the change in your personal economic burden if you went from just looking out for yourself, to taking care of a parent who suddenly had a stroke and is now in an immobile state. That example is more # pronounced than when your pot-dealer goes to jail, but it's only a matter of scale in difference. The big difference in that metaphor is that your parent would have to have been medically forced into the stroke by their doctor, and it's not really your parent, but the hospital decided you had to financially take care of them, and the hospital will bill you annually for their services through your taxes so you can't see that line item.

The good news is there is a way to remove an # portion of the # administered corruption of # and it's proven effective. You may know the promoter of this method by his sky-blue vest appearing at demonstrations and rallies like #. He displays a type of # that almost hints of Asperger's Spectrum; he's DeRay Mckesson.

I heard him speaking yesterday on the Pod Save America # at about halfway through the show (skip to 44:35 and he's done by 55:40).

I heard him plug the webpage of his successful method, "Police Use Of Force Project", so I attached it below.
Spoiler Alert...
All it is is to alter the policies inside the existing bureaucracies for the use of force. Just 8 common-sense policy changes have reduced 72% of # / # by the Police on our #.

So to bring this all back home, you can either think about who wins from the corruption and invest in that, think about who loses from the corruption and short-sell that, or start fighting the corruption and we all win together.
Do any combination of those including all of them.

!Stock Picking Discussion

# # # # # # # # # # # #

The History of Ronald Reagan | with Patton Oswalt on The Dollop

While listening to The Congressional Dish #, I heard about The Dollop and couldn't resist sampling it. I'm drawing peoples attention to # aka: Ron Ray Gun. He has been deified by many #, #, and # #. I'll admit to being ignorant enough to think he was a good thing for # when I was younger and I was more likely to swallow # whole because it had #. I'm older and wiser now and don't think in bumper-sticker sized ideas.

These two windows into the life and times of Ron & Nancy Reagan were pretty eye-opening to me and I already have a lot of # reasons to detest him for his hidden agenda connected to his actions.

I hope you take the time to listen to them.

Ronald Reagan, Part 1 with Patton Oswalt | The Dollop #400

Ronald Reagan, Part 2 with Patton Oswalt | The Dollop #400

# # # # # # # # # # # # #

Fuck Eric Prince

The call is comming from inside the house!

# NOT # # # # # #

Palestine Sunbird: A Stamp of Defiance

I saw this uplifting story about # recently. It's a bit melancholy, but it has a happy ending so press on and watch the whole video.

# # # # # # # # # # # #

Movie Reccomendations

I don't know how long it was sitting in my # queue waiting to be watched, but The China Hustle is really on! It's a # type documentary. It shows us that the King has no clothes and pulls away the curtain showing the Wizard of Oz is a meager humbug.

# # # # # # # # # # # #

!Stock Picking Discussion

Michael Rupp friendica (via ActivityPub)
I didn't realize this show was a show at first. I thought it was a concept that was being talked about on shows I already listened to, but instead, it was the host describing where the title came from. They were making the show for almost 4 years before I started to listen to it.

"Code-Switching" is something almost everybody does. The more power you have the less you have to do it. If you change how you interact with people at work or school so that it's different from how you interact with friends in a locker room, a bar, a living room playing video games, and so on, you have done code-switching.

If you have interacted with a minority in an environment that you were in the majority and they were not, they probably had to code-switch to please you.

This podcast is good enough that you should just start at the first one and listen your way through all of them to get up to date.

# # # # # # #

Turkey to begin eastern Mediterranean oil exploration despite protests from Greece, Egypt, Cyprus

Top CDC Official says “get rid of all the whites in the United States” to Force Vaccines

ASSPUK, BGSJI, UK KFA and BSCPRKP support statement of Spokesperson for the National Coordination Committee for Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea:

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