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When Kansas and Kentucky voted overwhelmingly to protect choice last year after the SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade, you know the anti-choice crowd is a minority. And they know it. South Carolina residents don’t support these bans. Republicans want to control every aspect of our lives.

Republicans need to get pounded into the ground like a tent stake at the ballot box.

South Carolina 6-week abortion ban signed into law, providers file lawsuit-
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CynBlogger™️ mastodon (AP)
“South Carolina residents don’t support these bans…”
“Texas residents don’t want these gun laws”
“Florida thinks their Governor is a fascist”
“North Carolina voters don’t agree with their state legislators”

Every single Member of Congress was just re-elected in 2022.
35 US Senators were up for election in 2022.
Hundreds of state, county, local officials were on ballots in 2022.

OBVIOUSLY, voters ARE choosing Republicans at District polls, which have been gerrymandered and which voting laws have been skewed out of recognition.

every vote for a Republican is a vote for fascism and the forces of power and money over DEMOCRACY.

Bargearse ActivityPub
I think its a progressive mind schism, they blame it on politcans or the media but thats the cart leading the horse. As you point out, they were re-elected it's not like thier first time at the rodeo and u were temporarily bedazzled by their bullshit.

It's NOT the politicians, they're just loons shouting into the void without widespread support, you know they are assholes but vote for them anyway ?

@TonyStark @knittingknots2
George Orwell quote "A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, theives and traitors are not victims...but accomplices"

White House and GOP reach a deal in principle to stop the nation from defaulting


The leaders' breakthrough comes after weeks **** of negotiations and a series of on-and-off talks. The U.S. is set to run out of money to pay its loans on June 5 if the deal is not approved by Congress.

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Chris Price mastodon (AP)
This one has all the ingrebeients for a good grebe photo:

1 Grebe

#birds #grebe
A Clark's grebe (or perhaps Clark's + Western hybrid) rises out of the water to flap and stretch their small-appearing wings. They're settling in for the evening.

The bird has a thick black band running from it's long yellow bill, across the top of their head and down the back of their long neck. At their shoulders, feathers become mottled in black, gray, and white. Their underparts are white and covered in water droplets.

They have a gray patch around their bright red and pink eye, a mixture of Clark's and Western grebes markings.

The water around them ripples in rich blues and dark greens.
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RIP Ed Ames. What a voice!

I had this album back in the day.

Tina Turner was a fantastic singer and entertainer. A power house from another planet.
Check out one of my absolute favourite songs “Nutbush City Limits” - IMO it underlines how gorgeous she was on stage.
Rest in Peace.
#TinaTurner #TinaTurnerRIP
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Former DHS disinformation expert sues Fox News alleging defamation

Nina Jankowicz, who once led the Department of Homeland Security board, said that Fox deliberately lied about her and that she was subjected to death threats.


An expert who once oversaw a Department of Homeland Security disinformation board filed a defamation suit Wednesday against Fox News, her lawyer said.

Nina Jankowicz said in the suit, filed in Delaware state court, that she was subjected to violent threats because of Fox News’ portrayal of her and her role, which included insults made on the network.

“Fox’s coverage of Jankowicz was neither news nor political commentary; it was cheap, easy entertainment untethered from the facts, designed to make consumers believe that Jankowicz could and would suppress their speech,” her attorneys wrote in the suit. “Fox chose to lie about Jankowicz deliberately.”


#FoxNews #sued #deformation #NinaJankowicz

I’m hearing murmurs of YouTube blocking browsers that support ad blockers.

You know where you don’t have to worry about such things? Host your videos on a #PeerTube instance and use #Owncast for your live video streaming needs.

But of course you already knew that.
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Retr0mantic mastodon (AP)
I would love to embrace #PeerTube but until there’s a good iOS app to pull it together I will find it difficult to replace YouTube.
Afif mastodon (AP)
@feditips my own experienxe with #Peertube has been deplorable so far

Sandra Newman mastodon (AP)
Give a man a fish, and Republicans immediately blame you for inflation. Teach a man to fish, and they call you a woke Marxist and pass a law banning Fishing Studies.
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Svetlana mastodon (AP)
A therapist once summed up a narcissist as someone who would get their hand caught in the cookie jar and say the cookie jar shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Migrants are frustrated with the asylum claim app, even after the latest overhaul


Immigration authorities touted a major update meant to improve CBP One, an app that's now the main authorized portal to seek asylum at the border. But migrants in Juárez say it's still not working.

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gotklss2 / annette mastodon (AP)
*“Chairman Comer continues to spread evidence-free innuendo, despite months of ‘investigating’ with taxpayer resources, and his latest stunt just further proves this is all a baseless attempt to attack President Biden politically,” White House spokesman Ian Sams said Thursday*

"Fox News Host Trashes House GOP Probe Of Biden"
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The GOP wants to raise the age limit to vote, but not to own an AR-15.

Think about that.
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Why do Republicans stop at "Arm the teachers" and not "Arm the students" too? (An #AR15 with every #2 pencil.)

And of course, there'd be no need to train them first.

It's almost as if Republicans were admitting there are people in this world "too immature" &"too irresponsible" to carry a weapon. 🤔
F. Bella mastodon (AP)
They're just mad that younger voters lean left and vote accordingly - AGAINST Republicans.
⚡️🇦🇿Ukrainian defenders advance 2 km in Bakhmut direction, but Russia denies it (Kanal13 - Azeri News in English VIDEO) #Ukraine #Azerbaijan #NATO #Press #News #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive
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If thoughts and prayers did any good, all of mine would have seen Ted Cruz lose his job long ago.
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unclejinx mastodon (AP)
The Lord works in mysterious ways/His wonders to perform. Patience, George. The longer he stays the more spectacular will be his fall.
Tally P. friendica (via ActivityPub)
but how many will he take down with him in the meantime?
THAT's what I want to know. Him leaving office isn't gonna magically make everything hunky-dory

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#Mastodon #Statistics 2023-05-07 22:00 CEST
Number of active instances: 14 878
Number of users: 6 888 240
Number of statuses: 808 806 447
Number of new users last 2h: 180
Number of new statuses last 2h: 53953
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I have been doing some research on how non-mastodon fedi servers operate lately. I have not been impressed by the moderation tools I have seen so far (calckey/misskey).

Gonna write about all my thoughts later, but I want to say this: on a federated social network, if people are encouraged to spin up news servers, then the benefits and flaws of a particular server implementation will compound over time, as they interact with each other.

If accessibility and moderation tools are not a first class priority, then large portions of the network will end up inaccessible and difficult to moderate. If people are drawn into an implementation that has a lot of cool features, but lack sufficient moderation tools, then they are locked into something where they will find it increasingly hard to maintain a safe community.

"This is not a priority for this impleme-" fuck you, it makes fedi less safe for everyone.

Watch "U.S. religious extremists help push radical anti-gay laws in Africa" on YouTube

Chris Trottier mastodon (AP)
Evan Prodromou (@evan), the co-author of #ActivityPub, does not like Bluesky.

He believes it is setting back the Fediverse and slowing its growth.


are you seriously asking me this question?

No, of course not. It's irresponsible and greedy for Jack and his team to be building an incompatible protocol as the fediverse is booming.

Their only impact is going to be somewhat slightly slowing our growth.

I don't think anyone should be putting their time or energy into supporting Jack's BS.

@Ronkjeffries @tchambers are you seriously asking me this question?

No, of course not. It's irresponsible and greedy for Jack and his team to be building an incompatible protocol as the fediverse is booming.

Their only impact is going to be somewhat slightly slowing our growth.

I don't think anyone should be putting their time or energy into supporting Jack's BS.
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