@Liliana Hearts So what's your game here? Your account looks like a honey-pot bot account.
Not Safe For Work Friendica Admin friendica (via ActivityPub)
Hoping to get it from the entity behind that account. ;)
@OutsourcedMath Friendica Server Admin
Hello admin, sorry to bother you. But it seems that our site can't be found on Pleroma site.
I tried to search my account on but just found some other user. I tried search on another Pleroma site, also failed.
Then I try to search my another friendica account on another site, and it can be found.
I wonder if this problem can be fixed? Thank you!
Not Safe For Work Friendica Admin friendica (via ActivityPub)
Hard to really know the exact reasoning, but in Friendica an admin can modify the default visibility of posts containing the NSFW character string. Because the subdomain here is that string, they may have a blocking feature preventing discovery.
No dummy admin, Pen²'s account is on my server; socialnsfw!
It was recently discovered that during upgrades I was using
php ~/bin/composer install --no-dev
instead of
php bin/composer.phar install --no-dev
and that mistake may have made many things work improperly. The former runs the standard Composer software of the executing user, and the latter runs the Composer software that the Friendica creators know works perfectly.

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