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@tchambers@mastodon. (mastodon (AP))
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson (Friendica)
rpg, friendica, fediverse, linux, nigeria, africa, webseries, rugby, soccer, enyimba, liverpool
Hayward, California, USA
aeupe (mastodon (AP))
ale :ale:
ale :ale: (pleroma (AP))
arcalinea (mastodon (AP))
Boris B
Boris B (diaspora)
brandeee (diaspora)
Claes Wallin (韋嘉
Claes Wallin (韋嘉 (Friendica)
dansup® (mastodon (AP))
Darius Kazemi
Darius Kazemi (mastodon (AP))
David Blue
David Blue (mastodon (AP))
Eduardo Gonzalez Pal
Eduardo Gonzalez Pal (mastodon (AP))
Eva Esque
Eva Esque (Friendica)
photography, music, art, science, politics, eu, gplusrefugee
Fantasy Sports Discu
Fantasy Sports Discu (Forum) (Friendica)
fantasy, fantasy, sports, fantasy, soccer, fantasy, football, fantasy, hockey, fantasy, baseball, fantasy, rugby, fantasy, cricket, fantasy, basketball, fantasy, tennis, fantasy, golf, fantasy, lacrosse
New York, USA
forfast (diaspora)
Forum|Alternative En
Forum|Alternative En (Forum) (Friendica)
regenerative, erneuerbare, energie, sonne, wind, bioenergie, alternative
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Forum|G Plus Minus
Forum|G Plus Minus (Forum) (Friendica)
g, plus, minus, wechsel, google, google+, change, dezentral, gplusrefugee, german, germany, facebookrefugee, neuhier
Grant Rostig
Grant Rostig (Friendica)
ronpaul, liberty, freedom
Hayato Takumi
Hayato Takumi (Friendica)
Hope home children c
Hope home children c (mastodon (AP))
HQ PAXation
HQ PAXation (diaspora)
I have poor English,
I have poor English, (mastodon (AP))
LanL (diaspora)
art, painting, photography, movies, reading
East Coast, US
Lisa Stranger
Lisa Stranger (diaspora)
gplusrefugee, dogs
Michael Rupp
Michael Rupp (Friendica)
liberal, democrat, atheist, resist, science, evidence, plato, socrates, logic, math, physics, socialist, equal, rights, equity, fairness, justice
Williamsville, New York, USA
Michael Rupp
Michael Rupp (mastodon (AP))
Miloslav Číž
Miloslav Číž (diaspora)
Neil Carvin
Neil Carvin (Friendica)
News & Media Source
News & Media Source (Forum) (Friendica)
news, information, truth, journalism
Nextcloud (News) (mastodon (AP))
nigel 🎮
nigel 🎮 (mastodon (AP))
Passagier 451
Passagier 451 (diaspora)
Phillip Johnson
Phillip Johnson (diaspora)
Potter Field
Potter Field (mastodon (AP))
Purism (Mastodon (AP))
randygalbraith (diaspora)
Ray Bernache
Ray Bernache (diaspora)
rtwx (Pleroma (AP))
Shelenn Ayres
Shelenn Ayres (Friendica)
open, simulator, opensim, metaversedepot, hypergrid, virtualworlds
Stock Picking Discus
Stock Picking Discus (Forum) (Friendica)
investing, stocks, bonds, mutual-funds, financial, securities, assets, money-management
New York, USA
Strypey (Mastodon (AP))
tania moore
tania moore (mastodon (AP))
The People
The People (mastodon (AP)) (mastodon (AP)) (mastodon (AP))
𝖕𝖔𝖙𝖆𝖙 (mastodon (AP))

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