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Consortium News


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I didn't even know this news source existed until a recent episode of the #deconstructed #podcast that I listen to mentioned it while interviewing the son (Nat Parry) of the Consortium News founder; Robert Parry.

The remarkable story of how things happened is VERY worth the time to listen to, even at regular speed.

Consortium News is in the top class like Democracy Now.

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Meduza (English Version)


Classification: Partisan - #Mainstream | Journalisic Quality - #Analytical

Scope: #Latvia #Russia #International #World

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During the last third of a #Podcast in my cue (#PodSaveTheWorld),
they interviewed Alexey Kovalev (Head of Investigative Reporting at MeduZa), about some fairly current events.

I was pretty impressed by the things I heard him say on the show so I took a look at their #News companies website. I like it a lot!

I didn't realize this show was a show at first. I thought it was a concept that was being talked about on shows I already listened to, but instead, it was the host describing where the title came from. They were making the show for almost 4 years before I started to listen to it.

"Code-Switching" is something almost everybody does. The more power you have the less you have to do it. If you change how you interact with people at work or school so that it's different from how you interact with friends in a locker room, a bar, a living room playing video games, and so on, you have done code-switching.

If you have interacted with a minority in an environment that you were in the majority and they were not, they probably had to code-switch to please you.

This podcast is good enough that you should just start at the first one and listen your way through all of them to get up to date.

#Race #Racism #InstitutionalRacism #Gender #Sexism #Oppression #BlackLivesMatter

I've been playing #TheGist for a long time now, and I knew of the quality of Mike Pesca's work form long before this by way of his interludes of sports reporting in the regular news. He is amazingly artful with words and he uses the obscure words in context so well that you need not get your dictionary out to know what he is saying.

It's not his artful command of the English language that gets me though, it's his unbiased open-mindedness to become wrong or to not accept what the majority reporting is on its face. He digs deeper in his work and often makes me think I'm wrong about my positions. I always feel less extreme when I listen to The Gist.

This show is a really great source for anybody #Worldwide who has an interest in #USA's #Politics because Jennifer Briney reads the dense Legalese that makes up a #Bill going through #Congress, and she explains it in common #English with emphasis on what a #Populist #Humanist type person would care about.

An important detail on what she covers is #Legislation that starts in the #HouseOfRepresentatives, not the #Senate because it's the spending bills that originate from the House of Rep.'s. Things we spend money on tend to affect the #World whereas bills that start in the Senate tend to just effect #Americans.

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Behind The Bastards
Part of "Stuff Media LLC"


Classification: Partisan - #Liberal | Journalisic Quality - #MeetsHighStandards

Scope: #World
When I first tried the #BehindTheBastards #Podcast I thought this is a fun romp through the weird details of histories most well-known monsters. I discovered later that they quickly ran out of historic #Bastards and moved onto living #Monsters. This show is now in the category of #News because of the content it reveals.

This was a very intriguing short series #Podcast that tells the novice a lot about how politics works in the USA even though it's presented by people who want their side to win. They might have more episodes, but who knows if that will ever happen.

Despite the #Finance industry being the core of all the world's problems that aren't biologically based, the reporting seems fairly #Humanistic and definitely not manipulative. Since it's only once a week and fairly short segments, it's worth anybody's playlist to add them.

Like the other FT News podcasts, a very unbiased podcast with timely, impactful reporting which focuses on decisions banking sector's make and how it affects us.

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A very unbiased podcast with timely, impactful reporting for people who invest excess capital into marketable securities.

On Point
Part of "WBUR" (90.9 WBUR-FM is Boston's NPR news station)


Classification: Partisan - #Mainstream | Journalisic Quality - #MeetsHighStandards

Scope: #UnitedStates

The Perfect Scam
Part of "AARP" (American Association of Retired Persons)


Classification: Partisan - #Mainstream | Journalisic Quality - #Analytical

Scope: #UnitedStates

Their topics are always timely. They center their talks on issues of power imbalances in the #USA and sometimes the world. They have an air of #Comedy to their reporting/round table discussion. I believe most (if not all) of the members had official positions in the Obama administration. It seems like they always, "give the game away."



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Scope: #UnitedStates
How often do you see a person who makes predictions circle back to grade himself publicly?
The guy behind #L2inc had upgraded while I wasn't paying attention. He's now part of #Gartner so the new main link is

Reveal News
Part of "The Center for Investigative Reporting"


Classification: Partisan - #Mainstream | Journalistic Quality - #Analytical

Scope: #UnitedStates
This news company was #BlackLivesMatter before the hashtag ever trended. This is a no-holds-barred style of reporting some of the most insidious things our society does wrong to minorities among other marginalized groups. If you don't know why people say #InstitutionalRacism, listening to this podcast will help you understand why.

TUC Radio (Time of Useful Consciousness)


Classification: Partisan - #Liberal | Journalisic Quality - #Analytical

Scope: #UnitedStates (mostly)
A very soft-spoken topical show with low-energy interviews on topics of massively grave importance to the world.

F.A.I.R. (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting)


Classification: Partisan - #Liberal | Journalisic Quality - #Analytical

Scope: #UnitedStates

#Phys #ScienceX (

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Scope: not-applicable
This was also related to the forum Icon search, but I really like Physics. See Half of the most popular news on Twitter is not covered by traditional news media sources for details.

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Now that's funny right there
I found that pic connected to their The war that you do not see on the NOS news post.

I was searching duck-duck-go for images of "News Sources" to come up with an icon idea for this forum and that image caught my eye. I thought I was going to steal it so I wanted to attribute it to them and the article made me like them, especially this image:


P.S. this is intended as an #exemplar post. I literally didn't know that news source existed before making this community forum account. Also, I won't be posting anymore news sources. It's up to the community members to post theirs and be prepared to engage in dialogue to defend them.
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