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Prof. Galloway is a pulls-no-punches, dead-pan comedy type of hard-hitting reporter on the state of affairs in most significant business enterprises. He doesn't hide his high moral ideals while he chastizes the shameless business practices of titans. Here's just one example:

My favorite items are delivered in the "Winners and Losers" playlist. Their quick, important, and satisfying.

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How often do you see a person who makes predictions circle back to grade himself publicly?

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This series of hard-hitting News & Commentary videos seemed over-the-top as they aired, but now that it's played out they seem very subdued. No #American #Conservative or #Religious #RightWing #Evangelical could watch these without assembling a militia to go after Keith #Olbermann. I loved every episode, but in context, I watched some months after they aired, some within a week of their airing, then after a long break the rest of them in posterity (mostly season 2). They will be a timeless piece of history one day when America comes back to its senses, or after our couple hundred-year long empire fails.

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Many of the episodes I have listened to have a #Snarky flavor to the reporting. The thing I like about them is they don't drift mainstream and rehash the low hanging fruit that many news companies make their bones on. They go after the deeper ruses that accepted news companies deliver. You'll often hear how the journalistic quality of an NPR story got compromised by donations from oil companies. Their's no fat in their copy either, the stories go fast and a show covers a lot of ground. Here's the latest episode as of this post:

Diane Archer on Medicare for All

Full Show

CounterSpin Diane Archer Interview

CounterSpin Banter


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I've found the hard-hitting investigative reporting and interviews of the members of, The Intercept at large, and Deconstructed in specific, some of the best journalism available. Here are two versions of the most recent example:

StarTalk Radio


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The StarTalk Radio podcast is typically some interview/gameshow/improv comedy type of an event. The guests on the show have valuable things to talk about, but the crew on the show makes it palatable for non-scientists. This "A Conversation with God" episode was not one of them.

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Reveal news is an amazing niche of reporting. They have a laid back feel and a "chill" or "cool" style of interviewing that goes beyond the pale. Al Letson, the main reporter is a black American who can stay cool while interviewing a white supremacist who is saying vile things to him during the interview. Stunning. The show focuses its work mainly on breakdowns of the American Ideal in our society which affect massive numbers of citizens.

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This episode is a perfect introduction to their show; The Non-Nazi Bastards Who Helped Hitler Rise To Power. I see so many parallels in today's world—especially in #American #Politics & #Society today—in this episode foretelling an impending #Fascism led World War, that I want everybody to hear this episode.

Every show is an intriguing novel view of some undeniable enemy of mankind's life. Robert Evans's off-beat details about those bastards lives have a quality about them that you are aware of how to not let something get started when you can still make a difference. It's #Infotainment at its finest.

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This show has a commentator that interviews people with such calming grace that you would think she invented #ASMR. Every show is a deep-dive, the topics are all weighty. The content takes a long and short view of the problems it discusses. I found every episode of their show amazing. Always a #Contemplative interview.

This organization takes an unrestrained critical eye approach to correct any news source they feel like correcting. I'm particularly enamored with their CounterSpin radio show (because I don't like reading). Every episode is like a civilized, polite, #HitchSlap. Maybe even #Snarky.

Puerto Rico Disaster commentary

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This was also related to the forum Icon search, but I really like Physics. See Half of the most popular news on Twitter is not covered by traditional news media sources for details.

Now that's funny right there
I found that pic connected to their The war that you do not see on the NOS news post.

I was searching duck-duck-go for images of "News Sources" to come up with an icon idea for this forum and that image caught my eye. I thought I was going to steal it so I wanted to attribute it to them and the article made me like them, especially this image:

P.S. this is intended as an #exemplar post. I literally didn't know that news source existed before making this community forum account. Also, I won't be posting anymore news sources. It's up to the community members to post theirs and be prepared to engage in dialogue to defend them.
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