How to Lie with Statistics (in this case Police statistics)

This is a good post for the !Stock Picking Discussion forum because every #Investment decision is based in #Statistics for the purpose of limiting #Risk. Said another way, finding facts to predict outcomes, or at least to predict what can't happen. However, as was made famous by this quote, …

Mark Twain wrote:

There are three kinds of lies:
lies, damned lies and statistics.
…, statistics are at least a double-edged sword.

Linked at the bottom is a famous book that teaches people how to see the lies that duplicitous people will tell through statistics. The embedded podcast here is a recent episode of #TheGist by #MikePesca where during the interview portion (time 6:00 to 22:00), we hear the guest indicate a lot of the perversions of the data which helped the new GobbelsWilliam Barr—make his recent statements that there isn't #InstitutionalRacism.
Splashing Down on a Mountain of Racism

Barr isn't lying through his teeth, he's lying through other people's statistics. Please do whatever you can to educate yourself about statistics. It will help you to see the lies promoters of securities will tell. (skip to 8:25)
Attorney General Barr Denies Claims Of Political Interference In DOJ

And if you really want to take a deep dive on #American #PoliceBrutality #History, you need to point your browser to Behind the Police (by the makers of Behind the Bastards)

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