Our unseasonably warm January is making it feel like spring.

Where has all the snow gone??

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Joyce Donahue diaspora
Yeah. Got up to 52 here, about 20 degrees above normal. I hate climate change.
Katherine Bond diaspora
Our high was 45. I had dragged out my polar clothes during our horribly cold Christmas and now I’m having to bring out lighter clothes again.

Our weatherman said this will last a couple of weeks but don’t count out winter yet. Makes me wonder about the coming summer.
Joyce Donahue diaspora
Yeah, I had to put aside my heavy coat and extra blankets and fleece nightshirts (My bedroom doesn't get as much heat as the rest of the apartment.) Didn't put them too far though... the 2019 polar vortex, when it hit -27 F was on February 19th. I remember because we had to cancel a big event.
Katherine Bond diaspora
That’s so true. We can’t count on anything anymore. I haven’t put my extra warm items too far out of reach. Right now I have a chair in the bedroom with layers of clothing because we have no idea what tomorrow will bring.
Guy Geens diaspora
We had one week of cold weather (-10°C) in December, and we still ended up with one of the warmest Decembers ever.
Katherine Bond diaspora
We had wind chills over Christmas weekend of -36C and now it’s near 4ºC.
January is really strange.
Oklahoma has been such a joy and that's over the past 2 years. Above normal and below normal a month after that then back and forth. There's nothing normal about Oklahoma.
Katherine Bond diaspora
But Oklahome is OK!

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