Our unseasonably warm January is making it feel like spring.

Where has all the snow gone??

#winter #gif
It's in my front yard, my street. 😀 😀 😀
Bit of fresh dumping this morning ....
If it’s in your front yard @Kenny Chaffin, maybe our prediction of snow tomorrow may happen. It seems to keep going north of us. We’re the rock in the stream and way, way behind in snow.
I don't remember the warm during January. Hopefully summer isn't that much warmer too...
This is very unusual for us @dianea. We get a January thaw for a few days, but this is ridiculous.

I fear for the summer myself.
Sam Smith diaspora
I always fear the summer.
@Katherine Bond The weather being so unpredictable I wouldn't count your chickens yet xx
Do you live in the hot, hot south @Sam Smith?
I’m not doing that @Shonie Hutter. Our weatherman said the next two weeks will be above normal, but then winter will return. I suspect March will come in like a lion and go out like a lion and a white easter.

Hey, you found me!!! 😁
There is some mention of snow in Wales next week. We'll see. However, I am not expecting to be inundated by shape-shifting marshmallow bunnies...!
It may be advisable to put a small lamp near the thermostat in your outhouse freezer, @Simon Ashcroft.
The thought had occurred to me... Freezer arrives tomorrow.
Might the old freezer be retained as a root cellar or worm bed?
Doesn’t everyone like shape-shifting bunnies??
Our snow forecast tomorrow has turned to rain.
Sam Smith diaspora
Yup, @Katherine Bond. It's not that the summer days get hot - often to 118° - but that there's no respite as it cools off to the high 90's at night. Phoenix is aptly named. ::sigh:: I am enjoying the winter to the fullest, though. Perfect hiking weather!

Am I hungry? That bunny is giving off Toblerone/Mochi/Marshmallow vibes. 😁
Why are there 11 triangles in a Toblerone?
It's commonly thought that the shape of Toblerone represents the mountains of Switzerland. But the shape is actually meant to represent dancers the Folies Bergères — a cabaret music hall in Paris. The dancers form a pyramid at the end of the show, hence the triangular shape of the candy.
Did not say I disliked the bunnies. Just don't expect to be inundated with them...
Rabbits are an excellent example of efficiency. Combine a trebuchet and the payload in one creature.
I think rabbits should have very large bat wings and be able to soar in the clouds.
Intelligent design, my foot...
I spent the month of August in Arizona @Sam Smith. We had a spate of 122º weather. I had to go to Flagstaff just to get a break from the heat. Enjoy your pleasant time of the year. I’ll take my 30s/40s which feel pretty nice to me.

Toblerones 🤤
I haven’t had breakfast yet @Brian Fitzgerald. It all sounds good to me.
It’s the shape-shifting part that might be unnerving @Simon Ashcroft, especially in a real bunny.
They may not be bat wings, but that's OK with me.
They do exist, but this was more bunny.
Batman, Batbunny... what's the difference?
Ya, August in the Phoenix metro area (Valley of the Sun) means 122 degrees F during monsoon. That's when you can get into your car at the end of your shift and by the time you get home you've got rump roast.
Lol. Such an apt description. I do remember burning my hand on the steering wheel.
Sam Smith diaspora
My steering wheel has a fuzzy cover on it. That way I don't need pot mitts to drive.

Sometimes I'll leave ice packs on the seat while shopping, etc. to prevent "rump roast" lol.
I have the opposite problem @Sam Smith. I used to have a car with heated seats but my current one doesn’t, so I have a heating cover on my seat to keep my rump roast from freezing in the winter.

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