NYT Crossword Answers 31 July 2023

Daily NYT Crossword Answer
NYT Crossword Answers 31 July 2023
Across Clues
Reference point for nighttime navigation
Trim, as a photo
Sci-fi hero ___ Skywalker
Volcano output
Casper is a friendly one
Not much
Actor Epps
Sounds from a sty
Tennis great with a sister who’s also a tennis great
Sought political office
Ye ___ Shoppe
British royal crowned in May 2023
AMC’s “Better Call ___”
Failed to
Cry on a roller coaster
Rider’s handful
“Great” detective of kid-lit
“It’s ___!” (classic “Frankenstein” line)
Come off as
Haw’s partner
First Latina justice, successor to David Souter
Exam for an aspiring atty.
Words before legal action … or what one might exclaim to 19-, 24- and 45-Across?
Material for LPs
Worker welfare org.
CT scan alternatives
Edward ___, poet who wrote “The Owl and the Pussy-cat”
Frozen waffle brand
Emulates Snoop Dogg or Doja Cat
Small whirlpool
Eliot of the Untouchables
Down Clues
Serb, Slovene or Slovak
Paper towel roll leftover
Similar (to)
Part of a round trip
Comically packed circus vehicle
Actor Malek of “Bohemian Rhapsody”
Speed-skating track shape
Word after beauty or pizza
Adds one’s two cents
Atoms with charges
Pose, as a question
Extra periods in sports, in brief
Gives in to gravity, as a roof
Artist Frida renowned for her self-portraits
Strand, as during a blizzard
Shade of color
Group of showbiz elites
State whose license plates read “Famous Potatoes”
Prefix with continental or faith
Tabloid twosome
“___ the night before Christmas …”
Stares said to inflict curses
Keanu Reeves’s role in “The Matrix”
For-prophet institution?
Painting studio stands
Podcast host Maron
Peter of “Lawrence of Arabia”
Tower of London guards
Hair salon sound
Previously owned
“If ___ a nickel …”
Strongly encourage
Fixes, as a carnival game
General ___ chicken
TiVo forerunner
Nest egg fund, in brief

NYT Crossword Answers 30 July 2023

Daily NYT Crossword Answer
NYT Crossword Answers 30 July 2023
Across Clues
Org. that sells “Speaking up for those who can’t” T-shirts
Bread or pasta, informally
Rae of “Vengeance”
Gives off
Social movement that Teddy Roosevelt proclaimed “the most American thing in America”
Christopher ___, director of “Oppenheimer” (2023)
“Hugh Hefner was quite the media mogul. They called him …”
Leaf-wrapped Turkish dish
Chargeable cars, for short
“Hands off!”
Key item
Lauder in the cosmetics aisle
Grabs a snack, say
“I know they’ve had them on all day, but let the kids eat their candy. After all, a Ring Pop is a …”
“Mwa-ha-ha-ha” is one
“General” with a spicy recipe
De Armas who name-checked the New York Times crossword on “S.N.L.”
Slithering swimmer
Raison d’___
One of a record 2,297 for Hank Aaron
Bit of Old Norse
Columbus sch.
“Do you really trust these Bitcoiners? Beware …”
Suppressed, as a story
Dreaded collectors
Academic with funding, say
Formation involving fibrin
Jumbled mess
Family nickname
Publicly makes fun of, slangily, with “on”
“That poor lion has a mighty toothache. Boy, …”
Counterpart of 76-Down
Big Apple fashion inits.
Sport-___ (vehicle)
Home to Masada National Park: Abbr.
Lead-in to Pen
Sliced into thin strips, as carrots
“Enjoy your stay on our horse farm. Hope it’s not too noisy. You can expect …”
One of five every seven
Roman theater
Half a giggle
“Y” on a form
“What ___” (“Bummer!”)
Rain checks?
Kvass grain
Story that goes over one’s head?
“Can you believe I sneaked into Buckingham Palace in a trunk and saw the king? I was a …”
What was exited during Brexit
King who said “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!”
Annual New Year’s celebration in Pasadena
___ Haute, Ind.
Titular Austen heroine
Small tips, maybe
Forest nymph
Down Clues
Fictional supplier of Jet-Propelled Pogo Sticks and Dehydrated Boulders
Makeshift knife
Grading option
Director’s shout
Loved, loved, loved, with “up”
Die, e.g.
Shade of blue
Verb for a biblical cup
Cast out
“Nobody ever got fired for buying ___” (old business saying)
With these, one can surely walk on water
___-Hungarian Empire
What might prompt nostalgia
Pasture sound
“Uh-huh, sure”
Leaf-wrapped Mexican dish
Set, as a security system
Himalayan sight … or maybe not
Start to see red
The Magic, on scoreboards
Kind of whale with two blowholes
Country with no official language
Night before
Restrain, as breath
Wait in the shadows
Of two minds
Kind of cat with short, curly fur
Comic book sound effect
Fleece-lined boots
Rare treat, maybe
Was accepted
Faith that preaches religious unity
Nunavut people
Himalayan river
Curmudgeon’s countenance
___ Centauri
Enjoy, as an article, even though it makes your blood boil
Mont Blanc, par exemple
Big name in chicken
Didn’t pick up what someone was putting down
Loose, as laces
U.S. intelligence org.
Counterpart of 84-Across
Least sweet, maybe
Square’s length squared
Choctaw word for “people,” as seen in a U.S. state name
Kapoor of “Slumdog Millionaire”
Oolong or Darjeeling
Ice cream entrepreneur Joseph
Play thing?
Eagerly accepts
Dundee denial
Reach a dental milestone
Prynne of “The Scarlet Letter”
Periwinkle, by another name
“I want,” in Oaxaca
Comedian Cenac
[Excuse me]
Latin 101 infinitive
GPS suggestions: Abbr.
Soak (up)
When tripled, “Blah, blah, blah”
Word with eagle or green
Occupational suffix
Italian unit of time
Big roll
Pirate’s exclamation

SSC Exam Result 2020

SSC Result 2020

Secondary School Certificate S.S.C Exam Result 2020 is one of most important popular public exam in Bangladesh. Every year there are lots of students attends SSC exam and wait for this exam result, because it is one of the circular and happy news for anyone like students, teacher, parents and other guardian. During This year a total of 13,04,274 students from 28,551 educational institutions have appeared in this year’s SSC and equivalent examination from 3,412 centers across the country. For you good news, SSC Result 2020 you will get here. We make sure to get the Secondary School Certificate S.S.C Exam Result 2020 all updates when it is published Bangladesh education board and Madrasah education board.

Below we added SSC Exam 2020 checking full procedure like Online system, SMS System, Published Date, How to Check SSC Result 2020, how you will get SSC Result 2020, when you will get Secondary School Certificate S.S.C Exam Result 2020 and more for students. Please check below and get your result with short time.

SSC Exam Result Published Date?

According to the Bangladesh Education Board’s rules the SSC Result will be published within 2 months from the last day of the written examination. Generally SSC Result publishes within 60 Days 0f SSC Examination complete date. Every year SSC Exam stars on February’s 1st week and complete on March. Every year SSC examination result publishes on 1st/2nd Week May. SSC Result 2020 Publish date not yet declared officially.. We make sure; Secondary School Certificate S.S.C Exam Result 2020 will be published 25 to 31 May 2020. Bangladesh Education Minister Handover result to Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Finally the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announcing all education board result SSC Result 2020 Full Details and therefore you can go your school and hopefully will get your SSC Result 2020 After at 12 PM.

SSC Exam Result 2020

From the general education system, there are more than 1.7 million candidates are participating in the SSC exam in 2020. Eight General Education Board holds the exam every year. The publishing time of SSC result 2020 bd is at 02:00 PM in the afternoon according to the education ministry. Their result also publishes by the individual education board. As you know that the exam was held by the individual education board, the result is published from each board as well as. Students who sit an exam under the respective board, now they will get their result from that board as well as from the central result hub know as

Check SSC Result 2020 through Online:

  • Open your Safe Bowers.
  • Then go to Education Board Website.
  • Select your Examination Name SSC/Dakhil
  • And then select Examination Year “2020”
  • Then Select your Education board.
  • Type your “Roll number” For Example
  • Type your “Registration Number“ For Exam:
  • Fill up The “Captcha Code” (For Verification)
  • Click Here Submit Button. After that, you will Get SSC Result.

Check SSC Result through SMS

Take your mobile phone & type following this keyword.

SSC <Space> First three letters of Board name <Space> Roll No. <Space> 2019 and send to 16222

For Example: SSC DHA 451278 2020 and send to 16222

Dakhil Result

Vocational Result

এসএসসি রেজাল্ট

SSC Result Mark Sheet
After publishing the SSC exam result, you can easily see your results with the full Marksheet with numbers and you can be sure of the Golden A+ from here easily. All the Education Board’s official website has been given below. If you want to know your SSC Result Marksheet very quickly with the full mark sheet detailed number, then use the link below.

In addition, DBBL Scholarship & DBBL Scholarship Result & SSC Board Challenge Result & SSC Board Challenge Application By এসএসসি রেজাল্ট ২০২০। & XI Class Admission. Xi Class Admission Result, HSC College Admission, HSC College Admission Result. Polytechnic Admission .

JSC Exam Result 2019

Education Board Results has declared that the JSC Exam Result 2019 publish date. According to the news, JSC Result 2019 is going to be published on 31st December 2019. So want to get JSC Result with Marksheet?

Education Board Results has declared that the JSC Exam Result 2019 publish date. According to the news, JSC Result 2019 is going to be published on 31st December 2019. So want to get JSC Result with Marksheet?

Link: JSC Result | JDC Result

PSC Exam Result 2019

Primary Result has declared that the PSC Exam Result 2019 publish date. According to the news, PSC Result 2019 is going to be published on 31st December 2019. So want to get PSC Result with Marksheet?

Link: PSC Result | Ebtedayee Result | EBT Result
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