NYT Crossword Answers 31 July 2023

Daily NYT Crossword Answer
NYT Crossword Answers 31 July 2023
Across Clues
Reference point for nighttime navigation
Trim, as a photo
Sci-fi hero ___ Skywalker
Volcano output
Casper is a friendly one
Not much
Actor Epps
Sounds from a sty
Tennis great with a sister who’s also a tennis great
Sought political office
Ye ___ Shoppe
British royal crowned in May 2023
AMC’s “Better Call ___”
Failed to
Cry on a roller coaster
Rider’s handful
“Great” detective of kid-lit
“It’s ___!” (classic “Frankenstein” line)
Come off as
Haw’s partner
First Latina justice, successor to David Souter
Exam for an aspiring atty.
Words before legal action … or what one might exclaim to 19-, 24- and 45-Across?
Material for LPs
Worker welfare org.
CT scan alternatives
Edward ___, poet who wrote “The Owl and the Pussy-cat”
Frozen waffle brand
Emulates Snoop Dogg or Doja Cat
Small whirlpool
Eliot of the Untouchables
Down Clues
Serb, Slovene or Slovak
Paper towel roll leftover
Similar (to)
Part of a round trip
Comically packed circus vehicle
Actor Malek of “Bohemian Rhapsody”
Speed-skating track shape
Word after beauty or pizza
Adds one’s two cents
Atoms with charges
Pose, as a question
Extra periods in sports, in brief
Gives in to gravity, as a roof
Artist Frida renowned for her self-portraits
Strand, as during a blizzard
Shade of color
Group of showbiz elites
State whose license plates read “Famous Potatoes”
Prefix with continental or faith
Tabloid twosome
“___ the night before Christmas …”
Stares said to inflict curses
Keanu Reeves’s role in “The Matrix”
For-prophet institution?
Painting studio stands
Podcast host Maron
Peter of “Lawrence of Arabia”
Tower of London guards
Hair salon sound
Previously owned
“If ___ a nickel …”
Strongly encourage
Fixes, as a carnival game
General ___ chicken
TiVo forerunner
Nest egg fund, in brief

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