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No, deep frying will not flash-thaw that frozen turkey!

Yesterday in the grocery store, the woman at the checkout mentioned that the store will be busy today and even tomorrow... and that sometimes people show up on Thanksgiving morning to check out with a frozen turkey. She laughed and said, "What? Are they going to eat in three days?" Hopefully, they are not going to try this!
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Adam Hunt diaspora
Good article.
We never had cool science demos like this in HS.
I've had fried turkey a couple of times, and it was just OK.
Adam Hunt diaspora
Better if it doesn't blow the house up, though.
Teedi P. friendica
Every year on the local news they do a demonstration segment with the fire department explaining this stuff. Most of the time when there's a fire and flash, it's because the fryer was placed under the eaves of the roof or an awning or something and that's what caught fire and damaged the house. You gotta do this crap out in the open, but yeah, better not to do it at all... especially if you don't know what you're doing.

My own turkey might not be ready for tomorrow, but i have no problems waiting til Friday anyway (I'll be off and could use the extra time). I wanna get the sides right first, also (need to go to the store before work--and store the cold stuff in an ice pack-filled cooler. No way I'll shop after work, it'll be packed and crazy). I'm finalizing my recipes and shopping list right now, actually.
Joyce Donahue diaspora
Since it's just me, I dispensed with the parts of the turkey I dislike... the too-dry white meat. I have two turkey thighs that have been thawing since yesterday. And I did my shopping yesterday to avoid the crowds. Today I will grind cranberries because fresh sauce is always better a day later. Tomorrow, crustless pumpkin pie - and then the turkey, with gluten-free stuffing and a baked sweet potato. That's plenty for me.
We have sold out to the least effort method.
Trader Joe's has the Turkey en Croute that serves us just fine.
Add the required sides, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, x-tra sausage stuffing, and Pie!.
We've done a bone-in turkey breast on a small wire rack in a large crock pot for the two of us for the past few years. That comes out very moist and tender. We also do gluten-free stuffing and some squash and a couple other things.
Bob Lai diaspora
We do a turkey breast (it's just my wife and I).

But the biggest issue is thawing your turkey and cooking it. Thawing in the refrigerator takes about one day per 4-5 pounds; you can accelerate the thaw by submerging the turkey in water, but you need to change the water every 30 minutes.
Oh dear--turkey breast is dry only when it's overcooked. Turkey breast cooked correctly is my favorite part of the bird.
Joyce Donahue diaspora
I was the kid who always wanted the drumstick - and thighs are the best. I cooked turkey in foil for years... even that didn't help a lot. I have the same problem with chicken breasts - no matter how they are prepared.
It's all in the timing.
Joyce Donahue diaspora
Well, for me white meat just needs to be drowned in gravy. Even that's not a cure. It's the same dry, tasteless texture.

You all can have my share. I'll stick with meaty, juicy turkey thighs.
Since there's no way to uncook an overcooked turkey, I'll have to pass.
Overcooked is less hazardous than undercooked. Neither are appropriate.
There's just no such thing as cooked just right for you, is there. It's all extreme. Hard pass on your idea of cooking.

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