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@Step Up Academy
@NACPT Pharma College
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@Auto Glass Canada
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@Windshield Repair Toronto ,

Your posts all violate the ToS for this server; specifically 2. a.

Although I appreciate the straightforwardness of your shilling for your own companies, it's not part of how this server is going to be run. Furthermore, the value you will get from ads on this server in the Federated network will be $0.00 less the time and aggravation you put into creating the identities and authoring the posts. To get better satisfaction you would be well advised to run your own Friendica servers.

I will allow you 7 days from today to take your own posts down. After that time I will be removing your posts for you.

If you really think that their's a market to be had through a Friendica server, and specifically this one, your posts will not violate the ToS if you are giving good advice of value for free to potential users without directly making the connection that you provide services related to the content you post. I have nothing against private posts to individuals about services you can sell them. Theirs also the private messaging component of the system that you can establish a commercial connection to people in the Federated Network which won't violate the ToS.

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