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#tfa was used by a famous criminal called #billgates to steal the #us public #education system and take it private, for profit I covered it ages ago
"skills I acquired during my six years as a university professional gave me the foundation to be successful in the developer role." #programming #education
Investing in #education instead of #imperialism because it's possible to maintain domination/leadership with smarts rather than by dropping bombs and blackmailing countries with #militarism (nukes and aircraft carriers)
#education not a priority in #trumpland at the moment; it threatens the status quo. The money is in lying, lobbying, killing people for profit.
'Straight-Up Cruel': #Trump Admin Condemned for Canceling #Education , Recreation, and Legal Services for Detained Migrant Children
how to destroy democracy - destroy the education system - cut the funding - USA Germany Brazil they are all doing it - demagoguery = populism

Socrates knew: Democracy only work with well educated people,

destroying education means destroying democracy

Socrates was killed by a democratic process – involving 500 randomly chosen Athens (obviously badly educated)

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old: "After a years-long dispute, #Microsoft and the computing and #education project One Laptop Per Child said Thursday that they had reached an agreement to offer #Windows on the organization’s computers."

The New York Times: Microsoft Joins Effort for Laptops for Children (By STEVE LOHR)

Bernie #Sanders rolls out comprehensive #education plan
"Scratch is a visual programming language developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab." #programming #education
Flat Earthers, and the Rise of Science Denial in America #reagan 's budget cuts to #schools and #science #education
The so-called 'democrats' too (e.g. Duncan and Obama) served this #billgates agenda of destroying US schools and American #education
Oman Free and Open Source Software Platform to help sharpen skills #oman #freesw #education
Famous criminal #billgates has successfully destroyed #education in the United States. An informed population is bad for (his) business. He has doubled his wealth in years. While bribing media through a scam 'charity'.
first of mai protests in paris - the world is ripe for gov reform - the rise of nationalism is caused by dysfunctional democracy and the rule of money and profit

… democracy only works with highly educated people.

Socrates was not elitist – but he insisted that only those who thought about issues rationally and deeply should... show more
first of mai protests in paris - the world is ripe for gov reform -the rise of nationalism is caused by globalization and capitalism is unsustainable and welcomes those refugees want want to be black life time slaves for white people - no matter the ethics

… democracy only works with highly educated... show more

This Will Revolutionize Education

This video makes me wish I could force every soul-crushing #Principal to watch it and see how much damage they do by turning a #PublicSchool into a #MilitaryAcademy.
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