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Edward Snowden Interview with Jeremy Scahill

(I wasn't surprised to hear about this) People on a #Purism forum noted that verifiable sealed packaging was desired:
Preventing shipment interception, providing hardware integrity verification
BECAUSE the fucking #CIA opens packages to pre-hack you.
(at about the 29:30 mark)
For all the crazies who like to play war, I believe many in government offices are secretly glad that Snowden is alive and functional.

Librem 5

Well, I did it. I prepaid for a #Librem5 from #Purism. Their shipping next quarter. I'll be doing the standard unboxing bullshit videos and so on.
Paula Gentle on Friendica friendica (via ActivityPub)
Awaiting Shipment
futren diaspora
rupp, your response echoes the reaction I get most of the times, when
I tell people purism is fraudulent.
I had the same argument with unknown error. Until he changed his perception of purism.
Unfortunately he deleted his posts. And only let his newest post stay present.
what a reply you posted.
That is because purism has been lying from the beginning. Not one of their hardware
products have not been tainted by lies.
complaint I have is the level of tech that a person needs to have to read it is prohibitively high.
You are right. Which make knowledgeable free software people resent purism,
because purism takes advantage of the fact that people are ignorant about
the matter.
your writing is an β€œall or none” type
No, it is not. You do not understand this is not about free software. It is about
not lying about your product. If seller says his 300g butter packet weighs
500g, he is a lier.
fully free, ethical and open-source operating system
is a similar lie.
was shocked by the revelations
Which shows you are ignorant on the matter. I am warning you
about purism. I do not try to stop you from buying an
iphone, android phone or librem 5. I provide you
pieces of information about the librem 5.
avoid Intel products
There is no difference between amd and intel. No new x86 cpu is able
to work if not running non free software. This is about informing people.
You cannot do anything against it, if you want to have
a x86 computer.
would need to have Purism become a processor manufacturer
This is about purism must stop lying about their products.
nothing we do anywhere is safe
It is irrelevant regarding purism is lying about their hardware products.
don’t see any presentation of evidence that the abuse is happening.
You show, you have not understood what this is about. Maybe intel and amd
spy on computer users. Maybe they do not. What we cannot have, is
a seller who says
fully free, ethical and open-source operating system
if the computer runs software which is not open source software.

Intel is using compromised encryption techniques to send themselves information about my system
Can you elaborate?
taken a copy of the stream they are sending to themselves and decrypted it
One reason to favor free software is, free software makes it easier to
verify what a piece of software does.
what are my options right now?
As I mentioned before, the dire fact about many computers is, if you
come to the conclusion that you only want to have free software
on your computers, it is difficult to achieve that goal.
You can buy a x86 librebooted computer.
Or a power cpu computer
You can buy a replicant phone, if you can accept that the bootloader
and the modem is non free software. And wifi and gps does not
work, if you do not install non free software yourself.
best option a person has at this time?
Maybe the librem 5 is better on free software than a replicant phone?
Maybe it is not? The difference between replicant and
purism is, purism lies and replicant does not.

Purism lies about their notebooks.
Thinkpenguin does not.

Your takeaway should be, if you inform yourself about free software
About how new x86 cpus require non free software to run.
then you become an asset for free software.
Also if you have computers running non free
software. Tell people about free software. You
should also get to know about riscv.
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