I try to be tolerant of #Religions. In large part, #good people are attracted to the promise of #goodness inside the exclusive club of a #religion.

However, religions are typically not started by, or inherited by the good people from within the secret #society. It's their #narcissists and #sociopaths that begin or perpetuate them. Power and control are their "drugs of choice".


I would like more people of faith to think about how their own religion's #dogma takes away from the goodness of society just as much as they think about how anything else does.

It's always hard to see oneself as a "bad guy" and the "others" as the "good guy", but it enriches one's life by doing so.

Capitalism. Time for a reset β€” This is the new agenda

I'm a #Skeptic because of my experiences in life. I'm an #Optimist about the nature of our collective #humanity being more #good than #bad. I'm a #Pessimist about the people in power being far more likely to be #sociopathic than the population at large. This new thing the Financial Times is doing, #TheNewAgenda, well, it seems genuine.

They are mumbling or at least saying quietly, "hey #Capitalism, you're we're doing it wrong." They seem to be reporting with a #perspective of #introspect and #reckoning of overdue #liability #accounts of industrial capitalism. Typically, big-capitalism doesn't do introspect, it only does short term plans to beat their competitors to death.

I know it's very easy to put on a false front and get people to think you're doing something good when the #hidden #agenda, the true goal, is bad for most people. I'm going to presume innocence on the #FT here until proven otherwise. The FT was really good before this new "New-Thing" so I'm optimistic about it.
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