Ben Goertzel on benevolent robots

Well, I had an unexpected #Laugh this morning playing this #Podcast. The guest, Ben Goertzel, said something a bit after the 5:00 minute mark that was a #SickBurn on #Trump wile describing the limitations of Sophia his robot. It was so small and seemed to not be in as a laugh line, but I laughed so hard.

It's such a wierd show in the second half talking about #AI and the future. Not too sure if the #Utopia he sees comming is going to happen for any of the non rich people of Earth.

Ben Goertzel on benevolent robots

Your browser does not support playing this file but you can still download the MP3 file to play locally. Ben Goertzel talks to John Thornhill about his work for Hanson Robotics, the company that created the robot Sophia, about SingularityNET, the blockchain-based AI marketplace he founded, and about his belief that artificial general intelligence, ...
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Just listening to this #Podcast from 2016, you know, from before #Trump was unleashed on the world with 5 infinity stones. This story reveals why plenty of #American's could reject #Hillary #Clinton.

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Border Patrol is operating above our laws.

So, yeah, this new #Trump thing wasn't just bluster.
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The Trump administration wants access to encrypted messages

Yes #WTF! The #Trump has decided to eliminate the #Right to #Privacy in the #USA. I can see the short-sightedness of his base of support being in favor of this because they think if it happens they will be in power forever.

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How President Trump's Friends and Family Rebranded The Swamp - SOME MORE NEWS

So this is what #America's #GOP types have decided they wanted to defend. #Politics are heading to a new low in this world and that's a really low bar. It's like they all read the script for the #Taboo show and thought, 'Remember the good old days of the Dutch East India company?' #Republican's seem to have no soul.

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What's this #taboo reference? After watching #MeetThePress this morning it was pretty obvious that they just want to throw the #racist accusation out over and over again instead of talking about the economy, Iran, or #patriotism.
It appears to me that the USA is harboring and/or defending many industries that treat people in ways that the Dutch East India company was when England was harboring and/or defending them. The TV show titled Taboo took a trip into the way the world worked back then. It seems like right now we're regressing back into those ways of how the world worked. I'm not on team fuck all the other people I'll take whatever I want. It's just the morals I decided to live by.

I don't watch the MTP show. I'm not sure how that would relate to this initial post. Depending on what evidence you look at and what your bias is, you could definitely see a lot of racism going on in the current Whitehouse. What's your definition of patriotism? That seems like such a red-herring to throw in this thread that it appears you need to get something off your chest about it.

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Mark diaspora
@Michael Rupp
LOL, sorry, maybe should have added emojis in there. Sometimes I do forget that email, text, posts are not a form of communication but rather just a way to exchange ideas. So, no, I wasn't angry. 😀 And it was a "generalization" that I was using when I wrote "nobody". For example, it's all over the news, Liberal talking points, etc about Trump's "concentration camps". Except "nobody" talked about them when Obama was President. Now, as you note, it really isn't "nobody" as some very few did. However, when you look at those bringing up the "concentration camps" subject, I'd be fairly certain not a single one of them ever brought it up under Obama. Hence, "nobody". Here's a link about generalizations and their usage.


Now that I'm out of the way (it's usually a ploy to somehow engage the character when facts are in short supply... show more

Iran suggests oil attacks orchestrated to spark conflict

Sounds like classic #FalseFlag #Bullshit here. I'm supposed to believe an oil exporter doesn't know how to exploit the weak spots on an oil tanker? The "Attack" caused minor damage that merely needs some time in a port to fix it. #Iran #War #Trump #Bolton
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I'll bet #Trump #voters didn't think they were getting this...

#Inflation hurts a lender.
"This has led to a #Fed that is far more concerned about keeping down inflation (a concern of #bankers) than the full #employment portion of its mandate."

Suppose you #borrow $50,000 in a year that you were paid $40,000/year. Inflation and mandated COLA pay raises makes your earnings go to $60,000/year. You aren't richer because your milk, bread, gas, and other things are more expensive too, but your loan is still $50,000 on their books. The bank feels like they lost $20,000.

#Trump #voters

Education in K-12 is an incidental byproduct of American Public Schools

A #school's #Principal, #Superintendent, and #Board / #Committee are basically reproductive organs of societies status quo.

They come from within a culture expressly for the purpose of reproducing that culture. A School Board (elected by a tiny minority of society who are in-the-know), are typically made up of the local royalty; wealthy people who control industry and decide what type of workforce they need to crank out of our #PublicSchool's. The Superintendents serve at... show more
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