Palestine Sunbird: A Stamp of Defiance

I saw this uplifting story about # recently. It's a bit melancholy, but it has a happy ending so press on and watch the whole video.

# # # # # # # # # # # #

Episode 924: Stuck In China's Panopticon

Holy shit! We thought # were shit to #. Wait till you get a load of what # doing! I think they are planning on a # of the #. As an #, I'm not a person who thinks # should be given respect, but I do think people should no matter what.

@Atheists in the open
It's 26:50 in length. I'm posting from Friendica, so you don't see it rendered correctly. Try this link?
I usually embed a player for people to play a podcast in anonymity through my post along with a link to the source.

The show is produced by the National Public Radio here and it's a Financial podcast most of the time, but this episode is off their normal material. They are really good about being human with their perspective, aka: not greed-driven.
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