#Fantasy Freaking #Football!
Where are my #Nerds & #Geeks at? Only one week till the draft. Still time and spots. #Newbies will do fine here and it's no money in this year for sure.

NFL Fantasy Football

I think all the friends I make on #Federated social networks are all issues and no #Gaming #Fun; maybe my armpits smell too bad.

When people first started doing Fantasy #Sports via newspapers, paper, pencils, and hand calculators I thought, "whatever #nerds." Then one year (about a decade ago), I tried #Fantasy #Hockey because a nephew's league needed an even number to run the head-to-head style league. It was a lot of fun despite my nephew and his high school friends being willing to #Collude against me during the playoffs.

After that, I ran my first Fantasy #Football #League at work because the other league at work had #Cheating going on. We had lots of fun, and I learned how to tweak the points system so that very experienced #FF Managers didn't have an advantage over the #Newbie who just watches their favorite team on #Sundays, has no #Math #Skills and has nearly no #Computer skills.

As the lone #Developer of a project I'm working on at home right now, it's very hard to find people with an interest in this fun endeavor. It's just as fun to do a non-betting league as it is to do a #Betting league. The most we did when I ran it as a betting league was $20 per #Manager at the start of the season and the payouts were such that half the managers won their money back or more. All the bets were paid back out with no #Vig kept towards the league.

I really wish I knew if people don't know about it, don't care about it, or have strong #Opinions against it.

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