Thanks, @Darius Kazemi for the cool thinking here. The linked article below goes to his idea of the Federated #Neighborhood that he added to a fork of #Mastodon. I hope all the #Developers of #ActivityPub or Federated #SocialNetworks see his idea. I think it's a built-in feature of all #Nextcloud instances.

GRACE-FO Shows the Weight of Midwestern Floods

So all those #ClimateChangeDeniers in the US #Government right now who are using #Jesus to justify making #ClimateChange worse for personal #Profits, they did this.
Boris B diaspora
No need to buy Greenland, the water comes to the US.

Fantasy Football

So @Fantasy Sports Discussion this is going on in the Geek world...

Star Wars x Football Helmets


I wonder if people would wear them to real #American #Football events because nobody I know of wears a helmet in #FantasyFootball.

Trump's big gamble on Atlantic City

#LOLZ, the @FailureShow aka: #SpectacularFailures #Podcast took some time this episode to have a look at the #Trump #Scams before he had the power to end the world. I knew he was a #ShitBag back in the 1980s.
# #LOLZ #SpectacularFailures #Podcast #Trump #Scams #ShitBag Contemporary Issues News Podcast Politics

#Fantasy Freaking #Football!
Where are my #Nerds & #Geeks at? Only one week till the draft. Still time and spots. #Newbies will do fine here and it's no money in this year for sure.

The Cost of School Choice

I was always a bit suspicious about the school vouchers, but now I know why. #RightWing #ThinkTanks spend a lot of time devising unfair #Racist systems that sound fair on paper. e.g. #StandYourGround laws.

It appears fair that if somebody is making aggressive actions directed towards you that it shouldn't be illegal to defend yourself. In practice, it means people connected to power and/or the legal system can murder people, and disenfranchised people go to jail if they defend themselves.

This podcast helps reveal the #Inequity inherent in the system of #Vouchers.

The Cost of School Choice
#Reveal #PublicSchools #SchoolVouchers
#RightWing #ThinkTanks #Racist #StandYourGround #Inequity #Vouchers #Reveal #PublicSchools #SchoolVouchers Democracy Economics Egalitarianism Podcast Politics Society

... show more

Ruha Benjamin on Race After Technology

Along with my recent theme of #Crime and feckless #Punishment methods we use in the #USA, this episode of #FAIR's radio show #CounterSpin brought together #Technology, #AI algorithms and the erroneous application of #Justice for percieved crimes and deviations from rules. Late in the show (c. 20 minutes) Ruha states and exemplar exposing the #Racism inherent in the design of #Information #Systems used to "fight crime".

#Crime #Punishment #USA #FAIR's #CounterSpin #Technology #AI #Justice #Racism #Information #Systems Democracy Economics Egalitarianism Politics Society

The Crime Machine | Presented by Reply All

This is not a new or #BreakingNews story, but it is something worth repeating until we get our heads out of our asses. A sweet point to listen for in Part II is where they #GiveTheGameAway on the early version of #RudyGiuliani when it wasn't known what a #ShitHead stooge he is.

#127 The Crime Machine, Part I

# #BreakingNews #GiveTheGameAway #RudyGiuliani #ShitHead #StopAndFrisk #BrokenWindows #ReducingCrime #CrimeRate #Justice #Inequity #ClassWarfare #Racism Democracy Economics Egalitarianism Podcast Politics Society

#128 The Crime Machine, Part II

#Plutocrats #Plutocracy Democracy Economics Egalitarianism Politics Society

'Kochland': How The Koch Brothers Changed U.S. Corporate And Political Power

If you have wondered why #America seems so much like a #Monarchy now, this podcast has your answer. "Spoiler", it is a monarchy.
It's hiding behind a for-profit facade of #Political #Theater. The #Koch's own all of us and their #Religion is the #AynRand #Distopia for all but the ultra-wealthy.

# #America #Monarchy #Political #Theater #Koch's #Religion #AynRand #Distopia Contemporary Issues Economics News Podcast Politics
Boris B diaspora
@Michael Rupp "Parasites" and "bacteria" only contrast in the parlance of clinical labs where "parasites" tend to denote ...single- or many-celled animals in your digestive tract evidenced through the analysis of feces. Koch's bacillus is definitely not an animal and definitely a bacterium.

What I don't understand is what prompted your question in the context.
I've heard of parasites that have the property of making the host change behavior in a way that benefits the parasite. Like a cat has a parasite present in it's fecal matter that if a rodent gets exposed will become sexually attracted to cat's who eat the rodent and the cycle of the parasites life continues. I might have that wrong. 8(

e.g. the Koch parasite has convinced people with little power to give more power to the Koch's who are taking it away from them.
Boris B diaspora
Ah, I see. In the case of cats that parasite is Toxoplasma gondii which is a single-celled eucaryote (or "animal"). OTOH fungi are known to to similar things to insects.

Ben Goertzel on benevolent robots

Well, I had an unexpected #Laugh this morning playing this #Podcast. The guest, Ben Goertzel, said something a bit after the 5:00 minute mark that was a #SickBurn on #Trump wile describing the limitations of Sophia his robot. It was so small and seemed to not be in as a laugh line, but I laughed so hard.

It's such a wierd show in the second half talking about #AI and the future. Not too sure if the #Utopia he sees comming is going to happen for any of the non rich people of Earth.

Ben Goertzel on benevolent robots

Your browser does not support playing this file but you can still download the MP3 file to play locally. Ben Goertzel talks to John Thornhill about his work for Hanson Robotics, the company that created the robot Sophia, about SingularityNET, the blockchain-based AI marketplace he founded, and about his belief that artificial general intelligence, ...
#Laugh #Podcast #SickBurn #Trump #AI #Utopia News Podcast Technology

Gun Ownership vs. Gun Fetish

The #2A #Zealots and Status Symbol #GunOwner's make me think of the line, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" from William Shakespeare's Hamlet. In another way, their talk of "self-defense" reminds me of anti-gay #Conservative #Politicians who get caught in the act having #Gay relationships. #Hypocrisy!

I personally defend the second amendment (not zealously) and am convinced that it... show more
#2A #Zealots #GunOwner's #Conservative #Politicians #Gay #Hypocrisy #MassShooting Contemporary Issues News Politics
OsakaAli diaspora
Wow, @Michael Rupp, you are all over the place. You make a multiplicity of conceptual, historical and theoretical connections which, frankly, are hard to keep track of. Could be a sign of your genius or of something else.

Let me see if I can sort of distill this discourse to it's essence. Risky it may be, but I am going to give it a try.
And what’s this Man at the pinnacle talk? That sounds like something you have been told and accepted without much thought. Sure we have opposable thumbs and are able to communicate better across long distances so we are in practice better killers of all other living things, but that’s no reason to think we’re special.
This, I believe, points to the heart of the matter. Michael. Which leads me to a simple question: do you believe in God?
I believe these social forums are at a loss for organizing a branching dialogue. This is why discourse often spirals out of control on social media. We need some tree branching format instead of a linear long form.

To be direct, I used to be a person of faith (Roman Catholic), but then I thought about it a lot and rejected faith. It's not something I hide, but I don't want to shove it in peoples faces either. My personal deconversion path is out there in the public. It used to be on g+ but I moved it to a Friendica Forum. As I looked for a link today I realized that content is gone. I think when I posted it, the server settings for "Public Server" were on which enacts automatic expiration of posts.
OsakaAli diaspora
I believe these social forums are at a loss for organizing a branching dialogue.
I thought that by my last comment, I was not running up a branch or twig, but getting closer to the trunk; Maybe even the taproot. But that is just what I perceive. Others may have it occur for them differently.
This is why discourse often spirals out of control on social media.
I agree that this does happen, quite often in fact. Again, by my last comment, I felt that I was lassoing the wild beast of almost free-associative thought and distilling the issues to their most radical, substantive element. I still feel the same while recognizing that others might not agree.
We need some tree branching format instead of a linear long form.
I am tending to agree with you on this. Though I can understand the problem and conceive of the solution in sketch form, I lack the skills to solve it on my own. Perhaps that will change in the future, or perhaps someone like-minded guru might come along and provide an alternative before either one of us (y... show more

Murder Rate vs. Mass Shootings

After each #MassShooting a bunch of #2A defenders, with very questionable motives, begin to talk about the #Murder rate.

They are different problems! Murder, in general, has an understandable motive, and often a personal connection from the assailant to the victim. Mass-shootings are driven by psychosis and enacted on innocent victims who are chosen almost at random, and gun makers are complicit in the act. Imagine any mass shooting be a mass stabbing.
#MassShooting #2A #Murder Contemporary Issues News Politics

I Tried Hiding From Silicon Valley in a Pile of Privacy Gadgets

This is a fun romp about how #Surveillance #Capitalism has become as #Omnipresent as the magnetic field of the Sun.

#Surveillance #Capitalism #Omnipresent Contemporary Issues News Podcast Politics
But wait, there's more! #OnPoint
It's #Astonishing to hear what just downloading an app can do to your personal privacy.

Steve Friendica (AP)
Have any of you had a chance to view the Cambridge Analytica documentary on Netflix?
It's pretty good — and was recorded as the recent scandal was in the news with most of the principles at Cambridge involved in the documentary.

I'm one of those fools, that went along with an extended family members idea, to have our genetics tested by the National Geographic Societies recent study. I regretted it, when we got the results back — They were generically vague!
I haven't seen it yet, but I added it to my list probably on your suggestion.
Steve Friendica (AP)
The podcast was good listening BTW. #surveillanceCapitalism
And this is more of an attempt to embed a PeerTube video via iFrame than to comment cause obviously, Google is the worst.
Steve Friendica (AP)
Good attempt, not working on my end unfortunately. Probably only need to insert the URL. I wouldn't worry about using an iFrame. HTH
Oh, that's weird cause your on a Friendica server too. It renders right on my screen. The iframe is built into the BBCode. It's basically [iframe] url for the content that came from their embedded content <iframe> code [/iframe].
Steve Friendica (AP)
Yeah, strange, so it renders on your screen after posting, is that what you're confirming? I usually use the preview option, if it doesn't render there it probably won't elsewhere — Unless, the admin of my instance has disabled iframes for security reasons. I'm stumped ...
Update: I'm embarrassed, the fault is entirely on my end. One of my extensions blocked the source, so the iframe renders perfectly here!

false equivalents

This is a brilliant video. It gets at the core of so many of today's problems with #Relationships, competing group dynamics, #Religious intolerance, and so many more societal maladies. You can see it fit nicely onto #HateGroups from ordinary #Bigots all the way to #MassMurderers by #NeoNazis or other #WhiteSupremicy groups.

@Atheists in the open

This problem seems hard, then it doesn't, but it really is

This #YouTUBE contributor is so good that it's hard to understate how well he presents the #Beauty of #Mathematics. If you are the type of person who self identifies as #BadAtMath, give yourself a second chance. All his videos are hard #Math but you will understand them.

#YouTUBE #Beauty #Mathematics #BadAtMath #Math Mathematics Philosophy
Thanks for the recommendation. Will check it out ...

Why the Future of Cars is Electric

A few years ago I heard that when the price per kWh of storage for #EV's goes below a certain level, there will be no more gas engines in passenger cars. Also, I didn't realize that Henry #Ford caused the death of electric cars!
#EV's #Ford News Podcast Politics Technology

Just listening to this #Podcast from 2016, you know, from before #Trump was unleashed on the world with 5 infinity stones. This story reveals why plenty of #American's could reject #Hillary #Clinton.

#Podcast #Trump #American's #Hillary #Clinton Economics News Podcast Politics

Librem 5

Well, I did it. I prepaid for a #Librem5 from #Purism. Their shipping next quarter. I'll be doing the standard unboxing bullshit videos and so on.
#Librem5 #Purism Mobile Device OpenSource Technology
futren diaspora


Is this free software?

802.11abgn 2.4GHz / 5GHz + Bluetooth 4

Does not say which chip it is. I assume non free software is required.

Like on their notebooks they stay dishonest about the librem 5. On
no mention that no modem will run without non free software and what purism will
do about it. If the gps... show more
Geeze Futren, you must be the life of the party wherever you go. Sorry for the sarcasm, but what a reply you posted. I don't want you to think I didn't take it seriously, but I do have some trivial complaints.

The chief complaint I have is the level of tech that a person needs to have to read it is prohibitively high. For me to fully understand everything you said, I would need to invest about 5 hours just to look into the acronyms I don't understand and to grasp their implications. Though their arent many in your post, all the linked documents have them too.

The second complaint I have is the tone of your writing is an "all or none" type; I suspect you are letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. I was shocked by the revelations in the Libraboot link and will definitely avoid Intel products in the future. The bare metal I own now is more Intel than AMD, although I suspect AMD has their own flaws in privacy. So two implications from this are you would need to have Purism become a processor manufacturer to combat this flaw, and nothing we do anywhere is safe because... show more
futren diaspora
rupp, your response echoes the reaction I get most of the times, when
I tell people purism is fraudulent.
I had the same argument with unknown error. Until he changed his perception of purism.
Unfortunately he deleted his posts. And only let his newest post stay present.
what a reply you posted.
That is because purism has been lying from the beginning. Not one of their hardware
products have not been tainted by lies.
complaint I have is the level of tech that a person needs to have to read it is prohibitively high.
You are right. Which make knowledgeable free software people resent purism,
because purism takes advantage of the fact that people are ignorant about
the matter.
your writing is an “all or none” type
No, it is not. You do not understand this is not about free software. It is about
not lying about your product. If seller says his 300g butter packet weighs
... show more
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