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Banning deepfakes is the first step, as these can be abused. Banning surveillance-free computers that are able to produce deepfakes is the next step. Banning books about how to create such computers is the nest step. Banning writers that can produce such books is the next step. Banning writing itself is the next step as it can produce a remarkably realistic literary fiction, which can be abused for fake news. Banning painters is the next step they can produce remarkably realistic pictures, which can be abused by propaganda. Banning though itself is the next step as thinking can be abused.

Bans never work in the long run, and neither will any society governed by entities enforcing bans. The only thing that really works is when people themselves are educated and know heroin is bad and don't take it. That's the right way, and the way we're completely abandoning -- with any new restrictive law and with any new obedient citizen convinced of rightfulness of the law and government we're just pushing the society towards the level of a child that needs strict rules, punishments and res... show more
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Wow, Miloslav Číž. So much to agree with and so little to nit-pick at, but I got to try. 😀

I know very little about Deepfakes, but what I heard was it was handy for angry people to make fake revenge porn of women they were really mad at. I can see legitimate uses of a surveillance-free computer in a country where a right to privacy exists. I can only see an acceptable use of this program or deepfakes if it was clearly for comedic satire and never was used to claim it was real footage. Banning books I don't think holds in the metaphor. A written book is free speech, publishing books is like this software or deepfakes. Literary fiction is deemed so and when somebody claims their novel is a book, the publishing world loses its shit.

I agree that education should fix everything, but pragmatically, most humans have a visceral reaction to video media compared to spoken word or written text. It overwhelms the senses and adds a fairly permanent marker in the mind about the depicted person in the fabricated show.

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Well yes, you're right in many things as well, but I still stand behind my point. Banning revenge porn or fake news based on deepfakes seems reasonable at first, it can pass, but that precedent is dangerous as hell. That policy alone won't completely eliminate deepfakes happening and especially the fake news endangering the rich and powerful will lead to things like punishments of simply having a deepfake program installed on your computer. When wealth and power is in bet, laws will get ridiculously restrictive... as they did for example with the so called "intellectual property" when someone can nowadays own a single color or idea and you can get sued and punished for using that color or idea. Or be arrested as a "holocaust denier" for simply critically researching the events. Such laws also become another weapon of the powerful against those who endanger them (Assange, Snowden etc). They'll remotely install such program on their enemy's computer, arrest them, label them a terrorist, discredit and silence them, with the society's approval.
Can you name the first country t
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Interesting Article on Free Speech and Censorship

While #Federated systems branch & bud to maintain #FreeSpeech in online #SocialNetworks, the "evil" Ad based Megalodons struggle with content moderation.
I'm not 100% sure how to moderate my own #Friendica servers when questionable content arises; I know how to delete posts, but it's hard to know why before they arise. My main plan is to not be an #Asshole.
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What is a P-Value and Why Does it Matter?

This is a wonderful not too #Mathematical explanation of something very important.

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Some thoughts I've previously had about News (esp. financial news)

If a tree doesn't fall in the forest
but somebody was there to hear it fall
does it make a noise?
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