EvilGnome: A New Backdoor Implant Spies On Linux Desktop Users

Thanks, @Passagier 451 for the repost of this via @thehackernews_unofficial since many Linux types think that we're invincible.
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My pleasure, information and knowledge must be shared ;)

Quote: "Data is the new oil, and the EU is giving it all away"

Oh #Snap! Yes they did! The hegemony of #Microshaft and #Google are about to get their wings clipped. The drug dealer method of addicting people to software is going to come to an end (somewhere).
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A funeral industry giant keels over

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This is another great #Podcast for the @Stock Picking Discussion forum. The detail I caught in the story making it worth mentioning is one that might go past people who don't think about #Finance. It won't take you long to listen to this show, but here's the...
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British business seeks to cash in on carbon

I have an important #Podcast for the @Stock Picking Discussion forum. You can listen to the whole #Marketplace show, but my focus is on the story about using CO2 as a building block for normal products that we would build with petroleum products. The link at the bottom gets you to the whole show, the embedded player above it has just the part about #CarbonNeutral #Environmental #... show more

Episode 924: Stuck In China's Panopticon

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I’m not a person who thinks #Islam should be given respect, but I do think people should no matter what.
What a minute ... as far as I know, the PRC isn't attacking the Uighur's personhood, just their adherence to their chosen "religion" (i.e. the reported "re-education camps", shaving beards, unveiling of women, prohibition of Arabic script, forced pork and alcohol consumption based on religious conviction, etc.). It seems to me that the people are still being allowed their due "respect". So isn't "Islam" being disrespected here, and not the people, which is consistent with your own convictions?
What I got from listening to it was that the government of China was using DNA research to find unique markers that would define the Uighur people as differentiable from the rest of the "real" Chinese people. It doesn't seem that religion is the problem, but the "otherness" of the people who happen to all be born into the religion of Islam.

The pattern is also similar to US internment of the Japanese and the German pre-WWII concentration camps for Jews. It wasn't the way the Jews prayed that bothered the Germans, it was the existence of a differentiable people that they deemed "less than". I think the US internment was more about stealing the property of the Japanese-Americans than it was about war.

Also, this may not be obvious but I use the word respect in a mathematical way. The variable that gets respect in a formula is the one that controls the outcome. I don't respect it doesn't mean I seek to destroy it, it just has no power over me. The treatment of the Uighur's is abuse at the least and criminal with some certainty.
What I got from listening to it ...
I neglected to invest time in your link; if you think that will make a difference in understanding where you are coming from, let me know. Also, how long is the recording, si vous plais.
It's 26:50 in length. I'm posting from Friendica, so you don't see it rendered correctly. Try this link?
I usually embed a player for people to play a podcast in anonymity through my post along with a link to the source.

The show is produced by the National Public Radio here and it's a Financial podcast most of the time, but this episode is off their normal material. They are really good about being human with their perspective, aka: not greed-driven.

Unlocking The Secrets Of Greenland’s Ice Sheet — And Why It’s Key To Our Planet’s Future

Not that people need another thing to #Worry about, but this podcast discusses another thing to worry about. If you like to have more information to bolster your discussions about #ClimateChange and how #Urgent it is, this show has plenty of new facts in a different vector of the subject. Its focus is solely on #Greenland's #Environment and it's all timely information.

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America has cultural mental disorders...

Meanwhile, on #Fathersday in #America (or #Murka) a collection of Independent #Fundamentalist #Baptist flamethrowers descended on the anniversary of the #PulseNightclub massacre to go full #Hitler. Apparently, these deranged "Pastors" want more #LGBTQ people assassinated by random acts of unprovoked violence. F... show more

A wealthy Iraqi sheikh who urges a hard-line U.S. approach to Iran spent 26 nights at Trump’s D.C. hotel

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Making America Antitrust Again

As if we needed another reason to #Hate #Amazon, they are the worst threat to free-market #Capitalism since Standard Oil. I avoid using them at all costs. Now they have US FAA approval for #drones!

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Good post. I understand you to be correct in that population is the largest driver worldwide in GDP. These arguments also leave out the very important fact that there is also a "quality" of the GDP pie. To get the fastest growing GDP pie you use wasteful methods and offload costs as much as possible. Working at increasing the quality of the pie can also create happiness. This would be such things as closed cycle production and minimal offloading of costs, etc. Not a larger pie, but a higher quality pie I believe would cause the most "Happiness" (not sure what to call it).
So true that quality is a better way to live! However, as it's measured, I don't think cheaper inputs to a product or service change the GDP. To avoid double counting they won't measure components made to become part of a final product that a consumer buys; they just measure the price the final product sells at. But, if cheaper inputs lower the final products price they will sell more units and thus raise the total GDP. Is that what you meant?

The theorybiz article has many of the items that I was thinking of, especially the increasing #scarcity. For example, the topsoil in the #USA is being depleted and is a positive in the GDP figures. Increasing the farming quality so that we have no net loss of topsoil should lead to the best possible results in whatever measure is used.

Oh shit, GAB...

I see why GAB software was a problem.
#RWNJ's trying to find their safe-space, but still, shove their hate in other people's faces. Latest news: they're stealing #Mastodon code cause they can't get their shit together.
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There's no stealing in the free SW world, it's okay to do. Let's rather address what's wrong about their ideology.
I knew that but it felt right in spirit. Like when Microsoft stole Linux to prop up their OS. a P2P lending service is going bankrupt after a few years of operations...

I spend a lot of time thinking about alternatives to #Banking. I'm not really sure how I feel about this story yet. I first heard about it in the last few minutes of the FT #Podcast called #BankingWeekly.

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While I am not a Biden fan, applying purity tests is what Putin had the far left do like the far right in order to elect Trump. If we truly want to take this country back from Putin, we have to stop doing his bidding. I will likely support someone other than Biden but I won't be applying purity tests to campaign by slamming other Dems.

Trump getting closer to the cliff?

In the 1980s all kinds of reputable news companies began to cover the Trump debacle. This podcast reminds me of that. He was always as bad as he is now. His only superpower is to throw chaff and flares in his wake to avoid the takedown.

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Trump's war in Iran

Every #Iranian I've ever met, I've liked tremendously. If it weren't for our stinking backward thinking governments, we would all be good friends.

Janine Jackson takes a quick look back at recent press, including coverage of #Iran, Saudi Arabia, and polio and the CIA.
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Is it time to #EatTheRich now?

The latest episode of #OnTheMedia is really scratching my itch, especially the middle two quarters "How #Philanthropy Lets Rich People Off the Hook" and "Inside the #Chickenshit Club". #EatTheRich
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