Ben Goertzel on benevolent robots

Well, I had an unexpected #Laugh this morning playing this #Podcast. The guest, Ben Goertzel, said something a bit after the 5:00 minute mark that was a #SickBurn on #Trump wile describing the limitations of Sophia his robot. It was so small and seemed to not be in as a laugh line, but I laughed so hard.

It's such a wierd show in the second half talking about #AI and the future. Not too sure if the #Utopia he sees comming is going to happen for any of the non rich people of Earth.

Ben Goertzel on benevolent robots

Your browser does not support playing this file but you can still download the MP3 file to play locally. Ben Goertzel talks to John Thornhill about his work for Hanson Robotics, the company that created the robot Sophia, about SingularityNET, the blockchain-based AI marketplace he founded, and about his belief that artificial general intelligence, ...
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Why the Future of Cars is Electric

A few years ago I heard that when the price per kWh of storage for #EV's goes below a certain level, there will be no more gas engines in passenger cars. Also, I didn't realize that Henry #Ford caused the death of electric cars!
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Librem 5

Well, I did it. I prepaid for a #Librem5 from #Purism. Their shipping next quarter. I'll be doing the standard unboxing bullshit videos and so on.
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futren diaspora


Is this free software?

802.11abgn 2.4GHz / 5GHz + Bluetooth 4

Does not say which chip it is. I assume non free software is required.

Like on their notebooks they stay dishonest about the librem 5. On
no mention that no modem will run without non free software and what purism will
do about it. If the gps... show more
Geeze Futren, you must be the life of the party wherever you go. Sorry for the sarcasm, but what a reply you posted. I don't want you to think I didn't take it seriously, but I do have some trivial complaints.

The chief complaint I have is the level of tech that a person needs to have to read it is prohibitively high. For me to fully understand everything you said, I would need to invest about 5 hours just to look into the acronyms I don't understand and to grasp their implications. Though their arent many in your post, all the linked documents have them too.

The second complaint I have is the tone of your writing is an "all or none" type; I suspect you are letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. I was shocked by the revelations in the Libraboot link and will definitely avoid Intel products in the future. The bare metal I own now is more Intel than AMD, although I suspect AMD has their own flaws in privacy. So two implications from this are you would need to have Purism become a processor manufacturer to combat this flaw, and nothing we do anywhere is safe because... show more
futren diaspora
rupp, your response echoes the reaction I get most of the times, when
I tell people purism is fraudulent.
I had the same argument with unknown error. Until he changed his perception of purism.
Unfortunately he deleted his posts. And only let his newest post stay present.
what a reply you posted.
That is because purism has been lying from the beginning. Not one of their hardware
products have not been tainted by lies.
complaint I have is the level of tech that a person needs to have to read it is prohibitively high.
You are right. Which make knowledgeable free software people resent purism,
because purism takes advantage of the fact that people are ignorant about
the matter.
your writing is an “all or none” type
No, it is not. You do not understand this is not about free software. It is about
not lying about your product. If seller says his 300g butter packet weighs
... show more

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We obviously have much more to talk about than just this one thread.
Your specific examples all have merits. I don't know if I can make valid counterclaims that you couldn't make valid counterclaims to, so maybe I'll leave this thread here as it is. An example of intractable counterclaims would be on the topic of restrictive laws. I know some laws are written with wild leeway for the law enforcement authorities (eg. malfunctioning automobile taillight), and I know that they do this for a reason; to detain people without probable cause that would hold up in court whereas the timely circumstantial evidence appears to convict the person of interest. The tail-light stop is nearly never used by authorities, and at times I see them driving with a tail-light out, but if a person driving (in a law-abiding way), inside a matching car that was identified in an armed robbery, with the same number of occupants, the nearby police would make a stop claiming the tail-light was out even if it was functioning (can't prove it wasn't for a moment when he looked). If the routine check on the occupan... show more
@Michael Rupp coincidentally I have found a great source I can now refer to (feel free to comment on that thread), rather than spend hours in threads trying to word the arguments myself. I feel like I've made my main points here and don't want to go much deeper in this thread either, but for you as well as other readers, let me try to use my newly found source:
I’m not unwilling to have my mind changed

I’ve never been convinced that Anarchism was a valid approach to life in general due to the state of human nature.
Anarchist FAQ: What about "human nature"? -- this should address that point. If you're genuinely open-minded here, give it a read, it won't be a wasted time 😀

Notes to yourself and privacy...

If you make notes or use #GoogleKeep you should know about this #Masterpiece in progress. The work of @Carnet is delivering a Note taking app called #Carnet for our new treacherous age of information. I access mine via my private #Nextcloud server, but they have other ways too. Register at and access via the mobile app, web browser or desktop program.
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