Mouse Jacking! God-damn computers!

So after hearing the latest episode of the Hackable podcast I want only wired computer-mice! Check the MouseJack site to see if your #Wireless #Mouse is an #AttackSurface giving out your #Google stored #PASSWORDS!!!
#Wireless #Mouse #AttackSurface #Google #PASSWORDS Electronics Security Vulnerability

Edward Snowden Interview with Jeremy Scahill

(I wasn't surprised to hear about this) People on a #Purism forum noted that verifiable sealed packaging was desired:
Preventing shipment interception, providing hardware integrity verification
BECAUSE the fucking #CIA opens packages to pre-hack you.
(at about the 29:30 mark)
#Purism #CIA Security
Michael Rupp Friendica (AP)
This is also attached to that idea of #security on a new level.

Novena | A new open-hardware computing platform, flexible and powerful, designed for use as a desktop, laptop, or standalone board.
For all the crazies who like to play war, I believe many in government offices are secretly glad that Snowden is alive and functional.
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