Which profile is the main one here? (rhetorical question)

Just an FYI to anybody that wonders about who's the #Administrator here on the Friendica server, it's me. As of now I'm the only person running the accounts for the @OutsourcedMath Friendica Server Admin and the @Technical Support accounts on this server. I assume in the future (if this server is popular enough), they may be managed by other people. As of now I'll try to simulate a schizophrenic disorder to be those other personas.

The content this server intends to host will be handled by this @Michael Rupp account. I don't think it will be a busy server for a while. Just thoughts for the day kind of things as they arise for a while.

Yep, this is local tech support, but... managed to get to here so you probably don't need too much support.

Anywho, when you post a question try to add categories and hashtags that will be useful to others that may have a similar problem. That way when they search for something, they may find your solution first.

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