John Hummel diaspora
Feel the double-speak.

Evangelicals enraged over Trump betrayal

#Evangelicals #Trump
Rob Anybody diaspora
The architects of their own demise.
John Hummel diaspora
We have to hope, @Rob Anybody. But evangelicals and their ilk have always been around (think: crusades, witch-burning, Spanish Inquisition, etc.), and they've always been this stupid, and yet they persist. I fear their adherents are too stupid to recognize the demise when it happens (which it has over and over and over...).
Having arrived in Florida Man’s swamp (where I’m careful to hide that I’m ‘woke’ except while driving), speaking of, and a single case sample, but…
Random radio check driving to Thanksgiving destination (SW FL) was simply “interesting” to me, but even more so given this report &/or ‘trend’. So, scanning through the AM/FM radio (Tampa/Sarasota/Venice) it seemed different than usual somehow. Now it clicks. Usually I hear about 80% super-rabid right wing talk or steamy evangelism, possibly 1 or 2 NPR &/or college stations, an occasional oldies or news-only (though rare these days other than Sinclair)…

But the thing is:
This trip I heard very little religion but a whole lot of Hannity!
Plus Christmas and religious music. Nothing “woke”. ;)

Also heard several in-passing comments about costs this year, thank you Biden (or son’s laptop).

Correlation with the gist of this report? N=1 power =… oop, this is a Holiday to give thanks.
But the “coincidence” between this story and my experience so far in FL makes me think. A little. I’ll stop now.
So we can all be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!
On the bright side, if you're in Florida, AM/FM DXing can be your audio ticket out of that swamp. Not so bright on the shortwave DX where you'll get more of the same, only broadcasting internationally. That's one of the reasons SW DX stopped being fun for me.
**joe diaspora
They're not angry because they think he is immoral or hypocritical, they are only angry that he keeps losing.
Tom Grzybow diaspora
They are angry that they are so stupid, and so stupid they don't know where to put the blame.

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