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Schadenfreude. Predictable, but don't let that stop you enjoying it.

Florida Man Gaetz tells Bannon he has enough 'no' votes to scuttle Kevin McCarthy's speakership bid

It would have been nice if Democrats got to keep the House Speaker’s gavel for at least another two years—if nothing else, to prevent the House from spending untold millions on Benghazi-style investigations into President Joe Biden’s ice cream budget. But if we can’t have a Democratic majority, at least we can enjoy what’s shaping up to be a Republican train wreck before the train even leaves the station.

#GOP #House #Chaos #Disarray
Well... my first reaction (after the immediate wave of nausea seeing that image) was: Gee, so A-hole Gaetz the perverted #TrumpVirus clone is intent on taking out another #GQP (p)sychophant? Why?

Aside from fleeting interest in Gaetz' 'thinking' (goal and strategy), more consequential is: So who does he have in mind? Then I saw the photo and am now almost recovered. He might (or she might) be quite the challenger. BUT, reading the article I wondered again about his criteria for leadership of the Fascist party nee Trump #cult.

I don't know any of those names at all! They are Gaetz' picks? What does he have in mind for the next circus show, if not "It's my job" McCarthy, who is a full-tilt Trumper/right-wing rah rah tool. So I randomly looked up the one with a typically opposite-of-reality name (like #Drumpf's alleged #truth which is straightforward #disinformation). "Good" (uh oh! ⚠️

What the Gaetz crowd wants - this is "Good" [Wikipedia]. Like Lord StableGenius, seems straight from central casting.
Good criticized Riggleman for officiating at the same-sex wedding of two former campaign volunteers.[12]

[13]Good campaigned on a far-right platform, espousing hard-line views on immigration policy and opposition to same-sex marriage[14] and aligning himself with President Donald Trump.[7]
Mm, perfect for the Gaetz/MTG #GQP Dream team.

I'll just be happy to watch the cult tear itself apart as Trump goes to trial. (Listening, Santa?)

Happy Thanksgiving all (US holiday Thursday)

Thankful for many things and people.
Just popping in, far from home now, with family, in the shadows of Hurricane Ivan. Thankful for 'luck' with that too.
Could have been worse.

Ciao for niao. Happy Holiday! gobble gobble...
smellsofbikes diaspora
Gaetz is trying really hard to reinvent himself and reinsert himself into consequential politics.
Well, it was my dream too, but I think it's an internal negotiation, will he get something in exchange for his vote?
I dunno--I rather like the fireworks show from GOP-on-GOP cannibalism.
Grabbing some popcorn.
Tom Grzybow diaspora
This is the GOP - if there is one thing they know, it is No.

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