Rule 1: Know thy self.

Selecting a specific financial security isn't entirely straightforward. It's a bit more of a dance; give and take but you lead.

Asking somebody what's the best stock to own is a lot like asking what's the best vehicle to own. I might recommend the 1980's Lotus Turbo Esprit. You may want a vehicle to get to Quimper France from Miami Florida. Knowing that I would suggest sailing Yachts, a private jet, or perhaps booking a cruise depending on your personality and sense of adventure. If instead, you tell me you do delivery of small packages in a dense urban area, I would point you to Cannondale bikes with some off-road suspension features.

So for an advisor to begin to tell you what you should buy, first, you have to decide what you want to do with it.

If you are a thrill-junkie with money to lose and an expectation to win big, you will want stocks that have a normally undesirable high standard deviation of their daily returns.

If you are a stable middle-class worker with a family that has grown a bit too big for you to put all your children throu... show more
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