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You mean like the Sketch app for iOS & Android by Sony Mobile Communications?
dansup Mastodon (AP)
I mean an app like @fedilab or @Tusky
Holy crap. I use both and didn't know they had photo manipulation tools.
Michael Vogel Friendica (AP)
What update problems do you had? Normally this should work flawlessly.

Filtered word: nsfw

I spoke too soon about admin access. Somehow I got timed out and can't log in again. And it's throwing this error/warning despite my LetsEncrypt being only at its halfway old mark:
Do you still have got a .htaccess file? When you update from a really old version then you have to copy that file from the default file.
Just posted details here

I do remember checking my .htaccess file in a panic that first few hours after the upgrade, but I was only going from 2019.01, and the initial install was the version right before that one. My current .htaccess file was last edited on March 1st, 2019, and it's contents are identical to the .htaccess-dist file.
P.S. I'm back!

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