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Ever wanted to ditch #bigtech but had no idea how? Get your free Librem One account for social, chat and voice or a premium account with mail and #VPN and get end-to-end encryption, no tracking, no ads and no data sharing #purism #libremone #deletefacebook #google #facebook #slack
I did this, and if people don't know (as I didn't know at first), you don't need to buy any #Purism hardware like the #Librem line to make use of their #Privacy respecting services. I'm waiting for my #Librem5 to arrive before I do the paid subscription for the VPN and eMail though.
Purism Mastodon (AP)
thank you Michael, yes you are correct Librem doesn't require a Librem laptop. We wanted to offer a service everyone could use to protect their privacy irrespective of whether they use our hardware and this is why have Android and iOS Librem One clients.

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