Episode 924: Stuck In China's Panopticon

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Yes the situation has been very sad for that ethnic minority in China for some time.
OsakaAli diaspora
I’m not a person who thinks #Islam should be given respect, but I do think people should no matter what.
What a minute ... as far as I know, the PRC isn't attacking the Uighur's personhood, just their adherence to their chosen "religion" (i.e. the reported "re-education camps", shaving beards, unveiling of women, prohibition of Arabic script, forced pork and alcohol consumption based on religious conviction, etc.). It seems to me that the people are still being allowed their due "respect". So isn't "Islam" being disrespected here, and not the people, which is consistent with your own convictions?
What I got from listening to it was that the government of China was using DNA research to find unique markers that would define the Uighur people as differentiable from the rest of the "real" Chinese people. It doesn't seem that religion is the problem, but the "otherness" of the people who happen to all be born into the religion of Islam.

The pattern is also similar to US internment of the Japanese and the German pre-WWII concentration camps for Jews. It wasn't the way the Jews prayed that bothered the Germans, it was the existence of a differentiable people that they deemed "less than". I think the US internment was more about stealing the property of the Japanese-Americans than it was about war.

Also, this may not be obvious but I use the word respect in a mathematical way. The variable that gets respect in a formula is the one that controls the outcome. I don't respect it doesn't mean I seek to destroy it, it just has no power over me. The treatment of the Uighur's is abuse at the least and criminal with some certainty.
OsakaAli diaspora
What I got from listening to it ...
I neglected to invest time in your link; if you think that will make a difference in understanding where you are coming from, let me know. Also, how long is the recording, si vous plais.
It's 26:50 in length. I'm posting from Friendica, so you don't see it rendered correctly. Try this link?
I usually embed a player for people to play a podcast in anonymity through my post along with a link to the source.

The show is produced by the National Public Radio here and it's a Financial podcast most of the time, but this episode is off their normal material. They are really good about being human with their perspective, aka: not greed-driven.

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