Corruption - Society's Cancer | It has many forms

#Police #Brutality against a #countries #citizens is a #corruption, and for this post, I'm using the #USA in my examples, but it's a universal problem.

To address the "#WTF does this have to do with 'Stock Picking' since it's posted there (here)?", I'll first say corruption in a #social #system for any set of collective living things is the equivalent of #friction or #drag in #Physics; energy is dissipated in a way that it cannot be recovered. This means value is lost ubiquitously within society in a way that could be avoided where loss due to depreciation and wear of capital goods cannot be avoided. That loss damages the overall #Economy, and more starkly effects the subsystem of all things directly connected to the specific acts of corruption.

Society can collectively address that corruption if it is informed of it and if it affects all the individuals' value systems enough to motivate them to demand change.

The policing systems in the #UnitedStates do not even need to be #Mindfully aware that they are corrupt for it to be de facto corruption. The mindset of the systems pawns/soldiers wearing blue and black shirts—based on training and direction of commanding officers and their manuals—are jamming the court system and the prison system with people of meager means for the benefit of for-profit prison systems, and the excessive profit handed to the few is being taken from all of us in a very costly way. The benefit to society locally—if those put into the system were even really guilty of something—is negligible compared to the cost we all bear collectively when we unknowingly support the corruption in the system. Books can be written about the details of the human value lost to our society when a poor person goes to jail for smoking #Marijuana or making a #FurtiveMovement. Think of the change in your personal economic burden if you went from just looking out for yourself, to taking care of a parent who suddenly had a stroke and is now in an immobile state. That example is more #economically pronounced than when your pot-dealer goes to jail, but it's only a matter of scale in difference. The big difference in that metaphor is that your parent would have to have been medically forced into the stroke by their doctor, and it's not really your parent, but the hospital decided you had to financially take care of them, and the hospital will bill you annually for their services through your taxes so you can't see that line item.

The good news is there is a way to remove an #Insidious portion of the #Mindlessly administered corruption of #PoliceBrutality and it's proven effective. You may know the promoter of this method by his sky-blue vest appearing at demonstrations and rallies like #BlackLivesMatter. He displays a type of #Genius that almost hints of Asperger's Spectrum; he's DeRay Mckesson.

I heard him speaking yesterday on the Pod Save America #Podcast at about halfway through the show (skip to 44:35 and he's done by 55:40).

I heard him plug the webpage of his successful method, "Police Use Of Force Project", so I attached it below.
Spoiler Alert...
All it is is to alter the policies inside the existing bureaucracies for the use of force. Just 8 common-sense policy changes have reduced 72% of #Manslaughters / #Murders by the Police on our #Citizens.

So to bring this all back home, you can either think about who wins from the corruption and invest in that, think about who loses from the corruption and short-sell that, or start fighting the corruption and we all win together.
Do any combination of those including all of them.
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