Purism mastodon (AP)
Who has moved to Librem One?
What services did you ditch?
Did you bring friends or family? 😀 #Purism #LibremOne #privacy
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James Walters mastodon (AP)
I did! I had already ditched Facebook, so this is a new social network for me. I brought my wife with me, and we don't SMS anymore, encrypted Matrix over Librem Chat!
What parts of Facebook did you use? I don't see Librem One as a full replacement of the Farcebook, but I do think any Friendica server is a full replacement for that particular social networking. Librem Social is a good Twitter replacement.
James Walters mastodon (AP)
Great question. I haven't used Facebook in several years, to tell the truth, and even when I was, I was mostly using it for news (which I curate myself, these days) and just keeping up with friends and family. I certainly agree that Mastodon is really more of a straightforward Twitter replacement. Never used Friendica, how is it? It is an ActivityPub system?
It is a Federated ActivityPub type system. I'm using it now to interact with the Purism post. Mastodon has a minimalism type way about communications, Friendica has an enriched approach to content and its management.

A post can be a mini webpage because of the BBCode interpretation. Their's so many ways to set-up a server and features that can be on or off that it's hard to explain. I couldn't find a good demo of Friendica on YouTUBE so I made my own lame one hoping it would prompt other people to make better ones. So far the only other ones are install videos or lame descriptions of it on commercialized tech review vlogs.
Teddy Strobel mastodon (AP)
My brother and I switched, but no one else came, we are slowly working on getting people to change.
I proverbially put my feet in the pool but didn't swim yet. :hammock

After I get the Librem 5 in my hand I may pay for the subscription, but I'm doing a lot of the things on my own now. I think the VPN "Librem Tunnel" might be the most valuable to me because I just VPN off my own router as of now; not really anonymizing myself with that.

The Riot client "Librem Chat" is fun so far, but I can't get my head around how it's useful on a permanent basis yet. It seems like it should be a public place to meet with a bunch of people for a single purpose, then everybody leaves after. As of now, it seems a bit like drinking from the fire hose the way I experienced it so far. The Rooms that I have joined seem to have content go so fast that I can't keep up and leaves me with a feeling of missing something important or reading a lot of things I don't need to know about. I have been wanting to see what's up with [matrix] and Riot for over a year now, so I'm dabbling with this part happily.

The Mastodon part "Librem Social" I'm not too into because I already have 3 Mastodon accounts and two Frinedica profiles. It's like a real solution would be an aggregator interface program that would manage their (any Federated/ActivityPub type service) content and interactions instead of another splitter service dividing my screen time with another thing to sign in and out of.

The eMail thing is a gem, but since a couple of years ago, I do my own eMail all on my personal server so it's moot for me.
one of my friend (@danialbehzadi) opened account there. But i dont see his posts on my timeline unless i visit his profile or some of my followings fav or boot his toots. We cannot send direct messages as well
I didn't notice that about direct messages until you said it. The choices on the mobile app are different than the computer browser options and they are limited compared to other Mastodon instances.
Purism mastodon (AP)
@danialbehzadi if you are following your friend's profile do you see his toots on the home feed?
@danialbehzadi i dont see on home unless someone else boost or fav it.
Dallin Crump mastodon (AP)
I'm enjoying Librem One! I am the only one in my family to do so, thus far. I still use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in a limited fashion and I am working towards ditching them completely. In addition to using Librem Social and Librem Chat, I will eventually create my own website - hearkening back to the days of a freer, more decentralized World Wide Web. If Librem One ever offered a GeoCities-like service that allowed people to create and host basic websites, I'd be all over that!
I like your thinking, but to do a give-away like GeoCities you'd need an excessive inflow of capital from something else to afford hosting all that content and bandwidth. Do you have a spare computer at your house? If so, you could safely host your own for nearly $0 out of your house. It's easier than you think do do it.
Dallin Crump mastodon (AP)
I was thinking they could offer a free basic tier and more tiers with more features for increasing monthly or annual fees. Hosting my own web server out of my residence is not something I am interested in doing for many reasons.
Purism mastodon (AP)
not affiliated with us but somebody did setup a GeoCities clone called NeoCities and it's #OpenSource 😀
Mike Manfredi mastodon (AP)
I got the family plan, my wife and daughter are using it, we mainly use the chat right now which is great. we used to use hangouts no longer. I'm not much of a social media person, but mastadoon seems interesting. Now the fun part to get my friends and family to start using it instead of fb messenger, one I get my librem 5 I'll be off Facebook for good (I already am, but just kept the messenger on my android for some ppl)
Purism mastodon (AP)
amazing thanks for sharing. We can't wait to get you off Facebook for good ;)
Dominik mastodon (AP)
I happily ditched #Facebook so far! #Android #Smartphone will probably be the next thing for me to go west. ✌️ Family is still to come. ❤️
Purism mastodon (AP)
thanks for sharing Dominik, seems a few others n this thread also ditched Facebook. Looking forward to say goodbye to Android with you soon!
I can't say that I really ditched any services. I've had my gmail since the beginning of gmail so I can't really get rid of it yet. I have set an auto reply notifying anyone that emails me of the change.
I want a Facebook or Twitter user before. Don't have a WhatsApp. And yours is the first VPN tunnel that I've ever used outside of work.
That said, I'm completely on librem one and I really like what you have done.
Purism mastodon (AP)
we're glad you are enjoying Librem Tunnel Joshua 😀
I ditched Twitter after advertising for two weeks I was making the move. I don't know of anyone who followed my lead. 🙁
moose mastodon (AP) if I already use private internet access, can I switch my account over when joining librem one? Or will it require canceling my current subscription then starting librem one VPN?
If you don't pay Librem One for a subscription you can put your current VPN into Librem Tunnel. If you do pay them, then you can either use theirs or the one you currently have now with the Librem Tunnel app.
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Is this possible to do in iOS environment? How would it work to put my current VPN through Librem Tunnel VPN?
I'm not sure if I understand your question. Librem/Purism offers a VPN subscription that you can access remarkably easily via their Librem Tunnel software. You may also use the Librem Tunnel software to enter the information of other VPN services to use them instead.
You said: “... you can put your current VPN into Librem Tunnel.”

Just wondering how. Sorry for the confusion.
Seems there are a lot of ways to go but the easiest way depends on how well your current VPN exports their settings for you. My own VPN is just one built into my router that I set-up for myself. It exports an OVPN type file that I download to a PC, transfer to the phone, then import into the app.

As seen above the main screen for Librem Tunnel has 3 main methods for set-up:
  • This is for people paying for the subscription via Librem One. It's a single click, then the username and password is all that's needed to finish the set-up.
  • This is the one I used because my router would export an OVPN type file. I imported it and it worked great. I'm behind DHCP though so if the IP for my connection changes I have to make a new OVPN file and reimport it.
  • If your VPN service doesn't have a way to export the config as a file, you'll have to use this option and type in the settings where appropriate. It seems that with method #2 & #3 you may have many different VPN's stored for use at will.
  • If my suggestions turn out to be wrong, have a look at what they have in the FAQ's. Those are likely to always be correct no matter how old this post gets. ;)

Tap the circled-plus icon and this pop's up.

Write in your choice of a name then tap OK.

That takes you to the full set of possibilities for manually entering settings that your VPN provider will tell you:
moose mastodon (AP)
I completely understand now. Another question, with regards to VPN, I thought I heard that it will be private internet access. Is this correct? Or will purism use there own VPN?
The paid subscription will be running on their no-snooping servers. I assume it's why it's a paid subscription.
Thanks, I understand. I use ProtonVPN which provides ovpn files for use with other apps. I’ll give it a try.
KevinTheBA mastodon (AP)
ditched all services that induce privacy harm and refuse to provide my contact information to people that use such services.
Leetaur mastodon (AP)
I use all Librem One services. The biggest change for me is using Librem Chat to talk to friends and family, instead of Apple Messages and SMS.

Librem Social is my first foray into Mastodon.

Love Librem Tunnel too!

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