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An international incident occurred in Kingfisher County in Oklahoma but cable news orgs are ignoring it--not only when it happened but when a perp was arrested in Florida I'm wondering what kind of hand organized crime syndicates had in this deafening silence.

China's purchasing of Oklahoma prime farmland was a campaign issue with Kevin Stitt's bid for re-election because this farmland shit happened routinely on his watch, and now we have, in Kingfisher County, an execution of Chinese nationals running an unpermitted marijuana farm not for local use but for the black market. The murderer was caught in Florida and although it wasn't mentioned whether or not he, too, was a Chinese national, his surname made one suspect so until he spoke to Oklahoma reporters today, using an interpreter.

He said he'd rather be in a Florida jail than go back to Oklahoma because he'd be killed or in jail over there if he did.

After considerable wrangling subsequent to that news report by KFOR, it was announced that he had at long last been convinced to go along with the extradition.

Chinese nationals, people.

And not one peep out of big cable orgs about this international incident. Not one.

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