Code Switch | Why Now, White People?

Okay, this one is going into !Stock Picking Discussion but I don't think it's obvious as to why, so I will explain.

During the course of the show, they have a very wise discussion of the possible reasons so many #WhitePeople joined #BlackPeople in the #BlackLivesMatter protests. It's all sound reasoning. It's not what my point it though, but the details they discuss will be worth memorizing for your future.

Social Unrest is one of the most #powerful #indicators of how the real #economy is doing and also how well the current #Politics, #Laws & #Regulations are serving the people the #government is supposed to represent. It takes a lot for people to get off their asses and #protest in #hostile #environments. That's a big indicator of a shit economy and/or shit politics. So the #financial #news may tell you one thing, but the #social #unrest tells you the truth. The #Stock #Market has a generally repeating set of patterns after presidential elections, and I urge you to try doing some charting with the S&P500 to see what things look like and segregate your results by the type of leaders running and who won. They tell a story you should know.

What they discuss in the podcast will add to your personal set of market predictors. Leading indicators like this are valuable.

Why Now, White People?

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