Due to an issue at my hosting provider, my server has been deleted.
So, is down, sorry.
My last backup is 2 or 3 months old...
As soon as I get my server back, I'll restore what I have and setup an automatic backup...
Now I've learned something, never trust anybody and always do backup
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dansup mastodon (AP)
Sorry to hear that, hope everything turns out ok.
Have you thought of becoming your own hosting provider?
I guess it would depend on how unstable it is. I'm using the cheapest connection I can buy for my residential connection. I get 100 down and only 12 up-speed, but it's generally reliable. I serve two low traffic Friendica's and a bunch of other things that have low traffic. I'm also behind a stupid DHCP instead of a Static IP, but I make it work.
I made a set of notes to go from bare metal to hosting on a budget here:
It's a bit messy and unfinished, but I have plans to translate it over to my Moodle server in the future to make it a living document where the public can improve it.

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