Web Servers are HARD!

When you first install your own #Webserver on your own #Hardware, everything pretty much goes easy and right. Over time you get more complex with things. Then upgrades start to roll in. Eventually, you make a mistake and nobody notices anything. Because you care about the content on the #Server, you spend time on that, not reading logs and outputs of cron jobs. You miss some things that would have been great to know. Then in what seems like a flash, you are in Murphy's Law territory.

It's stunning how much a person doesn't know about things they know so much about.
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Hi @Michael Rupp. There is a lot of value is casual system observation, right? Just poking around looking at logs, noticing runtime on processes, etc. Having a "feel" for a system then helps when changes create issues not visible to higher levels. Take & stay safe. -Randy
And as I usually say in Github Issue posts, "I'm a hack admin..."
I thought I had all my problems sorted out till this morning when my smart-phone couldn't upload a file to the Nextcloud server I manage.
device: "You don't have permission to upload into this folder."
me: 'THE HELL I DON'T!!!'
device: "We are occupying two different realities. Mine Matters."
me: '...'
Back into the NULL pointer go I.

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