@Grant Rostig Hey, WTF are you doing with those weird email invitations for people to join this server then friend you? They went to my outbound mail handler at mailgun and bounced off the authentication wall. They landed in my servers rejected mail inbox. I just noticed them tonight after upgrading Friendica.

Why don't you just do regular eMail with whatever you used to sign up with?
Excuse me but I don't swear at people and don't expect to hear that from moderators. I used your built in software's functionality and wondered why I didn't get those emails. I determined that Friendica has at least one bug in that area, or the config was wrong. I'm a professional programmer and was not causing trouble. Also you might want to make such comments in private messages.
Okay then, we should delete this thread because
Also you might want to make such comments in private messages.
just let me know with a kill it reply and I'll go admin and delete the post and replies in reverse order.

A few nuances to go over first...

In my capacity as this account, I'm not a moderator, I'm a regular user. In the future, a different person may be managing the admin account, so I try to live philosophically the part in each account for future continuity. I can see how you would justifiably blend them since I, as a user, had privileged info of the admin. Usually, I don't because I rarely go on as admin.

Excuse me but I don't swear at people
Seriously? You're a Baptist or something? You would probably despise me in real life. I swear a lot, but almost always at inanimate objects that don't perform as expected. And how are you equating a "WTF" with a swear word? It's a colloquial thing that means extreme alarm and surprise. It's not an ad-hominem attack. I think you do know that though.

I determined that Friendica has at least one bug in that area, or the config was wrong. I'm a professional programmer and was not causing trouble.
Great, report it on GitHub. But why didn't you spin-up your own Friendica server to do that kind of testing? You could have even done it in some containerized environment or on a virtual box.
Do you operate the server as admin at this time? I understand you can have two accounts.
I have two accounts, but this one is not the admin. @OutsourcedMath Friendica Server Admin is the account for that, but only I have the credentials for it.
You expressed anger and or criticism and used the F word. It was directed at my action, with the word "you", not an inanimate object.
That's up to you if you want to take the worst possible reading of it. You're trying to be literal and not literal at the same time. "WTF" was an adverb attached to the action of what you were doing, not you as a human, but if you need this for a win, fine.

Also, the string literal "WTF" is different than the explicit "what the fuck" in a similar way as the expression "the N-word" is. You must get offended by the world very often.
I was not terribly offended, but people react differently to words, and have different standards for politeness. 😀
I am evaluating Friendica, but using your installation. I did a simple "invite others" and it failed and it got me shouted at by you. At this point I don't think I want to take the time to actually install and test Friendica, nor attempt to write bug reports. I did however take the time to describe it to you so you would test it yourself.
This one I was totally ignorant about. I didn't even know that feature was a thing. I never noticed before today and apparently you are the first person to have used it. I'm going to have to see if I can turn it off. I don't think I can.

Getting shouted at? Weird flex but okay. I had monotone in my head when writing it, just like everything in this thread so far. Next time I'll send a video link.

Part of benefiting from open-source systems is being a good citizen and helping to improve it. You should have taken the time to report it. I will do your work for you.
I didn't know it was a bug until you commented, it still could be a configuration error. Yes open source is good.
It doesn't seem to be a configuration error. It does seem like when it was initially coded, it assumed too much about how eMail would be transported on a generalized system. I am behind a DHCP connection so have to use a service like MailGun to get my outbound eMail to work. Someday (maybe) I'll be able to afford a static IP.

As I posted the report (, I realized that the link might only be visible in one of the themes, though it's directly available on any Friendica site because it's part of the core. I found no admin interface settings to tweak its content or turn it off.
Okay, very interesting.

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