Arithmetic is the spelling bee of mathematics...

At a recent #Graduation #Party, somebody asked me, "What's <a big number> times <a different big number>?"

I answered, "I don't do #Arithmetic."

Somebody else quipped, "aren't you the WNY-math-Guy or something like that?"

So, yes and.
I pointed out how if you compared #English to #Mathematics, any person has the ability to tell a story despite many people not being able to spell all the words correctly. I said that arithmetic is garbage #math, theirs much... show more
Arithmetics is god's way of showing you, "You count."
Dear Micheal. I'll try to send you some of my math graphics. I construct exotic manifolds with the mapping of contour integrals and analytic continuation artifacts. Aliasing is one of my processes for projecting higher-order waveforms. My initial interest in calculator software was for computational mathematics. But that soon expanded to include pure math and technical symbolic languages.

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