Just curious @LanL what got you started on Diaspora and do you do other Federated sites?
LanL diaspora
Hi Michael, just stumbled upon the fediverse, between Friendica and Diaspora, I randomly chose to sign up Diaspora first. I like the federation concept, the clean UI, without any ads and data collection. I've quit using FB and Instagram for a couple of years because I didn't like the concept of pushing ads by collecting user data... but I still use Twitter sporadically for news and other information.
I think the main difference between Friendica and Diaspora is on Friendica we have BBCode to fancy up the posts ( and the calendar feature.

Diaspora is the O.G. of the feature-rich Federated networks. I almost did Diaspora but wanted the calendar for future uses.
LanL diaspora
@Michael Rupp Sounds interesting. I'm gonna try Friendica out. Thank you for the insights.

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