Tom Grzybow diaspora
If it ain't broken, don't fix it?
Those guys are always on my beach, I love them. They do have that prehistoric look, still. I understand that their blood is blue and that they're very important in the medical field, especially where blood transfusions are concerned. I read something to that effect, some time ago.
Adam Hunt diaspora
When you reach perfection there is no longer any need to evolve.
^^ What I was going to say. It wasn't broke so it didn't need fixing. A success maintains its success.
Tom Grzybow diaspora
Yep. Any deviations were weeded-out. Nice.
Dean Calahan diaspora
The possibilities are Limulus.
Rob Anybody diaspora
@Dean Calahan +1! And I am annoyed not to have thought of it, myself.
Dean Calahan diaspora
Stole it from a T shirt.
Tom Grzybow diaspora
People tell me not to be crabby - in response I give this as example of long-term sustainability.

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