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Tank-to-wheel energy flow - Petrol
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With my electric car, most is air resistance, heat from tires flexing, and then air conditioning or heating.
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I'm looking at picking up an EV. My Prius has become too energy-inefficient to run. I should have bought the Fiat 500e instead.
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Yeah, for electric cars, those engine losses and idling are a lot less, and that matters a lot, but the other losses are still there. It's still not going to be anywhere near as efficient as bikes or trains.
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Trains, light rail, electric buses that run on power lines, yes, but not everyone is capable of riding a bike, even an electric one. Not nearly enough attention is paid to public mass transportation in the current trend toward creating "walkable cities." A lot of people can't walk or walk far. I also find it to be incredibly ableist to attempt to increase ridership without considering how the disabled, aged, and infirm are going to get to the bus/trolley/train in the first place.
And electric cars aren't going to save us. We need to overthrow the tyranny of the automobile. We need a transportation revolution, which will first require a revolution in thinking.
Martijn Vos friendica
Expecting everybody to drive a car is at least as ablist. Just like not everybody can ride a bike, not everybody can drive a car either. But buses and trams are very good at transporting disabled passengers.
Rodrigo Mesa diaspora
Maybe so there where you are, but not so much here. We have the old Siemens light rail cars, that have stairs, when what's needed is to have the floor be at street level, like the NY subways. They're getting better though, in making some improvements like adding wheelchair lifts.
And yes, car driving is ableist, and elitist. Car ownership is terribly expensive.
Martijn Vos friendica
@Rodrigo Mesa
We have the old Siemens light rail cars, that have stairs
That's clearly something that needs to be fixed, but it's not an inherent problem with public transport. But getting into a regular car is also a problem for many disabled people.

It's unavoidable that some people will need special treatment to suit their situation, but that number of people is smaller if there are more diverse transport options available.

But didn't we start about energy use? There's no denying that in built up areas, public transport and bikes are far more efficient than any car. Let's leave cars for only those situations where the other options really don't work.
It's a good time to resurrect the dearly departed Jerry Reed and his song "Lord Mr. Ford", a portion of which says the following:
But the thing that amazes me, I guess
Is the way we measure a man's success
By the kind of automobile he can afford to buy

The whole thing is a commentary worthy of this thread.

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