Nora Qudus diaspora
misses a point I think, the point being is NO ONE made that or those billions alone not one person began with 0 and worked their way to Billions all by themselves.
Kevin O'Brien diaspora
I love Clint Smith
Bob Lai diaspora
I worked night, holidays, weekend, and early mornings. I've done successive shifts of 12-20 hours.

dianea diaspora
From what I've seen, companies are being audited by partner contracts and banks to eliminate overtime and benefits on a scoring system. Managers are losing jobs over rewarding employees, but somehow promoted over bragging about ruthless sociopath behavior (even if their department totally tanks.) It's totally insane and why I am actively working with my networking list of those I worked with in the past, making sure they have a list of new opportunities if they need to leave fast. So far, they are doing very well and staying on top. I hate this ruthless employment culture with a passion, but at least those who I worked with will thrive.
Adam Hunt diaspora
Treating employees badly during a labour shortage sounds like a formula for the company to fail.

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