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There is a point when your account reaches a certain critical mass on social media where everything you post gets at least 1-2 replies with 1 or more of the following traits:

- Blatant condescension
- Unwarranted rage
- Hostile misinterpretation
- Accusations of bad faith/lying
- Unnecessary "corrections"
- Orders on how/what to post
- "Jokes" at your expense/snarky observations about your content
- Attempts to provoke arguments

It's exhausting. I've definitely hit that threshold recently.
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*mumbles something about the instance you're on* ๐Ÿ˜›

I don't know what your experience has been, but almost all of the crappy replies I get are from accounts on and Not that those people can't still find you and comment when you're elsewhere, but the local timeline (and an instance with tighter moderation) does help cut down on it.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@welshpixie Maybe, but also it isn't just local timeline randos, it's people who follow you who are in a bad mood or whatever. Unlike Twitter the amount of people who aren't followers who snipe at you is pretty low here
No I mean, being on an instance with a smaller/cosier local timeline makes your experience a bit nicer. But yeah they can come from everywhere, heh. Shitty that you have followers who're doing it ๐Ÿ™
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@welshpixie I have a lot of really wonderful folks here too and I need to do a better job focusing on that, it's just hard to keep in a positive headset when your life is in utter turmoil
Nix (they/them) mastodon (AP)
@welshpixie just wanted to get in on the internet hugs and fist bumps ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@nixkelley @welshpixie thank you, that's very kind. I appreciate it โค๏ธ
@florian it's the techbro reply guys of the fosstodon instance - another instance known for the people who show up in replies being trash XD
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@fonecokid Thanks โค๏ธ
ZZ Bottom mastodon (AP)
Elizabeth Barrow mastodon (AP)
I'm sorry to hear this. I've just recently found your work and have enjoyed it, very much
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@EBarrowTX Thanks so much Elizabeth, I appreciate it
Richard Grant mastodon (AP)
I'm so sorry to hear that! And sorry too that this is the state of our collective discourse today. Bon courage my friend
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
Thanks Richard. I do the best I can. I'm pretty fortunate compared to some other types of social media accounts but even so it does wear thin at times. Can't imagine what women, LGBTQ+, minorities, and politically oriented accounts deal with in terms of how I'd handle that emotionally
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I'm curious about really popular accounts locking their followers periodically. Just because you're popular doesn't mean everyone has unrestricted access to you and I'd like to see people reclaim that
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@Crazypedia Yeah, it's a good idea sometimes, but trust me, there are plenty of times the call is coming from inside the house
yeah ๐Ÿ˜• ya know, since we already have the option of RSS feeds, it would be nice to have a "no comment" switch that would just tell our server we post from to ignore any replies to that post ๐Ÿค” like, just ignore the activitypub message and don't show it. People could still @ the post, but it would be their own spin off conversation thread started from their home server. Only people interacting with the follow up post Onward would see that conversation
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@Crazypedia yeah that would be a good feature. I generally really like reading people's responses and learn a lot from them but there are definitely a few landmines in that pile too
sorry you are feeling this. I love your content.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@stresshoop Thanks so much, and yeah, it's just been stressy in general so my sensitivity to it is probably heightened also
Hope you can find a way to keep up the good work. I appreciate you.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@stresshoop thanks friend. I hope I figure out a way too โค๏ธ
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
A lot of people are really terrific and supportive, I'd say the majority even. But toxic replies can really be draining when you have to field them every post. Kind people know this and rude people don't care, but you have no idea what the person who posts the art/music/writing/whatever in the account you follow is going through, and I'm not saying to give them a pass if they are posting hateful stuff for ex, but -
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
Maybe reread what you're writing if you're feeling pithy or are in a bad mood and ask yourself if you were the person receiving the comment, would you feel it fit any of the criteria? Does it *need* to be said if so? Because yeah, one comment isn't going to break someone any more than a small stone will crush you. But when those stones are getting piled on every time you post, they do get suffocating, and people leave platforms for that. Not saying I plan to, at all. But in general, people do.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
To other people who go through this stuff, it's okay to just block people who do exhibit these attitudes in their replies. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but that wanes with my patience and capacity for managing stress. And to those of you who are supportive and kind, thank you. You have no idea how you can also turn someone's day around and how much you contribute to the community. It's not always as dramatic or immediate an effect, but it is powerful and positive nevertheless
Thee Mighty Peculia mastodon (AP)
Don't leave, please! Just blockity block block as soon as you start getting bad vibes. They can add up quickly so it's best not to invest any energy in them whatsoever. It's not rude not to reply on social media.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@lydialurch Thank you, and I'm not leaving. Frankly there's no platform to go to where this doesn't exist so the alternative is just to stop doing social media in general and I'm too stubborn for that
Eph mastodon (AP)
@lydialurch seeing you post honestly about this stuff has netted you at least one new podcast subscriber, fwiw

(also on the strength of your cool-ass posts)
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@ephesossh Thank you so much, I hope you enjoy the podcast โค๏ธ
Lord Kelvin mastodon (AP)
"just block"

Yeah, I'm often tempted to go full #DarkWeb and get them added to some sort of *list*. Ya know?
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@kelvin0mql hoo boy though, the amount of effort that takes isn't worth it and is pretty disproportional. It is hard to keep perspective esp when someone really hits a nerve but walking away and blocking is almost always the best option for your own sanity
Indi ๐ŸฆŽ hometown (AP)
this is definitely the time to let you know that I've enjoyed your work for years! And I hope to keep on doing so, as long as you post it. I'm glad you came over to mastodon.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@indi Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I'm very fortunate to know a lot of kind people online too โค๏ธ
tbs mastodon (AP)
I agree with the other posters, just block the offenders, and continue with your great work. It's very much appreciated!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@tbs Thank you, and the thing about blocking is that it *does* feel disproportional at times, bc there's no clear cut answer on how much is too much or whether you've misunderstood something, etc.
Dean, Steven mastodon (AP)
@tbs Years ago I was the person being mean to someone on Twitter. I didnโ€™t think it was mean, I thought I was calling out their negativity. They pushed back instead of blocking me, and that confrontation made me go introspective. Many wouldnโ€™t look inward, but Iโ€™m grateful that they told me what I had said was hurtful because knowing that changed how I interact with people in every part of life, not just online. Iโ€™m a different person because of them.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@deancommasteven @tbs I'm glad it made a difference! โค๏ธ
Stygian Lizard mastodon (AP)
@tbs I've had to block exactly 1 person so far on Mastodon, and ironically, I think it was one of your rather negative followers who hopped onto my feed to also aggressively misunderstand there. So yeah, don't hesitate to block- you might be doing some other people a favor too!
And having followed your work since back in the Twitter days, I can say there's really no cause for challenging anyone and anything on your posts. Like, ever. ๐Ÿค—
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
aw, thanks so much. I mean, I recognize I'm not always right and sometimes we all need someone to say "hey, your head's in the wrong place" but there's a massive difference between that and someone just venting their ill humor on you
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Hey, I'm not going to give you advice here, but I feel you. Keep your pecker up, buddy! There's more of us than there is of them.
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Iโ€™ve been enjoying your content for ages, like, youโ€™re legit one of my favorite creators. I am so sorry that you have to deal with so much crap. fwiw your posts always brighten up my day.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@caelan thank you so much, that's so kind and I'm really honored to have people who feel that way about what I do. I never thought it would make any sort of difference to anyone but me
JESSICA B mastodon (AP)
when people steal your peace and joy, go find it again. It's there if you seek it out. It never leaves you it just gets drowned out with the noise. I find meditation on universal love calms me almost instantly if I let it. Hope this helps!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@JBliss it's hard to do but I agree, very necessary. I tend to ruminate and that doesn't help things
I donโ€™t really comment, but Iโ€™m really glad youโ€™re here and appreciate the images and words you share.
Mehitobel mastodon (AP)
I love your posts, and spent a long time exploring your website last night.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@mehitobel thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed it and found some cool places!
Mehitobel mastodon (AP)
I was really upset, reading about the Little Flower Institute and how scrappers and inattention had brought ruin in a *decade* to a grand building that had survived a hundred years.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@mehitobel yeeeeeeah, that one really frustrates me too. A lot.
Nick from Toronto mastodon (AP)
thereโ€™s nothing wrong with not giving these people your time or attention, and I donโ€™t think itโ€™s even rude to block without replying.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@nbomb I agree. Sometimes I think about a reply for like 15 minutes and then say f it and just block them. That was a wasted 15 min
Scott Francis mastodon (AP)
"is it true? is it necessary? is it kind?"
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@darkuncle almost nobody goes by that, and I can't say I always do either but I make an attempt at least. I *want* to be kind and supportive to others and generally don't say anything when I am feeling negative
Nancy Mac mastodon (AP)
Good point! It's a good idea to reread your posts, and sometimes even wait a few moments before posting.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@NancyAuthor yep especially if you're angry or in a bad mood. Also good to reread the OP and see if you're misreading it
Nancy Mac mastodon (AP)
Yes, it's easy to misinterpret text!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@NancyAuthor yep. Same with comments too. There have been a few times where my read was wildly off from the intention
Tilly Bridges mastodon (AP)
yeah, and this is amplified for every vector of marginalization a person faces, too. itโ€™s rough out there. sorry you have to deal with that, take time to care for yourself!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
I absolutely believe that and have witnessed it. It grates on me but I do have it easy compared to many other people online. I honestly don't know how I would emotionally handle the abuse I've seen other people go through online. I'd have to be a lot stronger than I am currently.
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Tilly Bridges mastodon (AP)
some days itโ€™s hard to deal with. I mean itโ€™s never easy, but SOME days you just want to scream
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@tillybridges in that I can completely relate. Today was pretty brutal and we've been having a lot of those lately. Just seems like you don't get a break, and when you have that going on personally going online and getting more crap is tough. I hope you get much more positivity to compensate
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@tillybridges thank you, I do. Just gotta keep my eyes on that โค๏ธ
skua mastodon (AP)
And appreciation of an artwork can take a long time to build.

They tell me some artist had only sold one work in their lifetime.

All the rest sat in some French shed.

Then somebody bought the shedfull.

Not sure if Sunflowers was in that shedfull or not.

So maybe holding back and letting your evaluation age in the bottle will give you more joy.
itโ€™s inevitable. As a friend of mine says, โ€œPeople are the worst!โ€
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@LauraJG it wouldn't even be so frustrating if they couldn't be pretty terrific sometimes too
itโ€™s a mystery.
AutocorrectGPTBot mastodon (AP)
You do amazing work - I hope the fans out here are enough to substantially outweigh the trolls.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@wcbdata Thanks so much, and they do. But - and this isn't the right way of handling things - kind people require less thought. They say a nice thing, you say thank you, and then you move on, whereas a negative person you often have to really ponder how you want/need to respond. Was it enough to block? Am I misreading it? Are they normally like this? Do I bother replying? And it's different every time
Jason Parsons mastodon (AP)
I'm glad you're here!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@jp Thanks Jason! I'm glad you are too ๐Ÿ˜Š
comments like that are exhausting
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@AuntyChrist Yep. When you're already exhausted, doubly so.
trefle mastodon (AP)
well this is a shame, and from a usually silent follower I'd like to compensate by sharing how much I appreciate your work. As we say in French (I've never found an appropriate translation), bon courage for dealing with this unpleasant side of social networks...
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@trefle Thank you on both counts. I also really have to figure out how to not bring all my life stress to the platform too
Stephen Rees mastodon (AP)
I am sorry that you are experiencing that. I have not had to deal with any of those traits - but if I had blocking would have been my response. No-one needs to put up with this.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@StephenRees Thank you, and I think a lot of times people don't even mean it, but man oh man does it still sting when you're jabbed in the same spot repeatedly
Kerri Ann :bisexual: mastodon (AP)
Iโ€™m so sorry you have to deal with this ๐Ÿ™ I, for one, appreciate what you post as I love getting to see so many abandoned places. Itโ€™s interesting!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@thatkruegergirl Thank you so much, Kerri Ann. I probably have it pretty easy compared to a lot of other accounts, they'd probably marvel at how generally positive things are for me, so I do try to be grateful for my good fortune there too
MrSnarkyPants mastodon (AP)
Ugh. I just appreciate the art. Because what you post is art. So thanks for doing what you do.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@MrSnarkyPants Thanks so much! My favorite part of being here is sharing places and hearing what people think about them
Jim Wald mastodon (AP)
So sorry to hear that, Matthew! Here's hoping the weekend brings calm and peaceful walks with your 2 trusty companions
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@CitizenWald Thanks Jim! My leg's a bit injured so walks are curtailed (which does not improve my mood) but maybe I can try to sneak one or two in if I'm feeling better
anglo instagram is like that and at least in argentina its getting there. Trully think most are bots because its too many.

Worst part is that you have to be like, civil. so you dont get any rest, barely a block.
Keep on! we lovr ur content.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@ArgentinidadyConfusion Thanks so much, and I'm sure IG is rough because of how many people use it. But you nailed it - you have to figure out a civil, measured response and that is *draining*. I am becoming a lot less cautious with blocking as time goes on, but I don't always feel good about that
Meercat โœ… mastodon (AP)
Sorry to hear that. Yes they are difficult to ignore sometimes. But we love your posts, please keep up the good work
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@meercat0 Thank you so much! I appreciate it โค๏ธ
how upsetting that this happens to you here too. I hope the annoying people feel chastened and shut up for a while!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@IPEdmonton They won't. In fact, I think stuff like them might even embolden them because they know it hits a nerve. But it is what it is. Can't go posting/not posting stuff just because other people will take issue with it, or you might as well just pack your bags and leave
Tim Ellis ๐Ÿฆ mastodon (AP)
A while ago I decided I'm too old to spend any energy on people like that. The moment someone decides to be a jackass, I block them and don't give it another thought.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@The_Tim That's pretty much where I'm at too.
aw man Iโ€™m sorry to read this. I went on a photo trip of yours at the โ€œtrolley graveyardโ€ in Widmer PA and it was lovely.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@katieonviolin Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it โค๏ธ
Frankie Saxx mastodon (AP)
I'm sorry that's happening to you. Some humans are just not very nice, maybe they're going through something or having a bad day, but it still sucks to be the stranger they decided to take it out on. :blobcatheart:
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@frankiesaxx Thank you and yes it does. Even people who are generally wonderful people have bad days, I think the trick is recognizing when you are and doing your best not to unload on others because of it, and that is *tough*
Frankie Saxx mastodon (AP)
Yep. Reminds me of a thing Patrick Rothfuss said about how even when the majority of comments is positive, that one person being shitty sticks:

"And you know which comment Iโ€™d focus on? Yeah. The last one. It would sit there like a steaming turd in my bowl of cereal. It doesnโ€™t matter how delicious the cereal is. It could be Fruity Pebbles, or even Cookie Crisp. But in a situation like this it doesnโ€™t matter. You canโ€™t just eat around it. All you can do is focus on the turd."
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@frankiesaxx that is a pretty good summary of it really. Although I feel like the obvious solution here is to get a new bowl of cereal or throw that bowl away and skip breakfast, while I do tend to just sit there looking at it sometimes
Heretical_i mastodon (AP)
I typically 'deal' in geopolitics from a perspective to the left of Trotsky, so I'm used to 'snark' from everyone ProgLib to S-Trump-Et. What I don't tolerate are ad homs, vacuous statements by people who refuse to cite their statement, and I consider 'reply, and delete', to prevent my replying to their comment, to be trolling and it's reported as such. Often I post screenshots of them and reply in a fresh toot/tweet/FB post etc ๐Ÿคฃ
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@theotherbrook I do. And good God, I appreciate the positive people. But it's hard when you're already going through a lot to stay focused sometimes.
Thatโ€™s unfortunate. I truly enjoy the images you post. I donโ€™t understand why any of them would prompt the reactions you list? Iโ€™m over 60yo, and at this point I just unfollow and/or block folks with bad agendas and attitudes. I decided itโ€™s not my responsibility to listen to their hot messes, if I choose not to โ€” there are far better uses for my time. I did the same when I was on Twitter. ๐Ÿ™‚
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@chessert yeah, I did the same there, and I'm at that point here now too. Thankfully it's a lot less frequent and overtly abusive here.
Abandoned America Private message mastodon (AP)
@SueNeu Aw, thank you Susan. I am very fortunate to have met so many wonderful people through social media too
kaifilion mastodon (AP)
I like your posts!
Please don't let the bastards get you down, but if you need a break, totally understandable!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
thank you! And my wife and I have plenty of other bastards to deal with, the ones here are pretty tame by comparison ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜•
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_Birdie_ mastodon (AP)
Thank you for what you do. I love your work. Never change. ๐Ÿ˜
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@_Birdie_ Thank you, that's very kind!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@scott_d Thank you Scott โค๏ธ
EVHaste mastodon (AP)
I really enjoy your content. โค๏ธ
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@Haste Thank you so much!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@mcmcgreevy Thank you Michael โค๏ธ
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@triskeltic thanks for understanding - unfortunately I rarely feel victorious over a block even though sometimes it's very clearly merited
Anxious Cat mastodon (AP)
I so appreciate your work (I have been following you for many years on other platforms) and I caught your podcast this week and really enjoyed it too. Sending you care and support - navigating rude and negative feedback is hard on a good day, and even worse when things are hard in life.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@AnxiousCat thank you so much, I hope you enjoy the podcast! You are absolutely correct. It has been weighing on me more heavily because a lot of other things are too.
Daniele10 mastodon (AP)
Sorry to hear that, I''m glad you shrare what you do.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@daniele_Hesse thank you! I'm glad to have people to share it with โค๏ธ
Heather mastodon (AP)
That's such a bummer. Your photos are so interesting.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@Heather aw, thanks. Most of the people here are really nice. I've just had a few frustrating interactions lately and my life is even more frustrating so I'm probably taking it harder than I should
Heather mastodon (AP)
I like to remind myself that nearly 1 in 10 American adults has a personality disorder, and they are over-represented in prisons, c-suites, and comments sections. They are chaotic evil. They can't even help it.
So just try to focus as much as you can on the people who dig what you're doing (which is most of us). *virtual hugs*
acm mastodon (AP)
sorry! I think you should feel free to use your blocking powers widely!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@acm_redfox thanks - I have been more liberal with it but I'd make a lot of mistakes if I wasn't thoughtful about doing it too
Hud mastodon (AP)
but please donโ€™t quit!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@hudsoch ahhhh I can't even if I wanted to. This is too big of a part of my livelihood ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
Shawn King mastodon (AP)
@ianbetteridge Maybe this will help a little bit.

I love your posts and images and look forward to seeing them. โค๏ธ

Random Canadian on the internet
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@KingShawn @ianbetteridge thank you so much, that's so kind of you. I appreciate it โค๏ธ
Shawn King mastodon (AP)
@ianbetteridge I love @AbandonedAmerica images because they show me places that Iโ€™ll never go to but the images are so well created, I feel like Iโ€™m there. โค๏ธ
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@KingShawn @ianbetteridge thank you Shawn! That's exactly my hope and how I try to edit them. It's part of why I shoot wide angle mostly, so you get a better sense of space
Shawn King mastodon (AP)
@ianbetteridge Youโ€™re welcome! You take beautiful, sometimes haunting images. โค๏ธ
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@KingShawn @ianbetteridge thanks so much! I appreciate the encouragement ๐Ÿ˜Š
Shawn King mastodon (AP)
@ianbetteridge Youโ€™re very welcome. I know from the personal experience of doing an Apple podcast for over 26 years that it can be very disheartening at times. Keep the faith in your work and the good that youโ€™re doing. I know itโ€™s hard to ignore the haters.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@KingShawn Thanks so much. Yeah, podcasts aren't easy, I've definitely learned that the hard way ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜•
Shawn King mastodon (AP)
Oh, theyโ€™re easy to *do* (hell, I started the first Apple one back in 1994! ๐Ÿ˜€ ) but they are *really* hard to monetize if you donโ€™t have that skill. ๐Ÿ™
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@KingShawn Plus I hate having to monetize everything so there's that. Probably why I'm poor.
Shawn King mastodon (AP)
Same here. Iโ€™m a really good podcaster/interviewer but I *sucked* at the business end of things and everyone I hired to helped me on that side ended up fucking me in various and sundry ways. ๐Ÿ™
Bob mastodon (AP)
One more person chiming in in support. I don't think I knew of you before I came to Mastodon. I've started poking around the website recently, too. Prob won't do the podcasts (I don't process them well), but it's cool that you've got them.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@bobmueller thanks so much Bob! I appreciate the support and kind words. I hope you enjoy the website and part of the recent format shift in the podcast to essays that either are on the website or will be added is so people who prefer reading can do that and people who prefer listening can do that too
Jamiepullman mastodon (AP)
Just ignore us all. I enjoy your posts, god knows you donโ€™t have to react to anything I might contribute!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@Jamiepullman thanks but when I'm able to I enjoy interacting with people. It makes my day better more often than worse โค๏ธ
Lydia Schoch mastodon (AP)
Iโ€™m sorry that happens to you.

I really like and appreciate what you have to share here.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@lydiaschoch thanks so much Lydia! The majority of interactions are really nice
Rod Hilton mastodon (AP)
is this a thing on all social media?

I never "made it" on Twitter so had almost no engagement, but I've had a few things blow up on Mastodon and have more followers here than I ever had there.

For a brief time it was pretty great but at some point I crossed some threshold where all of my replies are exactly as you describe.

I started thinking maybe Mastodon's shittier than I realized but now I'm wondering if I just never crossed this threshold on Twitter but did here.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@rodhilton oh God hate to be the one to burst the bubble but it is absolutely everywhere and Mastodon is by far the least problematic of the platforms
Son of a Sailor mastodon (AP)
Allow me to send you a little unabashed appreciation instead! ๐Ÿ‘
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@Sonofasailor thanks so much ๐Ÿฅฐ
Tom mastodon (AP)
I love seeing your content in my feed. Just wanted to say that. It sucks that the crappiest people tend to talk the most. I kinda feel like we need a downvote buttonโ€ฆ.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@thatguy thanks Tom! I am lucky to have a lot of nice people here who more than make up for it
these are all the reasons I quit posting for a few years, particularly on Facebook. I got to the point where I was so worried about what comments my post would get that I would rewrite the post considering every negative comment... And in the end would just delete the post to save myself the anxiety.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@Saintcam yep I can totally relate I took a number of loooooong breaks from my FB page and I haven't posted on my personal one for years
I don't know why but I'm more willing to post and reply on Mastodon, maybe because I'm able to craft myself a social space with the benefit of hindsight.
Abra Staffin-Wiebe mastodon (AP)
So sorry to hear that. I really enjoy your posts, in a quiet and non-commenting way!
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@colorfiend thank you - I'm feeling a bit better now and focusing on the fact that I know so many more kind people here ๐Ÿฅฐ
Kanye Briggs mastodon (AP)
I support you. I know this counts probably as a correction. But donโ€™t respond to those Fucks. I know I canโ€™t really say โ€œdonโ€™t read it,โ€ since your job means you gotta maybe review feedback. They livin rent free in yo head
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Richard Earney mastodon (AP)
I love what you do!
(((Baslow))) mastodon (AP)
So, there's this term I've been using, "drive-by community", to characterize so much of the "discourse" on microblogging platforms. It's part of a piecemeal (necessarily, because microblogging) project of critiques and suggestions I've been compiling under the hashtag #SeizeTheMeansOfCommunity

Basically: we are erring, in the Fediverse, by too closely aping the structures designed and put in place by the powerful...
Jordan Warshavsky mastodon (AP)

My posts are lucky to get 1-2 replies with any traits to speak of.

But alas, that says more about my post quality than greater trends in the social herd.
Dieu mastodon (AP)
Sorry about that.
Jeffrey Goldberg mastodon (AP)
@Migueldeicaza Why are you accusing me of hostile misinterpretation? I am outraged!
When your post first came across my feed, @Abandoned America , I said a private AMEN and Quote-reshared it relating my similar experience. In revisiting your post, I see all the good fans you have and have to add that please, count me in as one of them. You're one of the best accounts I follow and may it always remain thus regardless of naysayers. โค
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@claralistensprechen thank you so much Clara. I consider myself truly lucky to have people who care about the work I do. It wasn't always that way โค๏ธ
Adam Katz :donor: mastodon (AP)
You have lots of fans, even if we rarely reply.
You are appreciated.
Keep being you.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@adamhotep thank you Adam. I really appreciate it โค๏ธ
europlus :a2flag: mastodon (AP)
sorry you have to go through that. Iโ€™ve followed your account for years elsewhere. Always fascinating stuff. Appreciate you sharing your passion. And teaching me about coal cleaning which I somehow missed all these years. Itโ€™s still LOL in my mind. Always just guessed it was dug up and burned.
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@User47 thanks so much! And yeah, coal breakers are really fascinating, it was quite a process producing it. A lot of little kids who worked in the breakers and suffered pretty ugly injuries to do it.
Martin Kelly mastodon (AP)
I mean, I am glad you have the reach as I know itโ€™s fundamental to what you do but I am sorry for the shit that comes with it
Abandoned America mastodon (AP)
@potatogunkelly aw, thanks Martin. Tbh I am so fortunate to be connected with so many nice people online, and that is the majority of my interactions. But I still feel the need to call out behavior like this when it happens
Martin Kelly mastodon (AP)
anytime. I love the directorโ€™s cut with extra commentary fwiw.
Andy D. mastodon (AP)
I'm sure it doesn't count for much, but I really am so sorry to hear that you're going through this crap. I love your work and find it incredibly thought-provoking. Keep up tge good work. Non illegitimus etc..
Kirstyn Piper Plummer friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Abandoned America This one time you posted this one thing, and thatโ€™s the only reason I follow you! You must ONLY post this one thing from now on!

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