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"You are not stuck in traffic, you are traffic"
Cities For People: How Paris & Barcelona Learned Urban Planning From Gronigen
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not everyone can ride a bicycle there needs to be proper transportation for those of us who can't hike the 5 blocks to the bus stop and step up the 2 feet into the bus. I like the platform level step in trains....street cars....
Nora Qudus diaspora
I live is the wilderness, a long way from any store. What I say is this is fine for the small areas in Europe...and even cities elsewhere if there is a functioning government...I also live in a place with no functioning government....I am 27.35884km one way from a store. the flattest road way is in front of my house about 300 feet (91.44 m) there are no bike paths and homicidal truck drivers....there is no one size fits all and yet everything comes off as this is the solution to the whole world....
Beam us up, Scotty.
It does my heart good to have taken a 2 week vacation from the Fediverse to see the usual feistmongers picking on people who are not me. Commencing to be insufferably smug for the rest of the day.

Transportation is a matter of MPH where the greater the M you need to go demands a smaller H, ideally, so --different strokes for different folks. That's life.
Rodrigo Mesa diaspora
Yeah, well I put that sea lion asshole on the ignore list and deleted his comments because FUCK that ableist motherfucker AND fuck bicycles.
I just wish there was a ban hammer here in the diaspora like we had on G+, because some people are just relentless pieces of shit.
Rodrigo Mesa diaspora
While videos like this are useful in helping people reimagine cities, it would be nice if more of them addressed public mass transportation.
Again, not everyone is capable of walking city distances or riding a bike, even an electric one, so other ways of moving people around is vital.
I came over here looking for this post of yours because the self-same lion made a deposit on my reshare of this article via Outsourced Math so I could figure out WTF he was babbling about. Now I'll never know, I guess, but judging from your comments, it looks like I'm not missing anything. :-}}

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