After all my gray photos, I OWE you all the sunny day we’re having today.

Hope you’re enjoying one, too. And the lake grows as the snow melts.

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Yes, it's been a beautiful day here, also. Probably not as cool as Wisconsin, though. It was about 58F when I got up this morning. It's 73F right now at nearly 4PM. Nice and dry with crystal clear blue skies. Ahhh....
Tom Grzybow diaspora
It's still snowing here! We are going on 22 inches of heavy wet snow.
You’re in the perfect zone right now. Enjoy it all. 😀

It’s 33 now, although we have some high 40s/50 on the horizon. I don’t want it to get too warm too fast. I need to get used to warmth. Lol
I do have the door open a crack because the air is really nice and clean without pollen.
Be careful @Tom Grzybow. That is dangerous snow to clean up. I’m so grateful for the guys who come and do it.
Tom Grzybow diaspora
We have 24 inches of wet snow now. I'm not happy.
Tom Grzybow diaspora
A little worried for my trees, and my power...
Tom Grzybow diaspora
... and getting out of here somehow, sometime...
That is a concern.
Tom Grzybow diaspora
We are exploring all of our connections to find someone to plow us out. There is no way in the world that I can shovel 24+ inches of wet snow. And live to tell about it.
Tom Grzybow diaspora
Now I hear there is a tree down across the road somewhere. I'm glad it did not take out the power - this time.
You may have to wait a bit, but do hire someone if you can. That’s just horrible.

Like you, I was grateful I didn’t lose power as tens of thousands did.
Man... I just can't fathom how you northern folks deal with this shit.
enter image description here
Sometimes we have shitty weather, but it is a pretty shitty.
enter image description here
Do you get my drift?
I can totally appreciate the beautiful wintry pics. However, I definitely enjoy them from my nice comfy Florida location while sitting here in shorts and flip-flops.

Actually, it was kinda' cool here today... started off at 51F this AM and dropped down to 49F about 11AM. Currently it's 62F now that the clouds have blown off and the sun is shining. 😀
The pretty pics come after several hours of clearing nine inches of slop that was more like a Slurpee than snow from the driveway. Phase one was astonishingly slushy and miserable, but phase two was fluffy and pretty.
Donna McClure diaspora
I tried finding sun yesterday but the clouds only lightened up some, no real sun! Today we have sun, maybe I can grab a picture later while I am out & about @Katherine Bond. Thank you for sharing yours!
Well, some of that outside coolness today has seeped into my house. I had to change out of the shorts and flip-flops and into my sweatpants, flannel shirt, and fuzzy socks & slippers. The HOT coffee I'm drinking also helps take the chill of. 😀
My brother always said living in the north keeps you in shape and makes you keep your stuff in shape. If you don’t, you may die. Not for the faint of heart.
The UK is a fair way north - some of it more so than the rest. Not sure it "keeps" me in shape. I just am a shape. Slightly buddha-ish, according to some.
Tom Grzybow diaspora
My brother always said living in the north keeps you in shape and makes you keep your stuff in shape.

Shoveling can be a work-out!
Honestly I don't know how y'all in snow country get our of your bathrobe if ya not have to go somewhere.
Tom Grzybow diaspora
When you are over 60, you want access to medical care! ;-\
Hell, I'd love to have NO NEED for medical care, actually. 😀
I am mid 60's and am health enough to avoid doctors most of the time.
Tom Grzybow diaspora
I don't want to have to bet on that... enough to avoid doctors most of the time.

Me, too... for the most part. I do have to visit one a couple times a year to get meds renewed, though.
I’m hoping to stay in my right mind as I age. That will be a blessing. However, I think the jury is out on that already.
I know a friend whose mother had a heart operation to augment the mitral valve with a little cone to reduce the back flow. Within a couple hours, she was notably more alert and her memory improved. While in the hospital, people were remarking that she doesn't look to be 92. She smiled and said that her very active brother thinks so too, and he's 96.
I’m always amazed at the wild and crazy 90+ year olds out there.
My biggest fear in this life is losing my memories of it. They ARE my life. Of course, if I did get demented and lose them, I wouldn't even realize it. At that point, I'd rather be dead, though.
I'm going into rigorous training to become a madcap 90+ codger. I've got about 20 years to get ready.
I may lapse into sanity as the years progress...
I think I'd regard that as an unbearable agony.
Wouldn’t that be interesting, finally lapsing into sanity?
Not much chance though…
@Brian Fitzgerald is right. We don’t want to go SANE right when the world is going INSANE.
Sane and Insane are just states of mind.
What kind of drug gets you so Texas'd you can't see straight?
Tom Grzybow diaspora
Not much room for sanity nowadays. I just try to get my direction right.
What kind of drug gets you so Texas’d you can’t see straight?

Oh, that's not a drug at all. That's parenting/culture that does that.
I hear drugs cause a lot of Missouri.
No, in Missouri it's good ol' bible-thumpin' and generational stupidity.

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